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I’m just a girl, sitting in front of her computer, avoiding the 1,000,000 things I *should* be doing to prepare for the next week.

Hi, guys.

So Sum It Up Sunday is happening because writing for 30 minutes will help me justify putting off #allthelaundry for 30 more minutes. I’ll be honest: it’s been sitting on the floor of my guest room for about 10 days.

30 more minutes ain’t gonna hurt it!


We haven’t had one of these for a while, so let’s get to it!



It was awesome. Beyond awesome.

From the weather cooperating (we had a threat of rain both days we were in DC) to my kids cooperating, it all worked out amazingly well.

I’ll do a complete rundown on this trip (hopefully tomorrow) but for now, let’s just say John Stamos was pretty, the National Archives is the place TO BE on the 4th in DC, and the fireworks on the mall were spectacular.

While I’m sure there were more people here than at Disney on a major holiday, it didn’t feel like. A lot more room to spread out on the streets of Washington.

I give this experience a huge hell yeah! Even my kids were impressed once all the waiting was over. Like Disney, there was a lot of waiting to get to the good stuff, but like Disney, the good stuff was totally worth it.

Here’s what my basic plan was, and I’ll fill you in later on all the details.



Our travels are ramping up.

I started the summer with a trip to Michigan (recap on TravelingMom.com as soon as the edits are done!) which was amazing. I think Michiganders are some of the nicest people I’ve met in my travels across the US. And their state is lovely!

Love you, Michigan! – Patty

On Tuesday we are jetting off to California for a 3-week trip.

Yeah, 3 weeks. I thought this was a brilliant idea when I booked the tickets (Nor-Cal is much cooler than NOVA typically, I get to see my sister & nephews & niece, and I’d throw in a trip to the D23 Expo– what could go wrong?)

All good things, right?

I’m sure it will be great, but I’ll admit that while I love to visit & travel, I really love to be home in my routine too. So 3 weeks sounds awfully long to be “out of office” so to speak.

I’ll still be blogging and travel agenting, but I’ll also be somewhat vacationing while I’m there. Juggling all of the above means something is likely to slip – and that might be a few posts here and there.

Forgive me in advance if things feel slow around here, umkay?

After California, we are stopping in Arizona to see family & friends real quick. If I don’t melt in the heat (my how easily my body has adjusted to these temps here!) I head back to Virginia at the end of the month.

But wait- there’s more!


This summer isn’t over until my kids have been in a theme park (or two) so we have a visit to Universal Orlando with a tag on day to Disney World planned.

On our drive down, we will take 3 days to charge up at the beach. Hilton Head, I’ve missed you!

Finally sometime mid-August I’ll be home for good. And school will start, and this momma will say AMEN.

So, yeah, a lot going on!

I did a Facebook Live earlier this week about travel packing tips- check it out and add your best tips.



I’m still at it. I can’t say I’m seeing a lot of change in anything other than a general feeling of accomplishment, but I’ll take it.

(ps- I know it’s the food. Good Lord, my eating is all wrong and I’m working on this as well!)

We signed up for a gym in June and the older kids have been going with me. It’s cool to see both of them interested in the weights and exercises that I normally grumble over doing myself.

She’s really happy to be working out with me. And I’m happy that she’s happy so we’re all happy Hollidays over here!

Who knew that taking kids to the gym would actually revitalize my interest in going?

We’ve also taken to the pool a bit and I’m so happy we ended up someplace with a fully equipped rec center. There’s something here for everyone and it was money well spent.


Alright, sigh… I’ve put this off as long as I can.

Time to tackle Mt. Laundry and start figuring out how I’m going to pack for all these trips I’ve got coming up.

D23 Expo is up first and OMGEE I’m so excited about all the Marvel news we are sure to hear!

Dear Marvel Talent, 

Thank you for coming to the D23 Expo.

Please forgive me for the squealing like a teenage girl.

I cannot be held accountable for my actions when I am in your presence, so please do not call the cops. I’m harmless, I swear.


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