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Monday Memes: Let It Go

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It’s late… err, early on Monday and I just got home.

The three posts I started today… err, yesterday, suck.


I need to Let It Go and let my brain have a think for a bit.? Cause y’all really don’t want to try to read that crap I’ve written.

In the meantime maybe you’ll still think kindly of me if I share some giggles.? Awwwweee yeaaahhh… Meme Monday.


I mentioned yesterday? that we expect news out of runDisney today.? News that should make us all Happy Snowmen.? To get you into a Frozen state of mind (and to numb you up a bit when you take it in the… ahem… tomorrow at Princess Half Registration) I submit the Monday Memes with a few Frozen twists thrown in.

First- you need one.? Or maybe more than one.? But RIGHT NOW you can buy the Elsa costume HERE.


Yes, I know, I’m your hero.

Let’s have some fun, shall we?








I gotta ask, because I’ve seen it mentioned on quite a few running groups.? Are you over it?? Has Frozen been played out for you?

Personally, I’d agree that I might be getting a little tired of it all.? But then I’m reminded that as much as I love Disney, I really am not the target audience.? Rather, stories like Frozen are made for my daughters, the little girls who find this story and these characters so compelling.? Even if they aren’t old enough to know what “compelling” means, they do know that they want more Frozen.

A perfect example happened to me on Sunday afternoon.? I was standing in Disneyland watching the Frozen sisters make their way down Main Street.


Off to my left a family of 3 girls (ages 5, 7, 9 is my guess) walked in and immediately purchased Minnie Mouse Ears headbands.? It was obviously their first day on their Disneyland trip because Mom and Dad looked fresh as daises, were smiling ear to ear, and eagerly shelled out $13 a piece on the girls.? No questions asked.

I watched them briefly thank their parents and then the littlest girl turned around and let out a shriek of joy.

Yep.? She finally saw who was coming down the street.? “It’s ELLLLLSAAAAAA!!!? It’s ELLLLLLSSSSSAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

Her Dad was tickled.? Mom clapped her hands and jumped up and down.? Being the creeper? blogger I am, I refrained from whipping out the camera on the whole scene.? It was joy and magic and pure.

You and I might be ready to Let It Go, but I think our daughters aren’t going to make it easy on us.?? And that’s ok by me.

You know I can’t leave without a Hey Girl, right?


Is your family still in the Frozen frenzy?? Will you be signing up for the Royal Family 5K because of this theme?

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Lauren @ Lauren's Glass Slipper

Monday 14th of July 2014

I haven't gotten tired of Frozen yet and I hope I never do! I love that story about the family's first day of their Disneyland trip - adorable!


Monday 14th of July 2014

It really was cute!


Monday 14th of July 2014

I LOL'd at the capes/Edna meme. At work. I hope no one asks what I was laughing at. I still watch Frozen and enjoy the soundtrack, but it's toned down from all the frenzy. I love it, so much of my personality is in Anna. I didn't tell anyone, but when my parents saw the movie, they said Disney must've animated me for Anna. Even they get it :)


Monday 14th of July 2014

Ha! Too cute- Anna is a GREAT character that gets overshadowed weirdly. She was FANTASTIC in the meet and greet too at WDW. Elsa just kinda stood there. Odd. Anyway- Edna is one of my FAVORITE characters ever so that one is my favorite meme here too1

Juliana @ 4 Well Rules

Monday 14th of July 2014

I'm currently signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge and if they announced the 5k theme as Frozen I will do that too! I love that I asked my mom if I should do the 5k and said-of course if it's Frozen themed! (my mom is not helping the rundisney obsession with so much encouragement). She also offered to help me make an Elsa costume for it too!

I am still in love with Frozen and will be for quite some time. The music is fun and great, the movie is entertaining and I love that it is about sisters. I probably get super sappy about that because I wanted a sister my whole life and I finally got 1 when I was 21, and another when I was 24.

Also, it makes me happy that the way I feel about Beauty and the Beast (I was 5 when it came out. My mom and I saw it 6 times in theaters!) is the same way my little sisters who are 3 and 6 will feel Frozen! I can't wait to go visit them in October so we can all watch together-and watch my little brother (also 3) be mad because it's a princess movie.

And not going to lie, when I met Anna and Elsa and had them sign a postcard to send to my sisters (who were OBSESSED with the postcard) and Anna told me I was extra special because I had 2 sisters and she only had one, I almost cried.


Monday 14th of July 2014

Awwww... super sweet! Did you sign up? It's officially Frozen themed!


Monday 14th of July 2014

Clearly, I'm not the target audience either. I only just saw Frozen this past weekend when it showed up on cable. It was cute, but I was underwhelmed given all of they hype. It felt like a set up for an upcoming Broadway show. I wrote in my own blog that I'll bet we see it on the boards in less than three years. I completely get why Disney is pushing it ad-nauseum, though. it's what they do. They're selling a product, and their product is character. I don't get why people walked away with the vibe that sisterhood is more important than anything else. Anna basically did end up with the guy at the end. The fact that she saved her sister was different in relation to past Disney movies, but it hardly stood on it's own simply because of that because, well, SHE ENDED UP WITH THE GUY! Honestly, I still prefer Tangled. Rapunzel with her frying pan? Who doesn't love that? I also saw Gravity this weekend and I'm even more befuddled at the hype of that movie. I found it pretty awful and it didn't have Idina Menzel to save it!


Monday 14th of July 2014

I'm pretty sure they did announce a Broadway show in the works!

Rapunzel wins everything. Totally agree.

I have not watched Gravity because I don't like doom and gloom. I like happy crap. ;)


Monday 14th of July 2014

I have signed up for the Royal Family 5K every year regardless of the theme, so this year it makes no difference to me.

This is going to be a very unpopular opinion, but I didn't think the movie Frozen was all that inspirational for little girls. In fact, I thought the story line was rather dumb. If the older sister would have communicated better with the little sister, we wouldn't have had so much drama about her secrecy ( and there for I guess there wouldn't have been a plot to the movie). Yea, at the end, I suppose she "let it go", but still she should have just been up front with her from the begining. (Okay, I am more of a logical person and over analyze things too much).


Monday 14th of July 2014

I have mixed feelings about the movie. In the end, I think the reason I liked it so much really is the music. I'm a Broadway fan at heart, so this movie worked on many levels for me. Have you seen this? NAILED IT.

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