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Magic Band Upgrade Available Now!

Magic Band Upgrade Available Now!

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If you’re an annual passholder who travels to Walt Disney World multiple times a year (raises hand) then you’ve probably gotten your full collection of solid complimentary Magic Bands. The good news: that’s not changing. The complimentary solid Magic Bands are still available to every Disney World Resort guest. But exciting news is here: an option to upgrade your Magic Band for a small price! 


One of my favorite memes when it comes to talking Disney is the “All magic comes with a price” from Once Upon a Time. Because, well, it’s true. 


Magic Band Upgrade Coming Soon

And most of us gladly pay a little extra for those little extras when it comes to our Walt Disney World vacations. 

The Disney Parks Blog just announced something new!

Resort guests will still be able to select and customize their standard, plain colored Magic Bands for free. 

But they will also have the option to pay a small fee to upgrade to specialty bands. 

Check this video out to see just what the Walt Disney World Resort has up its sleeve (or at least- on your wrist!) coming soon. 


How Much Will It Cost To Upgrade Your Disney Magic Band?

Right now it looks like upgrading your band will cost $10 per guest. 

Don’t tell Disney, but I feel like that’s a bargain! I’m going to be curious to see how long that price lasts or if their will be an increase due to popularity. 

Can I Still Get My Free Magic Band?

Of course! If you don’t want to upgrade, you don’t have to. 

And it looks like you’ll be able to mix and match your party Magic Band choices as well. If Grandma wants a Black Panther Magic Band but you want to keep your favorite blue band? No problem!


magic bands and covers

We like to dress the plain colors up with decals from Etsy!


How Many Magic Band Options Will Be Available For Upgrade?

It looks like there will be 30 choices for an upgrade to start. 

Assuming the ones shown in the video will be available, there will be a lot of fandoms present to choose from as well.

And as a Disney Fangirl who loves, uh, everything (Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Classic Disney, etc) I’m kinda giddy over the options!

When Will The Magic Band Upgrades Start?

It’s available NOW! 

Errr- kinda. I just went to My Disney Experience App and tried to upgrade my own band for a January trip. The app only let me get so far and then it errored out. 

I believe the option is available, but magical enhancements are making things a little crazy in Disney IT right now. So give it a few days and try to upgrade your band then. 

Here’s what it looks like when you go onto the App to upgrade.



MagicBand Upgrade Steps




MagicBand Upgrade Steps



MagicBand Upgrade Steps



MagicBand Upgrade Steps

That’s as far as I got before the app wouldn’t go any further.

Let me know if you can customize yours and what you think about the new Magic Band upgrade option coming!


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Tuesday 14th of May 2019

How awesome! I haven't heard this before now! I cant wait! Now my daughter can get a "pretty" band for her first trip!


Wednesday 15th of May 2019

It's kinda exciting! I hope it rolls out soon!


Monday 13th of May 2019

I'm pretty excited about them too. I have 2 or 3 custom bands, but I'd buy a few more for $10! I definitely don't need anymore plain jane ones.


Tuesday 7th of May 2019

I think this is GREAT! I paid $$ for my Dooney & Bourke Magic Band. Would love to upgrade for the family at the $10 price.

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