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48 Marvel-ous Avengers Superhero Party Ideas

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Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters worldwide. And it doesn’t take a Mind Stone to see that this movie will be HUGELY popular. Which means you’re going to need superhero party ideas in the coming months: birthday party ideas, graduation party ideas, or even just because-Thanos-is-a-big-fat-jerk party ideas. Be prepared with these 48 Marvel-ous Avengers Party Ideas!


48 Marvel-ous Avengers Party Ideas

Alright, Avengers. It’s time to Assemble! Infinity War, the biggest and baddest?of all summer movies, has made it’s way to the theaters. And I have a feeling your kids are going to request a superhero party or two from you.

Be prepared with these Marvel-ous Avengers party ideas! And I’ll even throw in an extra Incredible superhero?party idea as well. You’ll smash your?superhero party with all these super party options.


THOR: RAGNAROK toys for Christmas for the Marvel fan on your list!


What to Eat at your Avengers Superhero party

A superhero party needs super food ideas! And I’ve got a few super options for you to add to your list of Avengers party ideas.

My kids are lovers of all thing sweet, so these Hulk cake donuts will happen for any birthday party we put together this summer.

1. Avengers Incredible Hulk Cake Donuts


Marvel Incredible Hulk cake donuts on a plate with green and purple sprinkles


You’ll have the Incredible Hulk cake donuts recipe?right here. It’s easy, tasty, and will not make you HULK OUT… unless you eat too many of them. Ha!

2. Captain America Avengers Party Ideas

My favorite Avenger is and always will be Captain America. So you know he has to make an appearance at any superhero party I put together.


captain america at disneyland


He’s just— well- SWOON!

If you haven’t visited Play,?Party, Plan for party ideas, let me introduce you! Britni is the creative genius for all things party and has a bunch of Captain America party ideas to check out.

I adore this Captain America Shield lunch box idea. It’s not just a perfect superhero party idea, but a fun way to make any day Marvel-ous!


captain america shield lunch boxes


Doesn’t that look perfectly Cap? I mean,?I don’t think he gets those abs from eating cake.

But… speaking of cake…

This yummy Captain America cake works for an Avengers party- or, you know, because it’s Wednesday and you just need a little something to help you power through to the weekend. Look, I’m not Cap and I don’t have his willpower or abs.

What I’m saying: there’s not a bad time for this.


Captain-America-Cake superhero party ideas


3. Spider-Man Oreo Cookies for Your Superhero Party Ideas

You know the saying “It’s not a party until your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swings by!” Okay, so it’s not a saying and I totally made it up, but I think it should be one.

But an Avengers party needs these Spider-Man oreo cookies that my pal Kristi put together.


spider man oreo cookies Avengers superhero party ideas


4. Baby Groot Sandwiches

One of my faves from the Guardians of the Galaxy is Baby Groot. He’s just so stinking adorable and I want to take him home with me and have a dance party with him.

My friend Taty made this cute and simple Baby Groot Sandwich that I’ve made for my own kids. Takes almost no time, but what a perfect addition to any superhero party you put together!


baby groot sandwich for your avengers party ideas


5. Incredibles Mask Cookies

While they aren’t Avengers, the Incredibles are superheroes! And with the Incredibles 2 movie coming out this June, I know you’ll be looking for some clever ideas to make your superhero party Incredible, like these Incredibles Mask Cookies.

But- spoiler alert- these superhero mask cookies can be made to represent pretty much any of your favorite supers, so don’t feel limited to the Incredibles theme.


Incredibles 2 mask cookies and logo cookies for an Incredibles themed birthday party! Or a Pixar Incredibles watching party. The superhero mask cookies work for other movies as well. #Incredibles #Incredibles2 #IncrediblesBirthdayParty #cookietutorial #partyideas #kidspartyideas #kidspartyfood #TheIncrediblesPartyIdeas

Superhero Party Ideas: 8 Ways to Drink Like an Avenger

Saving the day- or the party- can make you thirsty! Drink like an Avenger with these 8 superhero party drinks. Non-Alcoholic and alcoholic options included for superhero party ideas.

