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37 Marvel Food And Drink Ideas For Your Next Superhero Party

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For the Marvel fandom, nothing beats the excitement of a new movie or TV show from the MCU. And this year we’re getting so many good ones! SheHulk is up next! Also exciting? Planning out which Marvel food and drink ideas to use for your next Superhero party. Here’s a list of 37 ideas for your next Marvel party!

Marvel Avengers Movies in Order: Watch these before Infinity War!

I love a good superhero movie and TV show (sorry, DC, we aren’t there just yet!) and I love a good theme. 

Put them both together and you have a Marvel Mom who’s pretty dang happy to plan a superhero party menu!

If you’re looking for some kid’s superhero party ideas, be sure to check out this post for games and crafts as well! 

Avengers Water Balloons basket

This post is going to be focused on all the Marvel Food and Drink Ideas you’ll want to consider for your next party. 

Maybe you’re having one this weekend to celebrate the release of the newest movie?

Or maybe you’re planning one for your next Marvel Movie Marathon?

This link has the best order to watch the Marvel Movies in 2022 for you! 

Join the Marvel Moms Facebook Community

I wanted to throw this out there real quick and extend this invite: come join us!

We’ve got a great community of Marvel-loving moms (and non-moms!) over on Facebook who loves to talk about the movies, memes, trailers, posters, and pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to the MCU. 

Consider this your invite and come on over! Join the Marvel Moms

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Okay, let’s get to the good stuff. And by good stuff, I definitely mean DRINKS. 

marvel food ideas and marvel drink ideas

15 Marvel Drink Ideas For Your Next Superhero Party

I don’t love parties, to be honest, because I’m always so stressed out about planning them. 

But I do love to put together a good-themed event so I reached out to my fellow Marvel Moms to ask them for all the ideas they’ve used in Marvel parties before. 

And man, did they ever come through for us! 

for Bucky's Blackberry Lemonade
Til the End of the Line: Bucky’s Blackberry Lemonade from

First up: all parties need a good drink. Or 15.

And we have a bunch to check out.

I’ve included alcoholic Marvel-inspired drinks, as well as non-alcoholic Marvel-inspired drinks, to choose from. 

Marvel Drink Ideas For Your Next Superhero Party

Every party needs a superhero and these Marvel drink ideas might just be the one you're looking for! Alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are on this list of Marvel inspired cocktails.

22 Marvel Food Ideas For Your Next Superhero Party

Alright, alright, alright- now that this party has started with some drinks, let’s chat about Marvel food ideas for your next superhero party. 

You don’t want to leave any (Infinity) stone unturned here! See what I did there?

Marvel Incredible Hulk cake donuts on a plate with green and purple sprinkles. Hulk birthday ideas! #hulk #marvel #birthdayideas #food #donuts

There are tons of creative ways to make your Marvel superhero party a blast so be sure to check out these other blogs for more ideas. The moms over there are super creative!

Marvel Food Ideas For Your Next Superhero Party

All Marvel Movie parties need food: and this list is going to help you make your superhero party menu. Marvel food ideas that your guests are going to love!

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Monday 16th of March 2020

So many yummy ideas!! Thank you

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.