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Incredibles Birthday Party Ideas | Incredibles Cake Cookies Recipe

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As you may have noticed, the Incredibles sequel has been a hot topic around here! And if you think I’m done talking about my favorite family of Supers and the Incredibles 2 movie… spoiler alert. I’m not. Ha. The movie opened in theaters last week and I’m going to just bask in the glow of all the, well, INCREDIBLE reviews! And possibly celebrate with this Incredibles cake cookies recipe. Here’s another easy baking idea to add to your list of Incredibles Birthday Party Ideas (I’ve got a few here for you to check out!).

The Incredibles 2 movie

Guys, what can I say?

I loved the movie! How about you?

If you haven’t seen it yet and need a spoiler-free parent movie review that answers the questions “Is the Incredibles 2 kid friendly?”, be sure to check that link out. You might be surprised that I don’t think it’s 100% a slam dunk for all kids.

But I certainly did LOVE it and hope you guys did too.

Jack-Jack is hi-larious and his scene with Edna Mode just stole the show for me.

But Edna and I are basically BFFs so that goes without saying I’d love anything she’s in!

Meet Edna Mode at Disneyland

There’s been a lot of Incredibles 2 talk around here and I know you can’t always catch things on the first pass. If you missed any of it, I’m going to go ahead and post some links to the coverage at the bottom of this post.

Find some time- like while these Incredibles cake cookies are baking! to check them out. It’s been so cool learning the behind the scenes goings-on with a Pixar movie.


Incredibles Party Ideas

If your kiddo is like mine, ie. Incredibles obsessed, then you might be asked to put together an Incredibles birthday party.

And truth be told, I want to come so don’t forget to send me an invite!

(Just kidding, that’s creepy, but I would love to see any pictures if you happen to put one together!)

Here are a few Incredibles birthday party ideas that you might find useful when you put your party together.

Some of them are mine, some are from a few other awesome peeps I know.

Be sure to check them out and give them a holler if you happen to use one of their ideas!


13 ways to make your next kids party INCREDIBLE! Incredibles Party Ideas inspired by the Incredibles 2. #partyideas #superheroes #party #recipes #incredibles #incredibles2


Incredibles Inspired Activities and Party Games

Every INCREDIBLE party needs activities and games. Check out these fun ideas- that are also pretty easy as well. You know I’ll never point you in the direction of something that’s not easy(-ish, anyway!).

You can also check out my Superhero Party Ideas post to see if there’s anything that could easily be tweaked as an Incredibles birthday party idea!


Incredibles 2 PDF Activity& Coloring Sheets

Incredibles 2 Activity & Coloring Sheets for the whole family! Perfect for game night or Incredibles birthday parties. #Incredibles2 #ColoringSheets #KidsActivities #Incredibles #printables #recipes


Incredibles Slime Recipe

Incredible-2-Slime Incredibles party ideas


DIY Incredibles Shirt Ideas

DIY The-Incredibles-Shirts Incredibles party ideas


Incredibles 2 Kids Craft: Make Your Own Superhero!

DIY Cape Drink Markers-Wine Charms

But maybe reconsider this one- as Edna says, NO CAPES! But maybe around your kiddo’s drink, it would be ok!



Shrinky-Dink DIY Incredibles Charms For Your Incredibles Disneybound

Increedibles logo necklace for Incredibles Disneybounding


Decorating for an Incredibles Party

You know you need things like napkins, plates, balloons, etc for any Incredibles birthday party that comes your way. Here are a few ideas to get you started with my Amazon affiliate link.



You should also head over to Incredibles items on Etsy (affiliate links) and check out some great ideas over there. I love the Incredibles invitations I found, as well as the Incredibles Minnie Ears, of course!


The Incredibles 2 movie inspired ears



Here are a few more things to check out on Etsy.

Incredibles Photo Booth/Backdrop By RoseDesign4U

incredibles photo booth back drop for Incredibles party ideas

photo: ROSEDESIGNS4U on Etsy


Incredibles Party Invitations by SunnyGekoDesign

incredibles invite from etsy



Recipes Inspired By The Incredibles

You gotta eat when you throw an Incredibles party, so don’t forget these Incredibles party ideas that include some of my favorite things: donuts, cookies, cupcakes, and dumplings!

