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Monday Memes | Disney Edition

Monday Memes | Disney Edition

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Because… I’m going to Disneyland this week!

Yes, again.

The 10th anniversary of the Disneyland Half Marathon is happening on Sunday and I can’t wait to be there. ?Here are a few memes to get you in the Disney mood.

Okay, I know, you probably don’t need any help. Enjoy them anyway.

disney meme 7

I never quite thought about it like that… but, come on Prince. ?What’s up with that?!

disney meme 6

This is SO much me. ?Ha. ?I always grab the early flights so I can spend the absolute MOST time at the parks. ?And then whine about waking up so early.

disney meme 5

Yep. ?I swore off the Disneyland Half festivities last year because it was just so hard during the summer.

But… here I go again!

disney meme 4

Size 8, please!

disney meme 3

This kills me. ?And I love Mulan hard.

disney meme 2


Disney meme 1

For realz people. ?This isn’t hard, is it?

stay disney my friends

See you all REAL soon!

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