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NEW! Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Trailer

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civil war

Last night Robert Downey, Jr, and Chris Evans surprised the audience at Jimmy Kimmel with a new poster and new trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

And surprised is accurate.  People lost their dang minds over this bomb that dropped without warning.  Check out Youtube for some fun reaction sequences.

Is the trailer good?  Well, Twitter seems to think so.

In addition to Civil War being the #1 trend, we have:

Civil War 1

All that will make more sense when you watch the trailer.

By the way, I’m up at 2 am with this news.  I made the mistake of leaving my phone on, and when I got up to pee, BOOM, there it was.  I had to watch and get some thoughts out before I could go back to sleep.

Watch the trailer and then lets talk!  Tell me where you think this is going.  (No cheating by being a comic book know it all, okay?)


O.M.Geeeee, right?

Did yall catch that one part?  You know where Iron Man is holding… yeah, I did too.  And my heart is a wee bit broken.

I hate to be that girl, but I’m going to.  This is NOT the same footage that we saw at D23 Expo.  I don’t think all of that has been released at this point.  Some is the same, but there are some big scenes that we were treated to that I do not see in this trailer.

Hint: that explains why Ant-Man is trending.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War in theaters May 6, 2016. 

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Wednesday 25th of November 2015

All I gotta say is they better leave Captain America and Bucky alone!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.