These recipes are inspired by the Incredibles and are, well, awesome. (Thought I was going to say Incredible, didn’t you?)


recipes inspired by Incredibles 2


The Dumpling Recipe That Inspired Disney Pixar’s Short Bao

Download the famous dumpling recipe that inspired the Pixar Short Bao! How do you make dumplings? Here's your answer! #Incredibles2 #Incredibles2event #Incredibles #Pixar #movies #interviews #recipes #dumplings #cooking


Be A Superhero Mom With The Incredibles Cake Donuts Recipe

The Incredibles Donuts Recipe final product red yellow and black glazed donuts


The Incredibles 2 Mask Cookies | Disney Incredibles Birthday Party

Incredibles 2 mask cookies and logo cookies for an Incredibles themed birthday party


Incredibles Freak Shakes

Incredibles Freak Shake Incredibles party ideas and recipes


You’d be my kid’s superhero if you whipped that up for an Incredibles party!

And don’t forget the Incredibles Cake Cookies Recipe- which is probably what you came here for. I’m just adding in some additional awesome for ya. You’re welcome!


Incredibles cake cookies: perfect recipe to add to your Incredibles party ideas list. #Incredibles #Cookies #cookierecipe #recipe #movies #partyideas


Incredibles Cake Cookies Recipe


Incredibles cake cookies final product. Perfect Incredibles party ideas


Incredibles Cake Cookies Ingredients

1 box of White cake mix
1/3 C vegetable oil
2 large eggs
Red, Yellow, and Orange gel food coloring
1 container of white sanding sugar


Incredibles Cake Cookies Directions

Preheat oven at 350? F.

Using a standing mixer, combine cake mix, vegetable oil, and 2 eggs until combined.

Divide the batter into three separate bowls.


incredibles cake cookie in progress ingredients


First mix red food coloring into one bowl

Then mix Yellow food coloring into the second bowl

Finally, mix Orange food coloring into the third.

Take about 1 TSP of each color of dough and form into tablespoon sized balls.

Pour the sanding sugar into a bowl

Roll cookie dough into the sanding sugar

Place cookie dough balls about 2 inches apart on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.


Incredibles cake cookies in progress


Lightly push each cookie dough ball down so that it becomes a thick but flat disk.

Bake for 7 to 8 minutes.

Allow cookies to completely cool before Enjoying!


Incredibles cake cookies recipe


If holding an Incredibles birthday party at home isn’t quite your style (all those kids, all that planning, all that cleaning- oy!), my friend Britni has some ideas on how to throw the perfect Chuck E Cheese birthday party.

Because sometimes going out is just the superhero mom move!


Incredibles 2 Event Posts and Interviews

Incredibles 2 Event posts from Pixar and Los Angeles


My Incredible Pixar Studios Tour Experience | #Incredibles2Event

Costume Design Like Edna Mode: Bold! Dramatic! Heroic! | #Incredibles2Event

All About Pixar Animation: Creating the Worlds & Action Scenes | #Incredibles2Event

John Walker, Nicole Grindle & Brad Bird Dish on Incredibles 2 & Crazy Babies | #Incredibles2Event

Holly Hunter and Craig T. Nelson On Incredibles 2?

13 Surprises with Samuel L. Jackson (Frozone)

Incredibles Disneybound for The Incredibles 2 Movie


Since you’re probably as excited about this movie as I am, you might find some cool stuff in those posts, so I hope you’ll check them out!


About Incredibles 2

Written and directed by Brad Bird and Nicole Grindle, Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2  busts into theaters on June 15, 2018.

Incredibles 2 movie poster family of supers poster


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Silly Scott

Wednesday 20th of June 2018

Hey Patty, these Incredibles 2 party theme ideas are fantastic. Being a full-time Children’s Entertainer I am always looking for relevant party food/decoration theme ideas to share with my clients/parents for parties and on my Facebook page.

I will definitely be sharing your very helpful and brilliant ideas, thank you sooooo much.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.