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Let’s Hear it for Dads!

It is the flat out God’s honest truth that?I would not be a runner if it weren’t for Dads.

My Dad? He runs with me. We travel together. We train together. We motivate each other. We compete with each other.

… and the Dad I am married to? He holds life together while I am off being a crazy runner.


Me & the two most important Dads in my life!!


How it all got started

Many, many years ago I was standing in the bathroom getting ready for work and watching the Today Show. Al Roker had just finished the NYC Half Marathon, so naturally, it was a topic of conversation.

I looked at my husband (who wasn’t a Dad yet) and said: “Geez, if Al Roker can do a half marathon… so could I!”

My sweet, poor, silly husband… what he?should have said was “YES. YES YOU COULD!”

Instead?? He said… “That’s a lot of miles…”

Challenge Accepted

From that point on I was mildly obsessed with running a half marathon.


My Dad

Honestly, it was still a few years from that bathroom moment when I finally sat down, picked a race, and started to train. I knew if I was going to run a half marathon, I’d want it to be fun.

… enter MY Dad.

We were in the process of moving from Lubbock, Texas to Dallas, Texas – so I was staying at my parents’ house while my husband was still at our home in Lubbock. One night, I went outside and this little convo took place…

Me: Dad, do you want to run a half marathon?

Dad: No, not really.

Me: If I did one, would you do one with me?

Dad: Absolutely

Me: So there is a half marathon at Disney… and it’s wine-themed…

Dad: Sign us up!

… and about 20 minutes later we were registered.? And now, we have run?several runDisney races together on both coasts… and this fall my dad will be doing his first Rock n Roll race!


This photo was taken shortly after we finished the race – obviously long before I became a blogger and photos really mattered… LOL!




This is one of the few races we actually RAN together… and one of my favorite race pictures ever! Dumbo Double Dare!


My Husband

NONE of this would be possible without my husband. First off, because of that little story at the beginning of this post that lit a fire under my butt, but because of his support.

He was my biggest cheerleader when I started running, and then once we had kids and he became a Dad – he became SUPERDAD.

He would take over on Saturday mornings while I was out on long runs, and he would be a solo-parent for many (many) long weekends of travel for me. Hands down, I could not do this without him.


Snapped this photo of SuperDad in one of the rare Disney moments where he isn’t in charge of the kids!


So – here’s to the Dads in my life.

I could not, and would not, do this without them!


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  • That’s so great that your dad runs with you! And it’s awesome that you have a supportive husband to take care of the kids while you are out running.

  • Laurie says:

    You are so lucky that you get to run with your dad! That is so sweet. And your hubby watches the kids so that you can run. You have 2 great dads in your life.

  • Your conversation with your dad sounds just like my conversation with my mom. She trained and ran my first half marathon with me and it was at Disney!

    Did you ever end up running the NYC half marathon? I ran that last year and I thought nothing could top a Disney race but it did!

    Thanks for the link up.

  • Lesley says:

    My dad signed up for the same half marathon I chose to be my first. We didn’t run it together since we’re at different speeds, and my mom did the 5k that weekend too. We made it quite a fun little family trip, and then I could barely walk for a couple of days after the race.

  • Awwwwhhhhhh, that’s awesome that you and your dad do races together! I’m working on my dad….he’s recently gotten into walking, and I”m hoping to get him to walk a 5K. I think once he pins on the bib, he’s gonna get the itch to run a little as well 😉

  • vicki says:

    How awesome that you run with your dad! Major props to your hubs for doing all he does so that you can run and race!

  • that is so cool that your dad runs! Mine is not a runner, but he did instill the love of the outdoors in me so I think that is why I love trail running so much

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