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Marvel Avengers Cocktails: The Thanos

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Marvel Avengers Cocktails are perfect for the movie watching parties you’re planning. What can we say about Thanos- other than he’s the worst father in the entire universe? After watching Avengers: Infinity War this week, I felt like I needed a drink. Or two. While this one is non-alcoholic, you can make this a vodka or chambord cocktail easily! Check out this Marvel Avengers Cocktail inspired by the biggest bad guy of all: Thanos. The Thanos cocktail is non-alcoholic fun for all ages.?


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Around these parts, the Marvel movies are a very big deal! My whole family falls into the fandom and we have been watching the Marvel movies in order before Infinity War for months. It’s been a great way to countdown the time before the movie of the year.

Well, the wait is finally over. This week Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters worldwide and, guys, it’s one big, bad, incredible movie!

Whoa, was basically my reaction to this one.


Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) Nomad in Infinity War

Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)..Photo: Chuck Zlotnick..?Marvel Studios 2018


I was lucky enough to have a screening earlier this week and here’s my Avengers: Infinity War parent movie review so you’ll know if Infinity War is kid-friendly or not. (The only spoiler I’ll give: it’s not. Not for ALL kids, so please?go read that before you take your?youngest ones!).??I was glued to my seat for 2 1/2 hours and probably held my breath for half of it.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed on Marvel, check out this Infinity War 101 post my friend Bert put together. It will get you up to speed in no time- especially the rundown of the Infinity Stones she’s included.

Looking for more Marvel Avengers cocktails? If Wakanda is calling you, be sure to check out this Black Panther Cocktail.

Though I feel I should warn you: Wakanda and Thanos don’t mix. So try not to put them together… you’ll understand why when you see Avengers: Infinity War!


Marvel Avengers Cocktails: The Thanos Cocktail


Thanos Avengers Marvel cocktail layered drink with Thanos Pop Funko

The Thanos Marvel Avengers Cocktail: Ingredients

– Lemonade
– Blue Powerade
– Purple ZERO Powerade
– additional ingredient for alcoholic version 1 oz vodka or 1 oz Chambord (or get crazy and add both!)


Thanos drink ingredients powerade and lemonade

The Thanos Marvel Avengers Cocktail: Directions

– Fill up a large glass with ice, all the way to the top.

– When making this drink, you are going to pour the drink with the highest sugar content first. If you are adding vodka, it will go last as it has the least amount of sugars. If you are including Chambord it will go first as it has higher sugar content.

But for the non-alcoholic?version, start with lemonade. The lemonade has the highest sugar content, so pour it slowly into the glass until it’s filled to where you want it. I poured about 2 ounces.

– Next, slowly pour the Blue Powerade into the glass. It should settle on top of the lemonade. Fill it a little more than halfway.

– Finally, slowly pour the Purple ZERO Powerade next. It will settle on top of the Blue Powerade but will blend a bit.


Thanos Marvel Cocktail layered drink


And if you are not so much a fan of Thanos, but have a soft spot for his daughter Nebula (or just love a tasty Chambord cocktail!) then check out the Nebula. It’s delightful! Perfect to sip on while watching the Marvel Avengers Movies in order before April 27!


Marvel Avengers Cocktails: The Nebula Chambord Cocktail

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Albert Reza

Monday 21st of May 2018

I and my friends were so hung up on Infinity War and this drink is bomb! I'll tell them about this. Thanks for the recipe! :)

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