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Mad Mad Weekend- Part 5 Disneyland Half Recap

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The one where we celebrate.

No, you aren’t going crazy, and no you haven’t missed Parts 1-4.? Those are coming, I promise!? But frankly, you know what happened.? We showed up, we went to expo, we ran on Saturday, we ran on Sunday, we collected bling… yadda yadda yadda.

To quote Lewis Carrol from Alice in Wonderland, maybe I should


But I’m not.?? Cause after all,



Shenanigans likes to be different, so I’m starting the Disneyland Half race recap in reverse with the fun part that happened AFTER all the sweaty miles were behind us. Cause that’s how I roll.

We had the ginormous honor of eating at Club 33 for our post race celebration.? In my morning blog reading, I came across this post today about Club 33 from my Disney on the Road pal, Beth. Check out her blog and leave a comment if you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating in the Trophy Room.? I know she’d appreciate hearing from you!



What is Club 33?? It’s a private dining club inside Disneyland.? The idea came to Walt after the 1964 World’s Fair.? He experienced the VIP lounges set up by various corporations and decided Disneyland needed to have the same type of experience for dignitaries, heads of state, corporate sponsors, and special VIPs.? That’s when the plans for Club 33 were formed.

You can find the famous door located at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square.



When it is time for your reservation, you get to step up and ring the bell.? It was one of the items on my Disney Bucket List I wanted to cross off ever since I first learned about the Club many years ago.



The lobby is small and has very little space, and no seating, which is why you are asked to remain outside until the time of your reservation. Since we had a larger group we were quickly ushered upstairs and I didn’t grab any pictures of the lobby on this trip, but this is one from the Tinker Bell visit.? The lift is absolutely gorgeous. My favorite ride in Disneyland!



Upstairs we were greeted and shown to our table in the main dining room.? No Trophy Room for us, but that’s ok.? I took a few pictures when I was passing by and made sure to have the hosts tell me a little about the history of the room.? It’s very manly, and very cool, and I’m VERY sad they will be doing away with it during the club’s expansion.? But in all things, I trust in Disney, and I’m sure they will make Club 33 even more amazing than it is now.? Walt himself had the vision that Disneyland would never be complete, that it would always be changing & growing.? I’m choosing to embrace the news of the Club 33 changes in the spirit of Walt.? Plus It!

The service, the food, the magic are all in abundance at Club 33.


Brunch includes champagne and a visit with Mickey and Pluto!


It was an absolutely fabulous meal and I loved every bite.? You may have noticed the margarita front and center on my plate.? I joked that after my run, this was all I needed.? Replacing carbs and all that, right?? For the Disneyland fans visiting, you might be saying… whhaaaattt??? Alcohol in Disneyland?? That’s not allowed!

You are correct.? It’s not.? Except in Club 33. This is the only location within the gates of Disneyland that one can imbibe.? And let me tell you, they are magical.? I ordered the Cadillac Margarita and it was divine.



Our meal was a celebration of a lot of things.? The obvious: our bling and the races we all ran.? My mom ran the Kid Race with #OhLucy.? And I mean- she ran it, Lucy was just along for the ride as she refused to participate!? #OhLucy.? Anyway… Dad & my sister, Karen, both completed their first 10K.? Little sis, Megan, completed her Disneyland Half marathon and received her Coast to Coast medal.? And of course, Mr. Shenanigans and I completed the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.? But there was much more than that to celebrate in our lunch.

Karen is a rock star cancer survivor and this meal was in part a celebration of her.? I love her so much and was so happy to share Club 33 with her- a fellow Disney Nerd.

On the balcony of Club 33 with big sis

My Dad also turned 65 on Saturday.? Welcome to Medicare, Pops!? Looks pretty good for an old guy, no?

We were also celebrating (again) Mr. Shenanigan’s Masters degree.? Yes, he got to celebrate by going Coast to Coast.? I’m not sure there’s bling for that, but there was a picture with Mickey & Pluto!

The big celebration though was in honor of my sister Megan.? She graduated! She graduated! She graduated!? Yay Megs!? Anyone hiring?? She’s looking for a job overseas preferably in marketing or advertising- let me know!? My parents are 5 for 5 on college graduates in our family- they are finally done paying for education.? Mom and Dad, you ROCK.?

And then there’s Super Grandma.? Who should be celebrated and wined and dined every day.? Because she is THAT AWESOME.? Anyone who knows her will agree.? My mom is the best mom ever.? True Story.

I have been gifted not once, but twice, with the opportunity to eat at Club 33.? And I am forever grateful to those sponsors (members who allow guests to visit the club) for allowing me the honor of eating at their club.? Especially to the special friends who made this particular celebration happen for my family.? You know who you are, and you are Awesome.

The first time I visited was after running the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January with my friend Sarah.? And guess who I happened to run into again?

For me, this is truly a magical experience that I would never expect, nor take for granted.? I realize how special this location is for the members and hope I honored their trust in me during my visits.? And I’d love to go back and see the new Club when it opens next summer!

Have you ever rang the bell at Club 33?? If you have, what changes are you most interested in seeing in the new club? Hug your sponsor today!

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Sander Family

Saturday 7th of September 2013

I was so happy we got to experience it that night and eat in the trophy room.. I'd love to go back and try brunch one day!

Hilary @ Young Texan Mama

Friday 6th of September 2013

Oh I would adore eating at Club 33. It is definitely on my Disney Bucket List :)


Friday 6th of September 2013

Loved following your pictures this weekend and can not wait to read the rest of your recaps. Would love to go to Club 33 one day!

Bonnie Santaguida

Friday 6th of September 2013

So many wonderful things to celebrate! Sounds like an amazing time! Congrats to you and your family on their races, degrees, and being cancer free! I would like to go to Club 33 myself one day. Maybe to celebrate C2C!


Friday 6th of September 2013

Your parents are the cutest! Lucky duck going twice to Club 33!

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