It’s Gonna Be ME! Les Mills On Demand Streaming Service Review

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As one of my favorite boy bands famously sang, “It’s gonna be May!” Or maybe it was it’s gonne be me… May, Me, whichever you choose: it works for my purposes! Because it’s gonna me Me in May- and I’m going to get there with the help of Les Mills on Demand. You know, Bodypump class, but I don’t have to leave the house to do it? Yup, that’s the Les Mills on Demand streaming service- and here’s the scoop if you’re looking to join me in working out at home FOR FREE. That’s right… free.  Affiliate links are included in this post. 


As moms of a certain age and stage in life can attest, May is the worst. Like, who has time for anything when all the sports banquets, honors dinners, proms, AP testing (holy wow this is intense!), and end of all the things school year seem to converge. 

It almost makes me long for summer. Almost. 

Our May calendars give us anxiety- legit. 

Every week it’s something different and every weekend it’s We-Gotta-Go-We-Can’t-Miss-This-One around here.

Who’s feeling me on that?

calendar of may filled out to the max

It’s Gonna Be ME! Les Mills On-Demand Streaming Service Review

I’ll confess, I usually blow off the month of May. I just work on survival and figure June will get here soon enough and I can regroup. 

Y’all: I’m tired of survival. I’m ready to reclaim my time and reclaim some of ME.

And it’s happening this May with the help of the Les Mills on Demand streaming service I just signed up for. 


It's gonna be Agent May Gonna be may


Coincidentally, Agents of SHIELD comes back this month so I’m taking a little inspiration from my ABC TV Marvel love!

I don’t think Melinda May would let the month of May bring her down, so neither am I. 

Let’s do this, Les Mills on Demand! 



What is Les Mills on Demand?

It’s a fitness streaming service with over 600 Les Mills workouts available to stream on the web. It’s available to everyone- you do not need to be a Les Mills instructor to sign up for this service- and it’s pretty affordable too. 

I love virtual races, and I love virtual fitness classes which is why I’m digging this idea.

The Les Mills on Demand program offers the same workout options you’d find in a gym group fitness program: but you get to do it virtually at home. 


Les Mills on Demand including Bodypump classes free trial


Who Can Do The Les Mills on Demand Workouts?

I’ll cover this more in my Les Mills review below, but honestly, this can work for anyone. 

Parents with a busy schedule who need short workouts, teens who want to squeeze in a sweat before they get their Fortnight on, travelers who need a way to keep moving on the road: I can see how the Les Mills on demand website can work for a lot of folks. 

As always: be sure to check with your doctor before starting any fitness program to make sure it’s appropriate for you. 


How Much Does Les Mills on Demand Cost?

The whole Les Mills workout program is pretty affordable and this mom needs affordable with college, cars, and car insurance for my 16-year-old son on the horizon. Oy. But that’s for another topic. 

If you want to give it a try, sign up with my referral link to give the Les Mills on Demand classes a go FOR FREE- for 10 days. (Thanks for using the link!)

Give the free 10-day trial a shot and see if this program is something you can work into your lifestyle. 

After that, it’s $12.99 a month billed monthly. You can cancel at any time- so don’t sweat it if you forget to get your sweat on.


Where Can You Get Les Mills on Demand?

It’s available in the US, UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, and Poland. If you are a member of a Les Mills Gym in NZ, you are also good to go! 

More countries are being added so stay tuned.


Les Mills on Demand Streaming Service Review

I signed up for the free Les Mills on Demand trial on April 30th because- it’s gonna be May!– and have completed a few workouts. 

Here’s what is working for me- and what isn’t. Because I’m gonna be honest with you guys- always. 


