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I’ll start this off by saying I’m so not that mom. I’ve never denied that my kids are growing up.

I’m not the one who says, “They grow so fast!” or “I blinked my eyes and they are so big!”

That’s not me. I acknowledge physical & emotional growth and the fact that the kids are turning from babies to big kids to mini adults. I like to think I’m taking it all in stride.

My littlest little when she was just a few days old.

After all, that’s what we want them to do. That’s our job as parents.

We help them grow into (hopefully) decent and good and kind people who (hopefully) move out of the house but come back for holidays and random weekends and (hopefully) get great jobs at Disney or Universal so their mom can get in for free.

Okay, so I’m flexible on that last little bit.

Baby Claire loved her baby sister soooo much! Lucy? Was still undecided.

But lately, y’all, I’m coming apart a little bit. And it’s freaking me out.

And I can pinpoint exactly when it happened.

I went into Kohl’s one mom and came out another. I expected this to be the usual semi-drama filled quest for Easter clothes that didn’t look like they could be worn on the basketball court or to the park.

The boys are usually super uninterested in giving me anything but grief when it comes to dressing them and my daughter has a tough time finding something we can both agree on (tweens, what are you going to do?).

But then everything changed. In that dang blink of an eye.

Suddenly my sons are shutting dressing room doors on me and texting me outfits asking for opinions.

OUTFITS, y’all. Not athletic shorts and t-shirts in whatever brand the love at the moment.

Seth picked out a button-down shirt with a tie and real pants. On his own, guys.

This little dude is gone and replaced with one who uses product in his hair and wears ties, apparently.

#OhSeth was and still is quite the charmer

My daughter informed me that she needed a real bra- “Not one of those training things, mom. One with adjustable straps and cups and EVERYTHING.”

How did I miss that?! But yeah, I totally missed it.

Guys, it was almost too much for me to take at once.

They cleaned up nicely, didn’t they?

It’s like they suddenly grew up when we walked through the juniors department.

And my baby? My littlest little? She turned six last week and keeps saying things like, “Now that I’m six, I should be able to stay up later with the big kids. Because I’m a big kid.”


I’m throwing in the towel and saying it: staaahhhpppp growing— so fast anyway.

My mama heart: it’s been found and pierced a dozen times over the past 3 months. I might need to get that puppy they keep asking for, after all.

For the kids, of course! Not for me, not because I need a baby again or whatever. Pfft… I’m fine. I’m totes enjoying all this growth and stuff.

Weep. They are growing so fast. A blink of an eye.

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