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Heart Rate Training | Tuesdays on the Run

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What did YOU do in 2017 that you haven’t done before?

Today on Tuesdays on the Run I’m gonna double dip.? I had an exciting 2017… and it’s looking like 2018 is going to be even more so!

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Something NEW in 2017

So, when I decided that I was going to train for?another Dopey Challenge – I decided I wanted to do something different.

I’ve been a Galloway runner for years. I love it. I love him.

I’ve even made it a habit of getting a selfie with Jeff himself (and sometimes Barbara!) before my races.



However, the past year or so, I have really used intervals as an excuse not to improve.

Too hot?? Lower intervals.

Too tired?? Lower intervals.

Bad mood?? Lower intervals.

I was running – which ultimately is the main goal – but I wasn’t getting any better or faster. I wasn’t excited to see progress.

Running was just running and I wanted to make a change.

Enter Heart Rate Training.


Train Like a Mother

I decided that I needed to change it up, and heart rate training seemed like the way to go. I was still okay to do some sort of run/walk/run combination – but it would be based on my body instead of a clock.

I signed up for a special training program created just for the Dopey Challenge!

These traditional running programs aren?t just miles though; all?include a variety of running workouts, cross-training sessions, short strength sessions, and a prehab routine (see ya, injuries!). They?ll get you prepped and ready to cross any?finish line feeling strong and supported?and?smiling.

Sounds great, right?

It is. It really is!

But I didn’t take advantage of the community and the program like I should have.

Heart Rate Training is awesome. I love it. I will keep it up.

But the jury is still out if I will participate in another training cycle with the group.

I do feel like I improved a little bit… but I was terrible at following directions. I didn’t really participate much in the online community. I didn’t have the patience to listen to the podcasts.

It’s one of those things that you are going to get out of it what you put into it – and I barely put anything into it.


Heart Rate Training

What I DID do with this program is learn to listen to my body when I ran.

The main benchmark in the Train Like a Mother training plans is 140. You run until your heart rate goes over 140, then you slow down/walk/rest until your heart rate drops. Then you run again.

140 did NOT work for me. I was walking. All the time.

So I did a little internet research and discovered the 180 Formula / Maffetone Method – and that changed everything. I used his formula to find my heart rate goal.

The 180 Formula (To find your maximum aerobic heart rate)

Subtract your age from 180 (180 ? age).
Modify this number by selecting a category below that best matches your health profile:

a. If you have, or are recovering from, a major illness (heart disease, high blood pressure, any operation or hospital stay, etc.) or you are taking medication, subtract an additional 10.

b. If you have not exercised before or have been training inconsistently or injured, have not recently progressed in training or competition, or if you get more than two colds or bouts of flu per year, or have allergies, subtract an additional 5.

c. If you?ve been exercising regularly (at least four times weekly) for up to two years without any of the problems listed in a or b, keep the number (180 ? age) the same.

d. If you have been competing for more than two years duration without any of the problems listed above, and have improved in competition without injury, add 5.

My sweet spot?? 148.

Once I made the change on my Garmin – my runs got AWESOME.



Looking Forward to 2018…

Now, moving forward, I have a really exciting announcement!

Over the weekend I was notified that I was accepted into the 2018 Rock n Blog Team! I?ll be running (and writing) about the Rock n Roll Marathon Series this year! SO excited!

Planning on Dallas (duh…), San Antonio, and Vegas for sure… where else should I go!?!

It?s going to be a great 2018!!



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Sharing is caring!

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Un coup de peigne

Monday 1st of January 2018

What a beautiful career. Congratulations.

Le yoga de Danielle

Tuesday 26th of December 2017

Congrats on RnR! I used to combine this with my yoga trainings. It's just wonderful.

Becca | Rabbit Food Runner

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

I'm curious to know more about the heart rate training. I've tried the Maf formula but didn't feel like it helped. Are you able to do speed work with using that HR? Logic tells me no, because HR spikes for speed, so then how do you get faster? Just all slow steady runs?


Thursday 14th of December 2017

I didn't do traditional speed work with the training - but some runs did have a little thrown in. And you don't worry about your HR during that time ;)

If you're interested I can't recommend Train Like a Mother enough. Very supportive and explains everything really well...


Wednesday 13th of December 2017

Thanks for explaining Heartrate Running in a simple and easy to understand manner! Mine is 143 :-) And well done on your nomination for the Rock n Blog Team - so looking forward to reading all your experiences!

Kimberly Hatting

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Heart rate Monitoring is something I have never tried. I've heard great things about it, though. Congrats on the Rock'n'Blogger Team...maybe I"ll see you at one of the races ;-)

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