Back To School With Harris Teeter Gift Card Giveaway

This post and $50 Harris Teeter gift card giveaway is sponsored by Harris Teeter. All back to school excitement is my own!

I may be squeezing the last little bit of summer out of the season with our final vacation (waves hiii from Florida!), but despite the beach vibes & flip flops on my feet, I’m already planning for the school year.

#MomProblems – even on vacation you are thinking three steps ahead!


Back To School

It’s going to be a big one around here: one kid off to high school and another off to middle school. My two youngest are going to rock 1st and 5th grade and they cannot wait to get back to playing with their friends.

The school year is coming- but first: beach time!

I know a lot of you guys have taken those first-day pics and sent your kiddos off to start school year 2017-18. We have a few more weeks to go. I’m going to need them all to get prepared for the year!

There are school clothes and shoes times 4 to buy. A couple of the backpacks need replacing, and you know I need to fill them up with school supplies like paper, notebooks, and pens.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for sure (sorry, teacher friends! We love you!).


Packing Lunches

One thing I’m not stressing over is packing school lunches this year.

Because my kids have that covered.


Parents of littles: it gets better! I’ve never liked this job, to be honest. I’m thrilled that the kids are old enough to take care of this on their own.

We have a few rules when it comes to packing lunches.

I ask that they make good choices and include a balanced lunch: a sandwich or salad, fruit, and a veggie plus a snack (like the trail mix).

Add a bottle of water instead of juice and I’m feeling pretty good when they head out the door.

Yeah, I know, they probably aren’t eating *all* the good stuff.

I have a sneaking suspicion the veggies are “saved for later” and might not always make it into their bellies.

But as moms and dads, we just have to do our best when it comes to providing them the tools for healthy choices, right?


Harris Teeter Private Lable

My job is to head to Harris Teeter, pick up all the healthy staples & supplies, and let them go to town. I haven’t had a Harris Teeter near me since I lived in Tennessee- another plus in the “moving to the east coast was a win” column.

The Harris Teeter private label is a brand high in quality and low in price. Two things that a budget conscious mom of 4 can get behind.

They offer a “Your Plus Guarantee”, which applies to all private label items. Return anything for a full refund if you are not satisfied. And they will replace it with a like item of your choice.

You can’t beat that kind of service!


Harris Teeter Gift Card Giveaway

You can win a $50 Harris Teeter gift card for your own private label back to school shopping by taking pictures of your family getting ready for the school year. Enter to win through this Rafflecopter.

Harris Teeter will choose 1 gift card winner and is responsible for distributing the prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck and happy new school year!

Back to school with $50 Harris Teeter gift card giveaway #ad

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