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How To Make Your Own Yard Sign Flair | DIY Yard Cards

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Sometimes in the yard card business, you just gotta make it work. I had an order I wanted to produce for, but did NOT have any of the flairs they asked for. So I channeled my inner Tim Gunn this week to create my own yard sign flairs. Here’s a not-so-quick-but-it-works-in-a-pinch way to DIY yard cards. If you are not about that DIY life, be sure to check this list of yard card vendors for all your needs. Affiliate links are included in this post. 

health care diy yard signs

How To Make Your Own Yard Sign Flair

First let me say, I’m not super crafty. I don’t do anything as a hobby and I am not known to step in to help my kids with school projects.

It’s just not my natural jam.

I’d much rather leave that to the experts with all the talent to create that I lack!

However, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do- and I can step in with an exacto knife, spray adhesive and Modge Podge if needed.

That’s where this tutorial on how to make your own yard card flairs comes in.

diy yard sign flair

Why DIY Yard Card Signs?

Great question!

I actually avoid it, if I can. I prefer the look and longevity of the vendor created cards.

So y’all are still getting all my coin!

But sometimes an order comes in that I just don’t want to turn down, so I’ll go ahead and make a little something for their yard.

My first attempt a few weeks ago was ok- but I was pretty sure there was a better way to make your own yard card flair.

If you look closely, you’ll see 2 flairs that are white backgrounds. One is a crew boat and one is crew oars. Simple, but not weather protected.

I’m part of a Facebook group that’s all about making their own flairs and signs and borrowed this idea from a creator in there.

Tiffany from Startacular Yard Parties, Balloons & Events used some Dollar Tree wall stickers to create yard card signs and I loved this idea!

Dollar Tree didn’t have what I needed, so I had to take things one step further.

diy sports yard signs flair

Don’t Expect Perfection When You DIY A Yard Card Flair

One BIG thing to note: my philosophy on yard card flairs might be different than yours.

My thinking is: the PHOTO needs to look good, not the up close in person item.

If I have a balloon with a scratch on it? I don’t stress.

You can’t see the imperfections in the pics- so your client won’t focus on it either.

Same idea with making your own yard sign flairs: up close it will be obvious this is not professional.

diy yard signs
There’s a whole lot of DIY yard card flairs on this particular sign! And a lot of scratched flairs as well, but do you see them in the photo? Nope!

But in the photo the family will have forever?

That’s another story.

They’ll be looking at the big picture, and so should you!

Items Required For This Project

  1. Spray adhesive
  2. Modge Podge
  3. Modge Podge Sealant
  4. Exacto Knife or Electric Scissors
  5. Coroplast
DIY yard card supplies

Steps To DIY Yard Card Flairs

  • You’ll need the image. I downloaded from Vector Stock and I have a paid version of Canva. The main thing to remember is to grab high-quality graphics.
  • On Canva, I created a sheet of images 2160 x 1440 px. The sizing was taken from the Walgreens photo website to avoid pixelation. make your own flairs diy yard signs
  • Make sure to leave enough white space between images on your layout to cut out.
  • Send the file to Walgreens or any other 1-hour photo location that offers posters. Costco and CVS can do this as well. Always search for a coupon (I had 50% off all photo gifts for this project) to make the cost a little easier on your bank account!
  • You can have the item printed on self-adhesive poster paper to skip the spray adhesive step, but in this case, it was cheaper to just use the spray.
diy cut outs make your own flair
  • Cut the images out and use spray adhesive to affix to the coroplast.
  • Make sure you line them up with the stake flutes in the right direction!
  • If you have electric scissors, I hear this is the best way to cut coroplast. I don’t have them- on my Christmas list!- so I used an Exacto knife and cleaned up the edges with regular scissors.
cut out diy yard sign
  • Use the Modge Podge to cover the whole flair. This acts as an extra adhesive step to keep the image on the coroplast.
  • I only used one coat due to time constraints, but in the future I’d probably go with 2 light coats of Modge Podge in this step.
modge podge diy yard signs
Don’t worry- it dries mostly clear but once you add sealant on top, it will be totally clear!
  • Once the sign is dry, spray with the Modge Podge sealant.
  • Use short, sweeping motions and don’t spray too much in one place to cause a pool of sealant to form.
  • Let the sign dry and you are ready to stake in the yard!

The Final Product: Make Your Own Yard Card Flair

diy yard card flair

Another note: I actually used the back of some signs to affix my DIY yard card flair.

In the picture above, the bike is on the back of a soccer ball flair.

I liked the shape and knew I wouldn’t have the ability to cute that kind of thing myself, so I borrowed the back!

I did the same thing with the running shoes in this photo (you can see the color come through due to the sun- so that’s something to consider if you use this DIY yard card hack in the future!)

diy yard sign flair

While this isn’t something I will personally do often, it did allow me to provide the client with the exact request he needed for his awesome pre-med, exercising, yoga-loving daughter!

They were happy, which made No-Guilt Yard Cards happy, and that’s all that matters!

Need a congrats or birthday yard sign in Northern Virginia? Let No-Guilt Yard Cards help celebrate your special someone in a BIG way! And if you are looking for other locations, please check out this national yard card directory for assistance.

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Ginny Newkirk

Sunday 27th of December 2020

What great ideas! You are so creative. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.


Saturday 19th of December 2020

Spectacular information. Been looking for this info for ages. Thank you!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.