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Tuesdays On The Run It’s getting hot out there.  Here in Arizona we are looking at temps in the 90s.

All. Week. Long.

What do you wear outside when the temps rise? Are you ditching the tights and pants and heading out in shorts and tanks?

It’s Tuesdays on the Run and we need your best warm weather running outfit suggestions!  Got a brand you love?  Shout it out!  Link-up with your hosts Erika, April & me and tell us what’s keeping you cool this summer.

Katie K Active Ambassador: ME!  (say it like Elle Woods)

Talking about clothes can be a touchy subject around me.  Just looking back at my blog today I can see how my running fashion changed … thank goodness!  

Who thought this look was ever an acceptable idea?

Cap 10K

Of course, this is one of those good news bad news pictures.

Good news?  I no longer dress like that.

Bad news?  I’ve gained a bit of weight since this picture.


Being one of the more, ahem, voluptuous runners I know, finding the right fit that also makes me feel good about myself can be a challenge.  Who wants to look in the mirror before your run or race and see a frump staring back? And forget about cute race pictures, right?

This Tuesdays on the Run prompt came at a perfect time.

I have LOADS to tell you about my new favorite brand of workout clothes and their Spring 2015 line!

katiek ambassador badge

I received news this week that I’d been selected as a Katie K Active Ambassador.  Please click through that link and see just why I am excited about this opportunity.

How to describe getting that email?  It felt good!  REAL good- you know how you feel when you find an outfit you just want to wear all day?  

YAAASSSS… just like that!  Literally.

Seriously though, it’s a perfect fit for my blog and my own brand, and I’m honored to be chosen as a 2015 Ambassador.  I was drawn to this company in a number of ways.




They are perfect for a run, a workout in the gym, heading off to yoga, going to class, dropping off kids at school, grabbing coffee after a workout…I could go on and on.  Just everything!

You get the point.

But mostly I love that you can actually look put together even as you ask your trainer to destroy you in the weight room.

2.  Katie K Active wants to help you #DefineBrave. 

I’m joining this inspirational team of women who are working to spread the message: #DefineBrave.

You might remember a Tuesdays on the Run post talking about mantras.  This was one of mine:


Your Brave can be whatever YOU define it as.

It may just simply be taking that first step out the door on your quest for fitness.  I’ve taken that first step- dozens of times!  HA!

Defining my brave is going to be a lifelong process.

A marathon, if you will, not a sprint.

I hope you’ll join me in the race.  #DefineBrave

And PS- while I didn’t make it to that marathon, re-reading that post still rings true.  There will be a marathon completed by me- someday.  My Brave is big enough! 

3.  Katie K Active is INCLUSIVE of all body types and sizes. 

You’ve seen me, right?  To borrow from Meghan Trainor:  yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two.

But I am a runner.  I am an athlete.  I am an active mom who spends more time and money on active clothes than I do on anything else.

And I love that Katie K Active is made for ALL women.

katie white zebra

Owner Katie Kozloff felt strongly that “all women size two to twenty-four should have a beautiful, high-end option for clothing for exercise or a casual day out.”

To this, I say AMEN.  And show me the gear!


I’m reviewing the all new Spring line shortly.

I’ve worn Katie K Active before and love the quality and comfort of the product.  And you’re going to love the colors and looks that are out now.

As an ambassador, I get to offer you the best gift ever:  DISCOUNTS and FREE SHIPPING.

Patty15 Katie K

Do you love me now?  I knew you did.  😉

If you mosey over to the website and place an order, don’t forget to use PATTY15 to grab 15% off as well as FREE SHIPPING.

Yeah- I know- I’m yelling.  But I love me some FREE SHIPPING, don’t you?

Are you looking to update your active wardrobe this Spring?  Do you have a favorite style from the Katie K Active website?

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