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Incredibles Disneybound for The Incredibles 2 Movie

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I love a good movie, and I love a good theme. Put them together and you’ll find me Disneybounding for events! But this momma has to Disneybound on a budget of both time and money and Amazon shopping helps in both of those areas. Here’s how you can pull off an Incredibles Disneybound for the Incredibles 2 movie opening on June 15. I wore this for the Incredibles 2 Event at Pixar Studios. Affiliate links inclduded in this post.


The Incredibles 2 family statues in the atrium of the Steve Jobs Building at Pixar Studios

Photo: Allison Waken,


A few weeks ago I had the INCREDIBLE opportunity to go on a Pixar Studios tour as part of the Incredibles 2 Event. And as soon as I accepted the invite, I got to work on the important aspect of the trip: what to wear! Disneybounding was a must.

Mrs. Incredible is my mom-spirit animal, so choosing to put together an Incredibles Disneybound was a no-brainer. And I won’t even pretend that taking that picture above wasn’t a big part of putting together this look.

I might never change my Facebook profile because: nailed it!


Incredibles Disneybound worn at Pixar Studios. DIY Incredibles logo charm necklace tutorial #Incredibles #Incredibles2 #DIY #IncrediblesNecklace #Incrediblescharms


Incredibles Disneybound for The Incredibles 2 Movie

This look came about as a combo of things I owned, things I bought, and things that I made. So- yeah- real talk. Ahem— things I had made for me because my inner craft-ess has yet to make an appearance! More on the Incredibles Logo Necklace in a bit.


Meet Edna Mode from the Incredibles 2 movie at Disney World during the Incredible Summer Event


What is Disneybounding?

Yeah, you might be asking yourself, what the heck is she talking about? What is Disneybounding?

To Disneybound or Disney bound is to dress up in clothes or DIY costumes that represent Disney characters. In this case, I’m representing Mrs. Incredible as my Disneybounding idea.


How Do you Disneybound?

It’s easier than you think! Or at least, it’s easy when you do it like I do. Ha!

When I Disneybound, I tend to pick characters with strong colors because it’s easy to convey the story with color. If you are looking for Disneybounding ideas, think of looks that use color blocks.

A Snow White Disneybound was the first Disneybounding idea?I attempted for Dapper Day- mostly because her colors were easy to work with! I pulled off a Loki Disneybound for the Thor: Ragnarok Event last fall and a cute?Little Orange Bird look for Dapper Days last April.


Little Orange Bird Disneybound for Dapper Day at Disney World

Little Orange Bird Disneybound for Dapper Day at Disney World.


There’s really no limit or rules on Disneybounding ideas. And as you can see, these looks rely on signature colors, and Mrs. Incredible was no different!

For Mrs. Incredible Disneybound, I decided to pull from my closet first since I own tall black boots and a black leather jacket. The time of year in San Francisco was perfect for this as well- so I lucked out there.


Incredibles Disneybound worn at Pixar Studios.

Loved how this picture turned out at the Incredibles 2 Event. Photo: Allison Waken,



If you have a black boot or jacket in your closet, USE THEM! There’s no need to break the bank on these items just for the Incredibles Disneybound.

And if you ever wanted a lightweight black leather jacket, feel free to use this as the excuse to purchase one. Ha!

Honestly, I wear this one all the time and it’s a perfect piece to add to your collection, even if you aren’t looking for a Disneybound. I feel like a cool mom whenever I wear it (and bonus cool mom points when my teen daughter asked to borrow it!).

Surprisingly, you can score them for less than $50.



And if you noted that I also wore that jacket in the Loki Disneybound, you are correct. See what I mean? So versatile!

Finally, I needed the red dress and black belt to make this look happen. Amazon came through for me- it’s my go-to shopping spot because I honestly don’t have time to get out and scour stores like I used to!

This dress is comfortable and flattering for most body shapes.


The black belt with gold clasp completed the look. Or almost completed the look, anyway! I had one more item to add to make this an Incredibles Disneybound that stood out!

Incredibles Logo Necklace

And lastly, I needed something that tied the whole thing together. I was afraid that without something that literally said Incredibles 2, it might all get lost in the translation.

I Googled, I Yahooed, I Amazoned… and there wasn’t an Incredibles logo necklace to be found. I turned to my friend, Nicole, costume runner/Disneybound/cosplay genius for help.

