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Marvel’s Black Widow and Hawkeye Yelena & Melina Quotes That Will Make You Love Them

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Marvel’s Black Widow is in theaters and on Disney+ now. I repeat: MARVEL is back in theaters, y’all! And we’re all falling in love with Natasha’s family, especially Yelena and Melina. These ladies are kicking booty and spitting some of the most heartfelt and funny lines in the movie. Here are the Black Widow and Hawkeye Yelena and Melina quotes that will make you fall in love with them! If you need to know if Black Widow movie is safe for kids, be sure to check this post out.

marvel's black window quotes melina yelena natasha

About Marvel’s Black Widow

She’s been groomed from birth to become the Black Widow.

KGB operative Natasha Romanov is now fighting for survival after the breakup of the USSR.

Scarlett Johansson reprises her role as Natasha/Black Widow in Marvel Studios’ action-packed spy thriller “Black Widow”—the first film in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Florence Pugh stars as Yelena, David Harbour as Alexei aka The Red Guardian and Rachel Weisz as Melina. Directed by Cate Shortland and produced by Kevin Feige 

quotes from Black Widow Marvel movie

Yelena Quotes From Black Widow (2021)

  • Yelena: I know you’re out there.
  • Yelena: Okay, you got a plan or shall I just stay duck and cover?
    Natasha: My plan was to just drive us away!
    Yelena: Well, your plan sucks.
  • Yelena: Great, perfect timing. Where’s an avenger when you need one?
  • Yelena: You’re the only super hero person I know.
marvels black widow quotes 2021 movie yelena and natasha
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff and Florence Pugh as Yelena in Marvel Studios’ BLACK WIDOW. Photo by Jay Maidment. ©Marvel Studios 2020. All Rights Reserved.
  • Natasha: you can’t just steal a guys car!
    Yelena: you want me to chase him down and unsteal it?
  • Natasha: Put your seatbelt on.
    Yelena: Ugh… such a mom!
  • Yelena: Great plan, I love the part where I almost bled to death.

It’s not smart to attack an Avenger. It’s in the NAME.

Yelena Belova, Marvel’s Black Widow (2021)
  • Natasha: You weren’t really my sister.
    Yelena: And the Avengers aren’t really your family.
  • Yelena: You’re a total poser.
  • Yelena: I’m not the one on the cover of a magazine. I’m not the one little girls call their hero.
  • Yelena: You’re going to give me a big hero speech.
yelena black widow quotes
  • Yelena: That sounds like a sh!t load of work.
    Nat: Yup.
    Yelena: Could be fun though.
    Nat: Yup.
  • Yelena: Okay, but it has a lot of pockets! It’s so cool, right?
  • Yelena: This would be a cool way to die.
  • Yelena: This is a much less cool way to die.
melina quotes black widow marvel movie

2021 Hawkeye Quotes From Yelena Bulova

  • Hi there, Anna. – Yelena
  • Stop, I’m trying to help you. – Yelena
  • Its hard work. Its hard finding them and its hard watching them wake. When we clear up all of this mess, we’ll make a good life for ourselves. -Yelena Bulova quotes from Hawkeye
  • Anna, I was in there for 5 seconds and I come out and I’ve lost 5 years of my life. Anna- please- Yelena
  • I need to find Natasha. Can you help me find Natasha? I need to tell her I’m ok. – Yelena
  • Kate Bishop. Hiiiiii – Yelena Bulova quotes from Hawkeye
  • I made macaroni if you want some. -Yelena
    I’m sorry- what? – Kate
    Well I was starving and you took forever, so I wanted to make food. – Yelena
  • Are you really not hungry? That fight was so long. Its really tasty. Really tasty. – Yelena
  • Yeah, ok, I know what boxed Mac and Cheese tastes like. I know its… it’s delicious. – Kate Bishop quotes from Hawkeye
  • Nooo- you have one fork? – Yelena
    I’m one person. – Kate
    That’s so weird. – Yelena
    Kate, this is not cutlery. This is not cutlery. – Yelena
yelena quotes from Hawkeye Disney Plus
  • I did not try to kill you.
    A- I put you on a wire to remove an obstacle. And B- I did not break anything. I am way too talented than that. And C- stop being so defensive, Okay? – Yelena
  • You’re so hostile. I’m not going to hurt you. I promise. – Yelena
  • I don’t have any weapons on me. Okay- I take that back. I don’t have any weapons currently in my hands. That’s a lie also. – Yelena
  • You’re probably thinking- what, this is CRAZZY. I’m going to have dinner with the enemy? And she made some really good smelling macaroni. – Yelena
  • In all honesty, if I wanted to kill you- Yelena
    You would have already. – Kate
    (points) Right as you opened the door. – Yelena
    Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have even had time to shut it- Kate
    No (laughs)- Yelena
    I’d have been dead. Okay. – Kate
  • I can put hot sauce on it? Ah- I love hot sauce. Yessss – Yelena
  • So what do you want. – Kate
    Well. It’s my first time in New York! But its a business trip so time is limited. But I do want to see some things. I want to see, uh, the Empire State Building, the new and improved Statue of Liberty, and the Rockefeller Center. – Yelena Bulova quotes from Hawkeye
    Yeah, you— I mean, you’ve gotta see the tree. – Kate
    Exactly. See? I love American Christmases. – Yelena
yelena bulova quotes from Hawkeye on Disney Plus
  • Rudolph- heh. – Kate
    He is so weird. Have you ever eaten reindeer? – Yelena
  • The High Line- the High Line is great. There’s a Christmas Market in Union Square. I’m not sure those are the right fit for a blood thirsty vigilante type. – Kate
  • Sometimes you’re funny, Kate Bishop. – Yelena
  • Are you in New York to talk to Clint? Is that why you’re here? – Kate
    No no no no… I’m here to kill him. – Yelena
  • He saved the world. – Kate
    No. My sister saved the world. Natasha Romanoff, she saved the world. – Yelena
  • Thank g-d I didn’t kill you up there! – Kate
    (laughs) You kill me? Again- Kate Bishop, you are so funny! That’s hilarious. That one is the funniest. – Yelena
  • You are so fond of him. It tells me you don’t really know who he is. – Yelena Bulova quotes from Hawkeye
  • The trail of blood that follows him you could wrap around the entire world. – Yelena
  • We are defined by what we do- not by nice words. Like it or not, there is no escaping this. – Yelena

2021 Marvel’s Black Widow Quotes From Melina

  • Melina: Pain only makes you stronger.
  • Melina: Never let them take your heart.
  • Melina: (to Red Guardian) You got fat. But still good.
  • Melina: You can’t defeat a man who commands the very will of others.
melina black widow quotes
  • Melina: We stole the key to unlocking free will.
  • Melina: I’ve always found it best not to look into the past.
  • Melina: There is something you can break.
  • Melina: Let’s not keep him waiting.

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