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Mom of a High School Freshman- How Did That Happen?!

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This post is sponsored by Walmart and Nature Valley. All opinions and Mom of a high school freshman freakouts are my own.

This is it, folks. High school starts next week for my oldest and this once calm, cool, and collected momma is freaking out just a little bit.


After what felt like a lifetime of being a mom or preschoolers & elementary kids (13 years, y’all!), I am now moving into new territory of big schools with my big kids. Freakin’ high school, guys.

High School!

Wasn’t this just yesterday?

This little guy peeking out of a backyard playhouse is now taller than me.

And I blinked and this happened.

We took this picture two years ago when I happened to look up to tell him something, and whoa, I was actually looking up at him.


Now he’s just shy of 6-feet and growing every day.

Mommas of young sons: people are not lying when they say a teen boy will eat everything you have in the fridge and ask for more.

They speak the truth- even those picky eaters suddenly get over all that!

Especially when they are on the go with sports and activities, you can count on needing #allthesnacks on hand.

I don’t take kids to the grocery store with me much anymore (Huzzah! That’s one point for growing children who can supervise themselves!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t take them with me when I go.

Picture the scene: mom casually pushing the cart through Walmart when the texts start coming in.



Actual conversation that happened.

Sound familiar to anyone else? A week is, like, forever when you are talking about groceries in the home of a teenage boy.

Luke’s recent favorite is the Nature Valley XL Bars, which are great on the go snacks or breakfast food. He took one with him every morning when we left the hotel on our recent visit to Orlando.

I appreciated his foresight; he knew he’d be hungry before the rest of us and planned accordingly.

Sniff- my baby is growing up, y’all! Pretty mature move, if you ask me. (Again- how did this happen?! Just last week I was feeding him strained peas and carrots, right?!)

He loves these bars because they are 50% bigger than regular Nature Valley Bars, which this man child says is necessary to satisfy his hunger during the day.

I can get behind that. No more pleas of I’m star-v-innnggg?thank goodness!

They are easy to find at Walmart, next to the regular Nature Valley bars and come in a few varieties.

So next week it starts. He’ll walk out the door with a Nature Valley XL bar (or two!) in his backpack, get on the bus, and be on his way to High School.

And I’ll be the mom of a freshman.


Um, how did this happen again?

Sharing is caring!

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Sunday 27th of August 2017

Time flies so fast, I know. I've been told many times, "Enjoy your children while you can because they grow up so fast." Now my youngest is 16 and almost 5'10". Oh, I missed the days that I can still carry my children. And give them kisses until they beg me to stop. And about the big appetite, oh boy, I can totally relate. Who eats a sandwich for dessert after a heavy meal? I guess teenage boys do. But the good thing about them growing up is that you see them mature before your eyes. Share their dreams and see them unfold. The pride and joy they bring are on a different level now. And you're not just mother and son but best friends.


Monday 28th of August 2017

Ha! I know- they change so fast, even though it takes years to get there! This crazy parenting life, eh?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.