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Marvel Loki Disneybounding on a Budget

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One of my favorite characters in the MCU has to be Loki. Brother to Thor, God of Mischief, and deliverer of the best Marvel one-liners. He’s the bad boy we all love. He’s also a perfect character for Marvel Disneybounding when you are feeling a little mischievous yourself! Here’s how to pull off a Marvel Loki Disneybound on a budget. Affiliate links included.

In case you’re new around here, I kinda love all things Marvel, especially when it comes to the MCU.

These movies have me 100% all-in.

And right now is a brilliant time to be a Marvel fangirl. There’s so much going on that it makes my head spin a little- in a very nerdy and good way! 

This week kicks off something fun a few friends and I put together. Our plan is to highlight a Marvel character (mostly heroes) on each of our blog posts every other Wednesday.

We’re loosely following a Marvel movies to watch before Avengers: Infinity War timeline. We’re talking about the original Avengers this week.

Avengers, Assemble!

Tania at Lola Lambchops is covering Captain America and has an adorable Captain America cake for you to check out. If you know her, you know she would have shanked us if we didn’t give her a chance to talk about her bae, Cap.

Taty at Cool Moms Cool Tips is covering Iron Man and she’s got a tasty looking Iron Man cocktail for you! She is the Ying to Tania’s Yang when it comes to her love for Iron Man.

Britni at Play, Party, Plan got her main squeeze- Thor. Speaking of squeeze- she’s got a Strawberry Lavender Lemonade for you that’s sweet & tart, kinda like our fave God of Thunder!

As for me: I get to talk about Loki. Because: Tom Hiddleston.

All the Tom Hiddleston fangirls- you feel me.

Los Angeles THOR RAGNAROK press conference recap and experience.

Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Cate Blanchette (Hela) and Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk)

While not a hero- in fact, he’s been a very very bad boy at times!- he’s still super high on my MCU favorite list.

After a short chat about Loki, I’ll also give you some hints for pulling off a Marvel Loki Disneybound look on an Amazon budget.

Avengers: Assemble!

Who is Marvel’s Loki Laufeyson?

Here’s the quick and dirty on our dude Loki.

In THOR, we learn that he’s Thor’s younger brother- and plot twist- he’s adopted.

Odin, the ruler of Asgard, took him after a battle with the Frost Giants. He’s actually Laufey’s biological son- king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim.

Loki was trained side by side with Thor, so he’s a great fighter. He also has a few tricks up his sleeve taught to him by his adoptive mother.

In the first movie, THOR, he’s pretty awful to his family as he tries to overthrow his father from the throne.

Not cool, little bro!

But it gets worse.

In AVENGERS, he takes his fight for world domination to Earth.

This results in Thor coming back to Earth & joining up with the Avengers.

So we can give credit to Loki for bringing Thor together with the rest of our superheroes, I guess?

Or something like that.

In the next couple of films, we see that Loki isn’t all that bad. Or at least, that’s what he wants us to see. Loki is the trickster- keep that in mind as you follow his progress through the MCU.

Movies to Watch Before Thor: Ragnarok




So Why Do We Love Loki?

He’s got this smile that makes me melt. Tom Hiddleston is perfect in this role.

He delivers some of the best dry-wit Loki one-liners in all of the MCU.

Best Loki Quotes From The MCU

  • “If it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now.”
  • “Brother, whatever you’re doing, I suggest you do it faster.”
  • “I’m not overly fond of what follows.”
  • “Surprise!”
  • “I’ve got to get off this planet!”
  • “I have been falling… for 30 minutes!”
  • “We are not doing ‘Get Help’ “

I’m totally rooting for him to come out on the side of good, but I’ll admit Infinity War is setting things up to look like that won’t be the case.

Loki has an infinity stone which he snatched from Odin’s vault as Asgard fell in Thor: Ragnarok.

And since Thanos wants that stone to complete his gauntlet- and the trailer shows something along the lines of Loki handing it over-

ahhhh… yeah.