Avengers Party Ideas: Non-Alcoholic Superhero Drinks

1. Captain America Punch

Cheers! This non-alcoholic Captain America punch is easy and fun to add to your Avengers party. Look at all those cherries on top. Cap approves.


captain america punch Avengers party ideas


2. The Thanos

He’s not a superhero, but he’s a super bad guy. And this drink is super delicious! You can make it an alcoholic option pretty easily, but I think this Marvel Avengers Cocktail: The Thanos is tasty without any additional help.


Thanos Avengers Marvel cocktail layered drink with Thanos Pop Funko


3. Black Panther Frozen Drink

I nevah freeze… my drinks, anyway. But a slushy is always fun at parties, and this one named after the newest Avenger, The Black Panther, is a perfect addition to your superhero party ideas list!

Grab the recipe for the Black Panther frozen drink here.


Black-Panther-virgin-frozen drink superhero party ideas


4. Thor Strawberry Lavender Lemonade

While I don’t usually think of Thor as a lemonade guy, the folks at Disneyland apparently did! Last summer you could grab one of these tasty drinks (light-up Thor hammer included) in the park.

But if you can’t make it to Disneyland, you can make this Strawberry Lavender Lemonade at home.


Thor hammer strawberry-lavender-lemonade-recipe Avengers party ideas


Avengers Party Ideas: Alcoholic Superhero Drinks

When it comes to throwing a party, I have to admit, I look forward to the drinks. Because socially awkward me always finds things easier to take in with a little liquid courage in me.

I’m a little extra when it comes to my booze, which is why I love everything about this list of alcoholic superhero drinks!

5. The Nebula Chambord Cocktail

Nebula isn’t the nicest of gals, but I think she’s coming around. And this drink? It’s simply lovely!

If you’re feeling the effects of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, then make yourself a Nebula Chambord cocktail and try to process everything that happened. Because: man… everything that happened is mindblowing!


Marvel Avengers Cocktails: the Nebula Chambord cocktail made with vodka, chambord, and rum


6. Enigmatic Black Widow Cocktail

Natasha Romanov is one badass lady, and this drink lives up to her hype! Check out the Black Widow Cocktail and I’m sure you will agree.

And I had to laugh because it’s made with vodka. I mean, of course, it was! She’s Russian so it only makes sense to create a drink that is as well.


Marvel Avengers cocktails: enigmatic-Black-widow-cocktail


7. Bucky’s Spiked Blackberry Lemonade

Bucky, aka the Winter Soldier, is a fan favorite. And it’s easy to understand why. He’s besties with Cap and he’s famously with him ’til the end of the line.?

I love this drink. You will too. Try Bucky’s Blackberry Lemonade at your next Avengers party.


for Bucky's Blackberry Lemonade


8. Iron Man Marvel Avengers Cocktail

Mr. Tony Stark: of course he has a cocktail named after him! And of course, he needs to be on your list of Avengers party ideas. You can get the Iron Man Marvel Avengers Cocktail on Cool Moms Cool Tips.


iron man marvel avengers cocktail


Play Like a Superhero: Superhero Party Games, Activities, and Crafts

The best parts of any party are the laughs and memories of the party games and party activities. If you’re putting together an Avengers party, you’ll need some superhero party game ideas, activities, and crafts.

Avengers Water Balloons

Man, you bring out water balloons and you are suddenly mom of the year! Make them Avengers water balloons and you are Super Mom. I partnered with Zuru to try these 2017 & 2018 Outdoor Toy of the Year winning water balloons and I was impressed.


Avengers water Balloons for Avengers party ideas


These Avengers Zuru Bunch-o-Balloons are a huge hit with kids of all ages and are so easy to fill up as well. 100 balloons in 60 seconds, y’all!

They self-tie too- which keeps mom from getting soaked filling things up. And they are recyclable and biodegradable. Much appreciated, Zuru.


