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Tuesdays On The RunTuesdays on the Run is tackling a very special topic:  inspiring others to run.  Are you changing people’s lives and getting them to try something new?

This might be something that comes easy for you, and easy for you to talk about.  If so:  LET’S HEAR IT!

If you are a little on the shy side and don’t want to toot your own awesome horn, I get it.  But link up with Erika, Marcia and I anyway.

Any running related blog post is welcome!

Inspiring Others to Run

Okay, I’ll confess.  This is WHY I started blogging about running.  To be an inspiration to all the overweight middle aged moms out there!



Just kidding.  

The true confession is that when someone tells me I am inspiring them, I get all weird and awkward and blush a lot.

Awww, shucks.  Me?  

That was never a goal or a purpose when I started writing.  I wanted to share information (particularly on how a runDisney event works) and I wanted to chronicle my own experiences.

In the process, I discovered this blog was a lot of fun- like, unbelievable fun, so I kept at it.  And met all of you.  And fell in love with communicating and talking to other people who were just like me in their struggles, hopes and dreams.

Man, things really took off, eh?  I’m writing about all manner of things now, and running a heck of a lot more than I ever expected to.

11 miles

I hope it’s all still crafted in a story, though.  I love to tell stories and to share mine as I run, laugh and love through life!  If that’s inspiring you to run a little more, go a little farther, try a little harder, or eat a little better then we are ALL winning.

I’m inspired by the fact that people actually want to follow my journey.

Because it’s a very… very… slow… journey.  Ha.  And I’m okay with that.

If I inspire you in anyway to keep running, I’m honored to be part of it.  But I also realize I’m a teeny-tiny part of it.

YOU are doing the work.  YOU are motivating yourself to get up and lace up.  YOU are making the difference in your own world.

This running thing is pretty cool, no?

run quote

Who do YOU inspire to run?

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