Hersheypark Sweet Welcome 2017

File this under “moving across the country has some travel perks:” I’m going to Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania!

Thanks to a sweet invitation that landed in my email a few weeks ago, I’m joining a few other bloggers in Hershey at Hersheypark.

This will be my first time in the great state of Pennsylvania and I’m excited about crossing another state off my list. I believe this will be number 34 and it promises to be the sweetest one yet!

As a medium level history nerd, Pennsylvania has been on my radar as a must-see travel destination since I was a kid. I remember reading about Philadelphia & Gettysburg and geeking out.

When I discovered that there were a town and theme park revolving around the Hershey chocolate brand, visiting PA became an imperative! I’m not kidding- this has been on my travel list for a really long time.

I mean, the town built on chocolate?! YES, please!

Dreams come true, kiddos! 

Hersheypark Sweet Welcome

We’re getting a full tour of the Sweetest Place on Earth with a stay at the Hershey Lodge, a little pampering in the day spa, Hersheypark time, and yummy dining as well.

And I’m counting on lots of access to that Hershey chocolate!

We’ll be visiting over the weekend of May 5 to May 7- just to warn you when my social media feed becomes coated in pictures like this:

Hersheypark sweet welcome

Here are my top 5 things that I’m most looking forward to over the Sweetest Welcome weekend:

  1. Chocolate. Do not let me down, Hershey! I saw a picture of some delicious looking hot chocolate and basically, that might be getting me through the next few weeks.
  2. Hersheypark. As a lover of family-friendly theme parks, I am so excited to try this one out. My kids would love to check out all the new attractions and experiences so I’ll be sure to try them all before we plan our own trip. Hey, it’s #Research. Mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do!
  3. Hershey Lodge. This place looks GORGEOUS. Have you ever stayed there?
  4. Sweet Feet spa treatment. I’m all about a spa day whenever I can get one. One that coats my feet in chocolate sounds AH-MAZING.
  5. Laughing with new (and old!) friends. The list of bloggers attending this event is a pretty good one! Since a lot of our friendships live “on the computer” it’s always a bonus when we can get together in person. I haven’t met most of them in person and I’m looking forward to finally putting a (Twitter) name to a face!

Have you ever been to Hershey, Pennsylvania? What are the highlights I shouldn’t miss?


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