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This week on Tuesdays on the Run we want to know how your month of March was for running? Did you make your goals or maybe leave some more work to do? Let us know how March went down.

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Calendar of topics for April:

  • 4/4: Hydration what/when/how/fave bottles, etc.
  • 4/11: Boston Marathon thoughts
  • 4/18: Foolish running/racing mistakes
  • 4/25: Grade your month


March Running in Review

What can I say about my running in March?

I guess that I actually willingly got out there and ran is a start. And it was good. Not great, but not awful.

Baby steps, man.

I started up with Couch to 5K as a springtime do-over. I think I’ve completed 5 of the workouts- not nearly all that I should have.

Because it rained, it snowed, it was cold, and #alltheweatherexcuses.

Look, kids! A sidewalk to shovel!

I know that was “nothing” but I really don’t like running on wet pavement because I fear slipping- a bit too much. So snow was a hard pass for me.

I’m regretting giving away the treadmill. Or maybe just regretting not buying one just yet. I’m both a weather Goldilocks and cheap. I keep waiting for the one I want to go on a mega sale.

However, the cherry blossom motivated me enough to get out early and finally run in Washington, something I’ve been dying to do since I first started running. The DC races always fascinated me!

As a minor history nerd and major tourist dork, running along the Reflecting Pool like Captain America has been a dream of mine.


Sadly, I was not able to say, “On your left” because, yeah, I’m no Cap.

But I did satisfy my touristy runner side and had a lovely 2 mile run from the Tidal Basin over to the Washington Monument, and down to Lincoln.

Those steps don’t play, yo!

Had to selfie and take a breather. Holy wow there are a lot more of them than you see on TV.

I was amused as I observed all the runners in the area- and there were quite a few. It was CLEAR who the local runners vs the tourist runners were.

Locals: they just run. Usually not too close to the monuments and main paths.

Tourists: we ran as close to the monuments as we could get with our heads on a swivel, phones coming out, with pictures taken during walk breaks.

Maybe we will be here long enough that I won’t be so obviously touristy, but for now, I’m ok with being super geeked over my 2 miles. I’ll be back!

Cherry blossoms, founding fathers, Hamilton playing on repeat: I was a happy runner. 

Something I haven’t been in a very long time. <insert all the heart-eye emojis here>

Did my hip hurt? Um, yeah. A little. So back to the roller I go. But it wasn’t awful and I *think* I can run the 5K planned for next weekend.

It should be safely completed as long as I don’t try to push anything which frankly isn’t my style, so I should be just fine.

So March was alright.

Let’s kick off April with the 5K (Cherry Blossom themed, I mean, can I really pass this up?!) and then find out what the warmer weather & return of the humidity does for me. Let’s do this, NOVA!

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  • Thats great that you can run in DC! I want to do some races there, but I am too far to drive there just to run. I really like the trails outside of DC. Last year I visited for a weekend and did a long run for marathon training around there.

  • Meliss says:

    Yeasty for Warner washer and running outside!! I’m also afraid of running on even a little snow (if it’s deeper I’m not as afraid) because the thin layer is slippery!! Hopefully you get to enjoy those cherry blossoms on a run soon!

  • Good luck in that 5k!

    That’s really funny about being able to tell the tourists from the locals. Not a problem where I live (no tourists!).

  • Marcia says:

    Running along those monuments was a bucket list item I’m so grateful to have checked off. How wonderful that you can go run there whenever. Oh and cherry blossoms. Sign me up!

  • Meliss says:

    By the way, that was supposed to say “yay for warmer weather ” that’s what I get for trying to comment with a baby on my lap!

  • I bet there are so many great places to run in DC with. I don’t blame ya not getting out in the snow. I wouldn’t either. Good thing spring is here!

  • Kim Hatting says:

    I’m currently on vacay in SE Pennsylvania, and we have a day trip planned to DC this week….hoping I can sneak my running shoes (and appropriate gear) into the car…..I really want to do the monument run!

  • Lesley says:

    My family were tourists when we first moved to Boston. We’d never lived in the area before, and there’s so much to see. The excitement passed after a few years, but it’s fun to go back and play tourist again.

  • Renée says:

    If I *ever* make it to DC you know I’ll be doing the touristy run! haha! I was in Philly last year for a few hours so the Rocky Steps were on my list of things to do whilst there. And it was pouring rain, but you know… ROCKY STEPS.

    I’m like you though… I do NOT like running in / on snow or when it’s really bad weather. I don’t have a treadmill and normally I would train at the gym. This year I’ve been training with a group and it’s been all outside. And I’m the super grumpy one in the group with that look of “I can’t believe I’m out here in all this snow and ice” on my face.

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