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I’ve Got Friends

Some I’ve met from low places. Like flat on my back in the Epcot parking lot after the Wine and Dine Half Marathon last week.

This is a #TrueStory.

I mentioned this last week and promised to come back to explain what happened.  It was probably the best moment of my life excluding my births of my kids and my wedding day and last Thursday.  Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it made me smile really really big for a long time.

I got fangirled, y’all! 

ME.  I was the source of someone’s giddy excitement.  I know.  I can’t believe it either.  I’m still giggling over these sweet ladies who happened to find me classing up the joint. On my back. In the Epcot parking lot.

I’m still dying that we met this way.

Here’s the scene:  Mr. Shenanigans was on his way to the after party and since I wasn’t feeling well I stayed behind.  I had just run into my pal Jimmy and decided it was time to chill out a bit before following after Mr. S.  My feet were pretty busted up with blisters and I started to feel a little light headed.  After I waved Jimmy adieu, I made myself comfortable.

Bye Jimmy!  See ya at Tink!

I remember seeing someone post on Facebook about doing leg drains after a long run.  It sounded legit, and might actually help my wooziness, so I went for it.  Legs up against the partition and my head comfortably cushioned by my stinky clothes.  I tell ya, this lifestyle is glamorous!

I was eating a banana and thinking about the race when I saw some cute Cheshire Cats walk by.

Y’all know I love costumes.  I can’t let something that catches my eye go by without commenting.  In true Shenanigans fashion, I didn’t even think about how I had to look at that moment. I just yelled to the two ladies about how cute they looked (or something- I really don’t even remember).  They stopped, looked around confused, looked down, and saw me on the ground.

Yeah, I’d be baffled too.

Anyhoooo… they exchanged looks, said thank you, took a few steps away from me, stopped… and then I hear:

Cute Cat 1: Do you think that’s her?

I started fiddling with my medals because clearly they weren’t talking about me. 

Cute Cat 2: I don’t know… ask her…
Cute Cat 1:  Um, excuse me- I can I ask a maybe very random question?  

Me, thinking, random?  Why yes, that’s my middle name!  I expected them to ask for directions, or clarification on the medals I was wearing or maybe even just wanted to ask what my shirt said.  You know, random.

Cute Cat 1:  You don’t happen to be Margaritas, Miles & the Mouse do you?

I couldn’t believe it.  Someone- someone totally unknown to me in any way– just “recognized” me.  I felt… gosh, I don’t know how I felt.  I’m a pretty crappy writer when it comes to expressing my feelings.  But maybe a little like this.  Cue Tom Jones.

But I played it much cooler than that.  I quickly jumped up, dusted the parking lot grime off my back side and smiled really really big (probably creepy big) and said… why yes, yes I am.


They squealed.  Jumped up and down and freakin squealed over finding ME.  Imagine this in twin Cheshire Cat costumes:

It. Was. Adorable.  And I loved it.  And I promise, I am not exaggerating.  Still laughing over this one.

I’ve only been blogging for a short while and consider myself a baby blogger.  I really don’t expect people to recognize me and I certainly didn’t expect anyone to get excited about meeting me.  I’m usually the one fangirling at the runDisney races when I run into my favorite online people.  I have the selfies to prove it! This was definitely a first and an amazingly fun experience.

My new BRFs- Best Running Friends

I beamed from ear to ear and shared a few Walt Disney World planning tips I’m sure they will employ for their next trip.  Hey, you fangirl me and I share some of my best secrets.  It’s a fair trade in my book.

We chatted for a bit as we headed to the buses.  None of us had any interest in hitting the after party.  Seems we all “carbo loaded” (ahem) with beverages the night before.  Later I saw they completed the Drinking Around the World Challenge (holla).  Impressive accomplishment ladies.  I found my people!

I asked them to share a little about themselves.  Here’s what they wrote- proof I am not making this up y’all!

Cailyn and Sarah Beth  met when they were next door neighbors their freshman year in college at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina. The very Southern Sarah Beth (from Tennessee) and very Northern Cailyn (from Massachusetts) managed to balance each other out and have been best friends ever since.
Complete Disneyphiles, they went to Disney World several times over the years, and after Cailyn dragged her very unwilling husband to run the Disney World ESPN 5Ks in 2009 and 2010, he suggested Cailyn ask Sarah Beth to join and give him a break. They decided to train together virtually (Sarah Beth in TN, Cailyn still in NC) for the Disney World Half Marathon in January of 2013. After running that race with their third RBF, Hope, they all three caught the RunDisney bug and signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge in 2014! 
In a search for Glass Slipper information last spring, Cailyn found “Margarita Miles” (how we refer to you) and have all been dedicated readers and followers ever since.
Knowing you were at the Wine and Dine, Cailyn and Sarah Beth were on the look out for Margarita Miles and the rest of the DisBroads all weekend…imagine their surprise when they are limping towards the buses after the race and recognize Margarita Miles! SQUEAL.

It was the highlight of our trip to meet one of our favorite bloggers and source of information for all things RunDisney!

I could totally see making them my new BRF and convincing them to dress in something silly and slow way down to run with me.  Y’all coming to Tinker Bell?  Hint. Hint.

This post may be breaking all kinds of blogger rules and proving just how much of a rookie I am, but I don’t care.  It was awesome.  And more proof that the world got a little smaller and better when Al Gore created my internet for me.

Thanks so much for making the last moments of the race the highlight of my Wine and Dine Half Marathon, Sarah Beth and Cailyn!  I wish you both the best of luck in your next race and hope you keep dressing up in costume, running Disney, and reading my blog!  But if you have to pick one, just keep reading the blog.

Oh, and Hope, I hear I missed you.  Maybe next time?

See you real soon! 

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