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LEGO KidsFest Arizona: Review

LEGO KidsFest Arizona: Review

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Disclosure: I was invited as media to attend and review this event.? I was given 4 passes to take my family with me to LEGO KidsFest.??

Yesterday my boys and I went to the biggest ?LEGO?-palooza I’ve ever seen in my life: LEGO KidsFest in Phoenix, Arizona.? I heard about this event last year when my friend Julie visited the Atlanta stop.

It sounded like something my kids would absolutely love and I was thrilled to check it out!

It did not disappoint.


Lego 1

Faces of 4 people about to get their LEGO on!area


LEGO KidsFest Review

Our tickets were for the Sunday night event, which was the last session offered in our city.

This worked out perfectly for us as the crowds were low and we had plenty of time to work through all the exhibits.

My girls both voted to stay home with Grandma for the day.

No offense to Grandma, but I think they missed out! I know #OhLucy could have built some amazing pieces of art with the DUPLO pile at her disposal.


lego 13


Claire, like her mother, has a thing for Super Heroes.

There was an entire section displaying the Avengers and Marvel comics characters that would have rocked her geeky little girl world!

Okay, so it rocked mine… but she’s my mini-me and I feel certain I can speak for her on this matter.


lego 7


Seth couldn’t stop laughing when we asked him to make the “Hulk Smash” face.

But it turned out to be a really cute picture anyway!


Lego 15


I love posing with characters and this event offered that as well!

When we first arrived WyldStyle and Emmet were posing with families near the front.

I wasn’t able to catch them for a picture, but we did make it over to Darth Vader when he arrived.


lego 6


My oldest son’s name is Luke, in case you didn’t quite catch the joke there.

There were tons of hands-on experiences as well.? We didn’t sit in any sessions this time but plan to make that a priority next year.? My boys did have a chance to show their skills off.

Seth created a new spaceship in the Star Wars section and Luke created a panel to go on the Art Wall.



Legos 12

Legos 11


The stadium provided a perfect location for this event!

There was a ton of room for the massive displays and food was available through the concession stand.


Lego 8

Thanks for providing so much support for this event, Cardinals. GO RED BIRDS!


We couldn’t get over the fact that the entire floor of the Arizona Cardinal’s stadium was COVERED in LEGO bricks!

After taking this picture of a large grouping of LEGO projects, Luke and I realized something pretty cool: the projects were buildings and landmarks, and they were arranged in the shape of the United States.


Lego 9

Lego 10


All weekend long guests had added to the map and what we saw was a full LEGO-ized vision of America.

Such a fun way to show how your imagination can take you anywhere.

I will admit that my husband and I were almost as giddy as the boys.? We had a lot of fun ourselves building and creating as well as posing with the characters built from LEGO bricks.



Rob happened to be wearing his Jawa Bounty Hunter shirt and had to give Boba Fett a talking to… or something tough guy like.


I found Captain Jack Sparrow.

And eyed him suspiciously because that’s what you do when you run into Captain Jack.


Lego 5


If this sounds like fun, it’s because it was!? We spent a couple of hours goofing around and learning about LEGO bricks and systems as a family.? As we left my sons were begging to go back again next year- which clearly gives me some cool mom points!

If you want to earn your own cool parent points, check out the next stops on the LEGO KidsFest tour.

These events DO sell out- grab your tickets early and take the whole family!


lego 2


Thanks for hosting us, LEGO KidsFest!? We hope you head back our way next year!


Are you a Master Builder?? Is the LEGO KidsFest in your future?


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