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Live Blogging Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 1 & 2

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Trying something new: LIVE Blogging Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers WILL happen- refresh at your own risk!


Live Blogging | Agents of SHIELD Season Episode 1


7:59? Will this work? I have no idea… but let’s try it!

8:00? So the first 17 minutes we’ve seen. But I’ll pretend I haven’t for the live blogging purposes.

8:02? That was creepy. Still creepy even in a suit.

8:05? Is everyone alright? Is everyone REAL?! Annndd… now Coulson is in space. With everyone frozen in suspended animation around him.

8:08? So they know Coulson. Totally space fangirled him. I feel ya, I would too. Walk me through it like I’m a child. YES please.

8:10? Believer in YOU… well, I am one too, so I am totally feeling this part. Ha! I do love me some Coulson. And Mack took care of that nonsense as Mack would. Ha.

8:12? Which part of space are we in? Coulson: errr, outer?? Ha!

8:13? Star-Lord, is that you? I WISH!

COMMERCIAL:? So being in space isn’t weird or anything. Okay, got it. Things I need to know if I ever want to join the team. Don’t let random space abduction freak me out.

8:16? May is stuck- but she’s May, so I won’t worry about her leg. Too much. But DAYYMM that doesn’t look fun!

8:18? OMG dying over this talk about Coulson’s arm. He’s not Inspector Gadget. Mack says he’s quitting- again.? There you go, Simmons! Apply the Scientific Method. I missed the writing on this show so much. Big props!

8:21? Virgil is up— they know Mack! They know all of them. What’s up y’all? No Fitz???

8:22? WHOA. Did not expect that, but May is free, Daisy just saved the day, and Star-Lord look-alike is on the scene. taking something out of a dead body? Tracker… controller… man I’m confused. Annndd… they’ve been looking for MAY!

COMMERCIAL: So far, it’s good to see everyone, but feels a little slow. I need some answers sooner than later because I have high hopes for this season’s levels of epicness! Also my son joined me and he thinks it’s weird so far.? Noted. It is. It IS weird. Which I was hoping for… soooo?there’s that.

Oh and time travel? I’m guessing this happened based on Virgil (RIP) talk about studying their history.

8:28? May KICKING ASS. Even as she’s just taken a pole out of her leg. No fair with space tools, yo!

8:31? FITZ to save the day! I hope. But man, why can’t Fitz-Simmons ever get TOGETHER. Mack- haven’t you ever seen an alien movie? OMG I love him. He’s in full horror movie mode. He knows what’s up. I love this scene walking down the hall together ha ha ha!!!? Scooby Doo in space. Yup, I can dig it.

8:34? Kicking in doors, just more mummies. But they are on May’s trail now. Loved the name drop of Howard Stark! Marvel crossovers are awesome.

8:35? Things just got techy but I got the point: send a message to Fitz. And ewww- the creepy skins are back! Super not loving these dudes.

COMMERCIAL: Little dude is trying to hang in here but he’s saying it doesn’t make any sense. So I probably lose my sidekick to the Xbox in 3…2…1… yup, bye Seth!

Still waiting for it to pick up as far as action goes. Hoping entrance of those creepy skins (KREE?) means things are starting to happen. And guessing May is going to be the Cavalry again when these guys are all locked up.

8:40? We’re back. And in jail. These guys don’t seem to know who SHIELD are- mentioned removing trackers, breaking rules. They think they are the humans.

8:42? Alone time with Mack and YoYo. PAPA SMURF I’m dying. And Mack speaking Spanish is pretty hot.

8:43? So we’ve got a hero on our hands. Roll with it squad…

8:44? ps- these guys are not friends of Yondu. Just a guess. Mack being used as a fighter- for Kaisus. So, who’s Kaisus?!

8:46? Creepers. Blues. Only pilot is dead (Virgil, RIP). Deke— we just wanted Pie. Yes sir, Coulson. Oh and I see that, Philinda.

8:49? Kree— what they always want; submission.

COMMERCIAL: so the kids back. I think he’s more pulled in that he wants to admit. You cannot deny the pull of AoS!

And things are picking up. I liked the addition of Deke, but he seemed too willing to toss them aside once he found out Virgil was out of the picture. Like, why did he help them in the first place?

And liking how leadership looks on Daisy.

8:53? YALL I CAN’T TAKE YOYO GETTING HURT. Cmon Daisy!? YAASSS queen Quake!

8:56? Catch up, Deke! They aren’t from processing. OMG- “are you high on something? Can I have some?!” HA HA HA. Deke I hope the cock roaches don’t get you. That’s awesome

8:58? So Deke was born on the ship; 90 years ago is when it was built. Time travel happened. Yup. SHIELD is in the way future.

