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Funny Christmas Memes For 2023 (Ho-Ho-Ho-larious!)

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There’s nothing quite like the gift of giving and receiving memes, especially for the holidays. Think we’re joking? Well, we are- I mean, that’s what a meme is! But we really do love these holiday-appropriate memes. Check out these funny Christmas memes for 2023 as proof! Happy Holidays!

cat gifts- funny christmas memes

All We Want For Christmas Is Memes (A Mariah Carey Banger!)

It’s just before Christmas break

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Except for my Mouse.

Clicking through Pinterest with care

Hoping to find Memes to share.

Mission accomplished!

Hilarious Christmas Memes For 2023

funny christmas memes brace yourself
And… here they are. All the Memes you can handle!
dog and santa christmas memes
treat yourself christmas memes
We also call this Cyber Monday. Ha!
funny christmas memes evergreen dress
Won’t lie- this one is gorgeous. A tad uncomfortable, but still…
santa christmas memes
Spell check is your friend!
elf or grinch funny christmas meme
And sometimes it happens within the same 12-hour period. Christmas is fun!
winter break Anchorman- funny christmas memes
Let’s do this!
batman smells- funny christmas memes
Christmas list- funny christmas memes
This one is 100% absolute truth in Christmas meme form.
loki memes. funny christmas memes
I mean, he’s the God of Mischief after all?
tree fainted dog meme. funny christmas memes
True story. We totally believe that face, don’t you?
Christopher walken in a winter wonderland. funny christmas memes
Will always love Christopher Walken memes.
weight gain christmas. funny christmas memes
oof- not a welcome Christmas present!

And of course, a Christmas-themed Hey Girl meme.

ryan gosling hey girl memes. funny christmas memes
We’ll always love a good Hey Girl. Ryan Gosling continues to give and give.

We hope your holiday and school breaks are Merry and Bright, just like Ryan.

And if you happen to need a little pick me up, we also hope these funny memes will provide just that!

Happy Holidays- enjoy these Christmas memes!

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Tuesday 16th of December 2014

I especially love the cat and dog memes! Thanks for sharing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.