les mills on demand welcome screen


Les Mills on Demand: What Works 

  • The variety of the Les Mills products is crazy pants. I love that I can choose from so many different options which means I’ll never get bored doing the same thing over and over. 
  • Beginner tutorials! I think I love this part the most so far. I’m not a total newb at these workouts, but I haven’t been to a gym class in a long time. So without an instructor guiding me along, there was potential to get lost. The beginner tutorials are helping BIG TIME. So take the time to check those out and learn a few moves before you dive in. 
  • Short on time? There’s a Les Mills On Demand workout for that! Which is basically my world right now. So I’m sticking with the 15-25 minute workouts for now. Look, it’s not ideal, but it’s getting me moving for more time than I was before and I don’t have to factor in the drive to the gym either. 
  • Les Mills on Demand Workout Schedules. I’m a schedule person- I need them, I do well on them, and they work for me. The website has a “Schedules” tab where you can find the best way to put together your month of workouts. Cardio, stretching, strength- added to the list. Done and Done!
  • Flexibility. I’m a schedule person… BUT… I also like options. And the way this program is set up, I have them. I can literally do the workouts whenever it works for my lifestyle. The 5 am? Check. 10 pm? Check. And yes, I’ve worked out at both times. 
  • Audio workouts. I kinda like this. I can load up an audio workout and don’t have to stare at the screen. But this is easier if you “know” the program a bit better. 


Les Mills on Demand: What Isn’t Working

  • Missing live help. I do miss an instructors assistance that you get in a group workout. I’m not a natural when it comes to the moves and sometimes I just have to fake it until we get to something that I can do. Total user error, of course. If you are familiar with these classes then I don’t think you’ll have that problem.
  • Small Screens. What I love about this program is that I can do it anywhere with my phone. But… that means a tiny screen I’m trying to follow along on! I don’t have my ChromeCast set up right now, but I think that might be the solution to this issue. I’d much prefer to do the workout on my big 55-inch TV streaming from my laptop or phone than trying to squint at the smaller screens. 
  • Equipment needed for some workouts. A lot of the workouts are totally portable and can be done anywhere, but some would need additional items. So while it’s working for me at home, if I was to travel and wanted to do the Bodypump or Bodystep classes… that might prove a challenge. 

Bodypump Bar Options

Real quick- I know so many people love the Les Mills Bodypump classes but don’t have a bar at home. 

Here are a few ideas you can order from Amazon with my affiliate links if you need something at home. You can start on the small end and work your way up as you go!

Bintiva Padded Bar – You can buy these individually or in a set. 

US Weight Duracast Bar 


les mills on demand streaming service


Is Les Mills on Demand Worth the Price?

While that’s TOTALLY subjective, I’m going to say yes. Especially if you enjoy fitness classes but don’t want to travel to a gym or adhere to a gym class schedule. 

Plus Les Mills offers a free trial for 10 days so you can sign up and see if it’s something that holds value for you. What do you have to lose?


Tips For Working Out At Home

I feel like these tips can work if you are using Les Mills on Demand at home or really any workout program. 

  1. Make the time. Moms and dads- I’m looking at you. We don’t make the time to take care of ourselves and that really needs to change! 
  2. Clear a space. You’re going to need some room to move with any program you do, but especially with the 600+ Les Mills on Demand workouts that are available. 
  3. Be Safe. If you have health issues, are pregnant, or need to modify moves: DO IT. Listen to your body and make sure the pain is the good kind, not the WHOA THAT’S NOT GOOD kind. You know what I mean, right?
  4. Find something you enjoy! Look- if you don’t like it, you won’t do it. Duh. So scroll through those 600 Les Mills on Demand options until you find the thing that moves you to move! 
  5. Start any fitness program slowly and build up as you progress. You don’t need to jump into something crazy and hard- the important thing is to start! And why not start with the Les Mills on Demand free trial? 
  6. Invite a Friend. Got a neighbor or a friend nearby? Invite them over to workout with you! Or even virtually start a group chat with fellow Les Mills Workout enthusiasts. I was putting off a doctors appointment yesterday until my friend said, “Hey, me too!” and we both kinda shamed each other into making those appointments. So it works when you lean on someone else. Get social- it’s possible even when you are working out at home. 
  7. Stay hydrated. Grab a water bottle and keep it nearby. No excuses to stop mid-workout and get a glass if you have something at arms reach! 
  8. TURN UP THE MUSIC. Man, you know when it’s the right volume, you won’t want to stop! Let the music move you. It works, my friends!
  9. Mix it up. Don’t get bored- there are so many workouts to try that there’s no reason you should say “I’m bored I don’t wanna.” 
  10. Have Fun! Isn’t that the whole point of this life- make it a good one. And if you aren’t having fun, maybe find a different workout to do. You are not for all workouts and all workouts are not for you!


Alright- who’s going to join me? Sign up here and let’s get going- because it’s gonna be MAY… and ME!

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