8:59? Oh man… oh man… floating school bus is not good. FITZ yall. And the postcard… and omg… GOOSEBUMPS NOW!!!! And yeah, I can’t help but say— Thanos? Are we going to totally tie in with the MCU or nah?

9:01 First rule of IT- turn it off and back on again. Welp, even in the future that seems to work. Ha.

9:03 Matching buttons? So no matching buttons in the future in space? Agents of SHIELD- yep. Like herding rats; yup, that sounds about right when describing SHIELD.

9:05 What happened to the Earth? “Planet torn apart, Krees showed up, restored order.” ie, are we all seeing the post Infinity War future? Likely.

So my least favorite genre is apocalyptic stories… and here we are.

COMMERCIAL: Guys, I gotta be honest. I don’t like this turn. Not just that it’s bleak, but it’s just not my favorite type of story. Might make the season harder to love than I hoped.

I like light and laughter mixed in with the butt kicking. And we’re getting the grimy darkness of the end of the world. I gotta say, I like SHIELD back on earth eating pie. Bah.

But of course, I’ll keep watching…

9:11? Coulson is looking for clues- soooo Scooby Doo. May- why don’t you fight them? We need them.

9:13 SNARKNADOS? dyiiinnggggggggg!!!!

9:14? Also I gotta say- Earth dead? Then maybe… my Avengers… sob… please no please Feige don’t do it!

9:15? Yeah, Deke, ya dawg. Move on with that sad pick up line. Ha.

9:18? The North Korean level of creepy- about right, Simmons. WHOA yall, dudes head just got blown UP with two Kree balls. Cray.

9:20 And you know May’s gonna get her hands on those blow-up balls if they do anything to Simmons! Jemma, I know you are a doctor and everything, but sometimes you gotta let hurt people be hurt. Girl.

COMMERCIAL: Still mourning and adding up 2 plus 2 here. Yall I keep getting 4 which is that Thanos and the Avengers met up and we’re seeing the aftermath of that. I could be way off- maybe this is a red herring, but you know that dang trailer came out 2 days ago and there are NO COINCIDENCES in Marvel.

Dang, yall. I’m depressed.

9:24? Oh man, there’s some hope seeping in and that hope is rocking Deke’s world.

9:26 Well I wanted light— looks like Jemma found it. Kinda. Big dog Kree in the house.

9:28? Dang Daisy, I know you are bad and all that but I don’t like you going off alone like this. This place is way too weird for all that! Get YO crew! Yep. I knew it. She’s down. AND BACK ON EARTH?! Whaaaaahhhh….?!?!?!

COMMERCIAL: So now we’re getting somewhere interesting.

Tech breakdown— be back soon I hope… aggghhhh

9:35? Back- what did I miss?! Simmons ok? She looks ok.

9:36 Yeah, he’s on to her. Be careful, Jemma.

9:37 Whoa- this can’t be good. There are no metrics to show them. This is not a good thing- I’m with Mack on this!

9:39 In an alternate reality with Deke. Looks like he’s created his own escape from the dark world— he of little hope. In the Framework. Ah ha- a mini Fitz?

9:42 I hate these stories. I really do. Ughhhhh total Hunger Games or whatever going on here. Pass. Super not happy about this. Bah.

COMMERCIAL: I was so excited about this season, but yo, this is not my jam. Things have got to change. Please, AoS, please don’t make this the whole season. Waaahhhhhh

9:48 Holy cow this is brutal. Get em, Mack!


9:51 We got some good liars in SHIELD. And Jemma’s patient is doing well. That must bode well for her? right?! Welp- nevermind.

9:53 JEMMA GET IT TOGETHER. And whoa… now she’s deaf by Kree ear plug.

9:55 Hope is what gets people killed. THE BOAT SANK. Oh yall…. I’m so not feeling this doom and gloom. WAIT- what?! Daisy on TV- cover is blown.

OHHHH MAN. It’s DAISY?! Not Thanos?

Now we’re going somewhere…

SHIELD tried to save the world- and take a look at the consequences. It’s been Quaked apart.

Dun Dun Duuuunnnnn

Okay, I don’t think that’s literal. It wasn’t really HER fault, right?!

9:59? Guests?!



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Becky @ Disney in your Day

Thursday 14th of December 2017

Finally watched this first ep haha. I love Mack, he's so funny. I would have been thrilled is Star Lord appeared! And I'm not sure what to think of this season so far. Weird really is a good word for it.


Thursday 14th of December 2017

Right?! The 3rd episode was a little better I think. But the whole feel is weird! I dunno- will see. And Mack ROCKS!

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