Avengers Water Balloons Filling up for superhero party idea


Avengers Water Balloons basket


I let the kids have at it after school. I mean, you can’t let 100 water balloons go to waste! They went through the first batch pretty quickly and gave a thumbs up to this one.

I’m stashing away a pack for a quick summer cool down activity when it gets hot.


Avengers water Balloons fight for Avengers party ideas

Avengers Slime

I’ve resisted the slime craze, so it’s a good thing my kids have their dad around. Because he was all on board. They love making slime and I’m over here rolling my eyes over the whole thing.

But it’s fun for a party – and great as a party gift!

Here’s how you can make your own Avengers slime.


Avengers party ideas: Avengers-Slime-Tutorial

Superhero Party Ideas: Superhero Party Games

You can’t have a superhero birthday party without some party games! Keeping the kiddos entertained is something that always stressed me out for kid parties, so I do rely on preparing some party games in advance.

I know you feel me, other anxious moms! If you need a way to get your little Avengers to show off their superpowers, here are?21 Superhero party games to add to your superhero party ideas.

Superhero party ideas: 21 avengers party games


Easy for kids of all ages- and I do mean all ages! Adult party games can be adapted for kids party games, and vice versa. You’ll love the creativity and fun in these minute to win it superhero party games Britni has created.

Captain America Civil War Coasters

These would be a great addition to any Avengers party. Could be given away as parting gifts as well- or just placed around the house to put those party cups down on!

DIY Captain America Civil War coasters


Captain America DIY coasters for avengers party


Groot Goodie Bags

Aren’t these precious? I’d love to get one of these as a goodie bag, to be honest. Because: I am Groot.

Learn how to make your own Groot goodie bags from my friend, Taty!


baby-groot-sandwich-bags- for superhero party ideas


Can’t Miss Superhero Party Supplies

You know you need #allthesuperherostuff because when you are theming up a party as Incredible as this one, you need to go all out!

I’ve checked ETSY and Amazon (affiliate links included for both stores) for the best superhero party supplies.

Superhero Invitations

So many cute options when it comes to superhero invitations over on Etsy. Way too hard to pick my favorites, but here are a few you should check out.

I will note: it bothers me a wee bit when a superhero invitation is titled Avengers superhero invitation, but Batman is front and center. #nerdmomproblems?

Spider-Man printable superhero party invitation

LEGO Avengers printable party invitation

Spider-Girl printable superhero party invitation

Captain America printable superhero party invitation

Incredibles birthday party invitation


Incredible Hulk Mask made out of black and green felt

Incredible Hulk Mask from PartyAndPark on Etsy.


Superhero Party Decorations and Goodies

Superhero Photo Booth


Superhero Paper Lanterns


Superhero Backpacks


Superhero Party Masks


Alright, I think we have the makings of a fabulous superhero party. Or two. Because there’s a lot of superhero party ideas here and a lot of heroes in the Marvel Universe. Frankly, the Avengers party ideas list could go on and on and on!

The best tip for your superhero party is to figure out a favorite Avengers or two and go from there. Make your superhero party ideas list around specific characters or teams if you want to get really nerdy.

Sometimes that’s easy to do, and sometimes you’re like me: I love them all. So I don’t think I’d choose just 1!


Tips to see Frozen at the Hyperion at Disneyland: grab a fastpass. They are located across from the Spiderman and Captain America meet and greet spot. FastPass. Do it!


If you aren’t familiar with the Avengers, you might want to watch these Marvel Avengers movies in order before you start the party planning process. Consider it homework!

And if you are wondering if the Marvel movies are kid friendly, be sure to stop by my Parent Movie Reviews category. It will help you decide which if Infinity War is kid friendly?for example, and which ones you might want to pre-screen before showing it to a bunch of kids at a superhero birthday party!


48 Marvel Avengers Superhero party ideas for your next birthday party! #Marvel #Avengers #infinitywar #birthdayparty #partyideas #partygames #superhero #superheroparty

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