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Monday Memes | Moms Panel and Marathon

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You know those weeks that nothing seems to fall into place for you?

Yep, I had one of those.

The great news is: last week is OVAH and I’m ready to move forward.

Moms Panel Search Update

I wasn’t chosen.


Should we move on?? Should we let it go?


Let’s discuss.

1.? I’m thrilled for the new class.? Some of my good friends are going to represent this year and I think any Disney Guest with questions will be in good hands.

2.? It’s an honor to be “nominated.”? No, it really is.? Ask Susan Lucci or Leo Di Caprio.

Poor Leo 3

3.? What could I do differently?? Not a dang thing.

This process is sorta like- okay, EXACTLY like- applying for a job without any true idea of the qualifications for the job.? Essentially they are looking for moms and dads (but hey, they may take childless people too!) who have a passion for Disney planning.


I apply hoping that someday the Magic Disney 8-Ball or Ouija Board or whatever mysterious voodoo they use will fall in my favor.

It could happen.

4.? Will I apply again?

stay disney my friends

Of course.

I plan to be back in the thick of the search for 2016.? However, as we all know, life can sometimes derail you and plans have to change.

Which leads us to the next topic…

Deferring Marathon Weekend

That pretty much sums up what additionally sucked last week.

1.? I’m not injured.? That’s a good thing, right?? But it’s also not my “excuse” to get out of running 26.2 miles.


2.? I’m not under-trained.

Huzzah!? I’m actually on target with my marathon plan.?? Just the marathon.? I decided in September that Goofy wasn’t in the cards and was solely focusing on the 26.2 race.

just keep running

Last weekend I ran the Avenger’s Half Marathon.? I felt good.? I felt strong.? It didn’t totally suck (race recap coming this week).

For the first time in forever (yes, I sang that- and you did too!), I wasn’t annoyed that I was out there running for hours and hours (and hours).? All good signs, right?

So what changed everything?

3.? The Bling


I love this so hard.

Inaugural Rebel Challenge > 10 year Goofy Challenge.? Every.? Day.

Once I got my hands on this baby, I just knew.

I need to complete the Rebel Challenge more than I need to complete my first marathon.

We all have our priorities and I’ve always said that a Star Wars Race would be my #1 runDisney dream.

4.? But everyone else is doing it.?

I know plenty of people are doing that whole Dopey Rebel thing.

They go to Walt Disney World, run a zillion races, and then flip over to the West coast and do it all over again.

distance runners

Um, y’all are nuts.? And I say that with the utmost respect and love.

Racecations take a lot out of me.? I need a full week to recover from a half marathon weekend as it is.? Throw in a marathon and … whoa… who knows what my body will do?

When I came home from Avengers I decided to be honest with myself.? The good news: I have no doubt I could do the marathon miles.? I feel really good about this aspect of it.? So much so, that I’m going to keep training in solidarity with my DisBroad friends.? I just won’t race that weekend.

Back to back race weekends with my first marathon?

eh no

Without the proper rest between travel and races, I decided I would be risking the Rebel Challenge completion.? That wasn’t a risk I was willing to take this year.

5.? My family.

Without going into great detail here to protect privacy, one of my children is going through mega anxiety issues.? It’s even worse when Mom decides to run off to Walt Disney World or Disneyland for a race.

cool mom

I had to make a cut in my fall/winter travels.? Marathon got cut for the sake of my kids.

And I don’t want to run that sucker anyway.? 😉

Happy Monday everyone!


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Tuesday 25th of November 2014

Smart move. You know how I know that? Exhibit A: someone I know ran the NYC Marathon on Nov 2 and then flew to FL to run Wine & Dine Half. Her legs hated her. Still do, in fact. Yep, that Dopey (pun totally intended) was me. Do not mess with the marathon. She is an unforgiving b$&@. Your legs, your kids, and that pretty pretty Rebel Challenge medal will thank you.


Wednesday 26th of November 2014

HA! Thanks for sharing your experience- but I'm sorry you are still hurting! :)


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

I had total medal envy when I saw the Star Wars medals online! I'm signed up for the Goofy and I think it would be really hard to do the back to back races, then travel all the way across the country for more back to back races. Good for you for listening to your heart and making the right decision for you. