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Marvel Movie Week With Cinemark

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Where are my Marvel Movie fans? (raises hand) Marvel Movie Week with Cinemark is here for YOU (and me too!).

I might be geeking out a bit over all this. I was just scanning all the streaming services looking for some of these movies to revisit, and low and behold, Cinemark is taking care of it for me.

Why, thank you!


Marvel Movie Week With Cinemark


Marvel Movie Week With Cinemark

This is one of those cases where it’s just what it sounds like.

This is a nerdy movie goers?DREAM: 11 of our favorite Marvel Studios movies showing all week long for the low price of $5 a movie.

Sign me up!

From August 25th (that’s this Friday) to August 31 you can revisit many of your favorite superheroes on the big screen at local Cinemark theaters.

Superhero visits not promised, but wouldn’t some cosplayer visits just be awesomesauce?

You never know when Thor might pop in from Asgard to say hey!



Here’s a breakdown of the schedule.





COSMIC: 8/26



Disneyland's Summer of Heroes asks you to Hero Up with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Disney | Disneyland | Summer Travel


CAP’S BEST OF: 8/28 (so, yeah, I’ll be here alllll day!)?


Yeah, I just circled this day in red on the calendar.

If you need me, I’ll be on a throwback trip with my faves! And Ironman, I guess.


TEAM-UPS: 8/30




Disneyland's Summer of Heroes asks you to Hero Up with your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Disney | Disneyland | Summer Travel



Friday through Wednesday
1PM,4PM,7PM & 10PM

1PM & 4PM

Cinemark is also promising some sweet deals at the concession stand.

I mean, if you are going to be there all week, it’s not like you can say no to popcorn and candy every day. That’s just asking way too much.

So when you decide to indulge, be sure to take advantage of the following deals:

  • $2 Each – Large Fountain Drinks, Packaged Candy, Hot Dogs, Dibs, Dasani 20 OZ.
  • $3 Each – Large Popcorn, Large ICEE

Be sure to visit the Cinemark site to make sure your theater is participating in this Marvel Studios fabulousness. I’m thrilled to find a theater near me, so you can bet I’ll be hitting up a few movies while the kids are back in school.

Seems cruel to send them off to school while I go off to save the galaxy with my favorite Super Heroes, doesn’t it?


#SorryNotSorry kiddos; I’ve got some, ahem, adulting to do!

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