Loki’s redemption that we cheered in Ragnarok might be short-lived.


Loki possesses physical abilities far superior to humans, an increased lifespan, superhuman strength (able to lift up to 50 tons), immune to terrestrial diseases, and resistant to conventional injury. Loki is perhaps the most powerful sorcerer in all of Asgard. His many magical abilities included shape-shifting (able to gain the basic natural abilities inherent in each form), astral projection, molecular rearrangement, eldritch energy blasts, illusion casting, flight (via levitation), telepathy, hypnosis, and teleportation. Loki is immune to most physical injury and can reattach severed body parts, including his own head. Loki can mystically imbue objects or beings with specific but temporary powers, and enhance the powers of superhumans. Loki can also magically create rifts between dimensions, allowing him or other objects passage from one universe to another. Most often this rift is between Asgard and Earth.

How to Marvel Loki Disneybound on a budget! #MCU #Marvel #Loki #Disneybounding #fashion

Marvel Loki Disneybound on a Budget

Marvel Disneybounding is pretty easy since these characters are just perfect for cosplay. You don’t have to go all out, either, if you’re heading to the movie or to the D23 Expo for example.

Fellow Mavel movie fans will know what you’re going for!

When I was getting ready for my big trip to the Thor: Ragnarok Press Event, I decided I wanted to pull off a Loki Disneybounding look.

I looked online and found a few inspirations for my own shopping.


Green dress, black bookes, leather jacket: How to Marvel Loki Disneybound on a budget! #MCU #Marvel #Loki #Disneybounding #fashion


You can grab a similar dress on Amazon here!

It was pretty easy to see the common threads: green, black and gold.

Black leather for accent.


Green long jacket, black leather pants, gold accents: How to Marvel Loki Disneybound on a budget! #MCU #Marvel #Loki #Disneybounding #fashion


Everything was exciting and gorgeous, but I was a momma on a budget.

And some of these items were just a tad out of my price range. Ahem.

I wanted to pull off the look badly but needed to do so without breaking the bank. Marvel Disneybounding on a budget was my goal.

This is what I came up with for that event.

Los Angeles THOR RAGNAROK press conference recap and experience.

On my way to the THOR: RAGNAROK press conference!

It was easily recognized as a Loki Disneybound and I was comfortable all day in this look.

The leather jacket really made it work, and since it is super lightweight it was perfect for a fall day in LA.

Shirt, jacket, and crop pants were all found at Torrid, one of my favorite plus-size stores to shop in.

PS- I think I wear this jacket more than any other piece in my closet; so I’m going to go ahead and give you the A-OK to invest in a lightweight leather jacket for your Marvel Disneybounding.

The shirt and crop pants were scored off the clearance racks; I think between the two of them I spent $15!

The jacket was full price, but I believe it was about $37. Didn’t kill the budget too much since I had such a good deal on the rest of it.

Shoes were found in my closest. Those are clearly the best kind!

The necklace, however, was found on Amazon (affiliate link). You can get your Loki helmet necklace here.

Loki Disneybound Loki helmet necklace


I’ve also worn this jacket & shirt combo with basic black jeans and tall black boots.

That’s another great way to Loki bound- the more leather touches you can add in, the easier it will be recognized.

Key points for a Loki Disneybound: Green & Black.

A few ideas for green shirts on a budget can be found here:



A leather jacket, any way you cut it, is going to be on the more expensive side.

I’d probably assume a $50ish purchase for a basic one that you’ll be happy with.

But here are a few $50 and under that could also make a great Loki bound!



If you’ve Marvel Disneybounded before, I want to see pictures!

Visit My No-Guilt Life on Facebook and share your pictures with us. I’d love to see what you’ve pulled off.

If you are a fan of the Marvel movies but aren’t sure if your kiddos should be watching them, be sure to check out my Marvel Parent Movie Reviews. Here are a few for you!


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