That’s her down front as her signature cosplay, Marvel’s Black Widow.


Photo: D23 Expo Official

She stepped up and made this fabulous Incredibles Logo Necklace and was even so kind to send over instructions for the tutorial included here.

If you can’t be a creative, find creative friends! Life lessons from Shenanigans.


Increedibles logo necklace for Incredibles Disneybounding


The Incredibles Logo Necklace Shrinky-Dink Tutorial

By Nicole Buompensiero

1) Using your favorite search engine find and save the logo you want to use for your necklace (or bracelet, charm, keychain, etc.)

2) Open the image up your preferred image program (I used Silhouette Cameo software to both size, print, and cut, but I?ve used Microsoft Paint to size and print images for shrink film in the past.) Because the image will shrink to about 20% of its original size, you need to print the image bigger than you ultimately want it to be. There?s probably an easy way to figure out the sizing with math, but my brain couldn?t math when I made these, so I just used trial and error and printed a bunch of different sizes to play with.


Incredibles 2 logo artwork for Incredibles Logo Necklace charm


3) I used Grafix Shrink Film in white for Ink Jet printers because I like the opacity the white film has, especially for something I really want to be recognized and easily seen. I set my printer settings for ?glossy photo paper? and ?high quality? since any imperfections will be highlighted once the image is shrunken down. Set aside and let dry.

Seriously. It?ll be tempting, but the ink takes a little bit to dry since the film isn?t as porous as regular paper and it?s easy to drag the ink with your fingerprints (or feeder lines from a cutting) all over the image while you?re trying to cut it.

4) Once the image is dry, cut out the image. I used my Silhouette Cameo and the registration marks feature to (print and) cut out everything at once, but scissors work just as well.

5) Punch a hole where you want to add a jump ring. Don?t forget this part! It?s nearly impossible to put a hole in the shrink film once it?s been shrunk without using power tools. Also, keep in mind the hole will shrink, too, so don?t be afraid of making too big a hole.


Incredibles 2 charm rings to make the incredibles logo necklace


6) Following the instructions on the back of the shrink film package, prep your oven or toaster oven. I used my toaster oven to bake/shrink the charms, and place the charms on a piece of cardstock on top of the metal baking tray since my tray had some discoloration and I wasn?t sure if the charm would pick that up. The cardstock worked great, but don?t leave it in too long or it will burn.

The shrink film package recommends using a piece of vellum or parchment paper to keep the charm from curling onto itself and I highly recommend it. It?s hard to uncurl it from itself once it gets stuck, it?s HOT, and then it cools and hardens quickly, making it even more difficult. The paper will curl a bit, allowing you to see the image shrink, but it usually helped to keep the charm from curling up completely.

The other trick I found was to use a hard, flat plastic spatula. As soon as the image had finished shrinking, I used the spatula to fish it out of the toaster oven onto a paper plate, then used the bottom of the spatula to flatten the image. It took me a little trial and error to get the timing right, but once I did, that seemed to be the best method for getting (near) perfect charms.

7) Once charms are cool, you can add a jump ring to the hole and instantly have a charm/pendant for bracelets, necklaces, etc. I wanted the charm to have a glossier, more polished look so used Ranger Glossy Accents Clear Dimensional Medium on the top of the charm.


Incredibles 2 logo charm shine


I put on two coats, but it?s really personal preference. Once the gloss is dry, add a jump ring and your charm is ready to be worn!


Incredibles logo necklace charms for Incredibles Disneybounding


I think Edna? Mode would definitely approve of this look– after all, she created the original Super suit for the Incredibles family. And she is fabulous, Dahlings! And Iloved getting a chance to see her again at the Incredibles 2 Event.

I also think this Incredibles Disneybound could score some points at your child’s Disney Incredibles Birthday Party. Combine the Disneybound with the Incredibles 2 Mask Cookies and your kids will totally think you rock!


Incredibles mask cookies on kids for the Incredibles birthday party ideas tutorial


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Monday 9th of July 2018

You look great. What a fun event. I was going to make one of these with your instructions until I saw the name Nicole and I knew there could only be one person you were talking about lol. She’s one of my running bffs at Disney races. I think I’ll ask her to make some for me. ?


Monday 9th of July 2018

She's amazing! And I'm sure she'd be happy to hook you up lol.

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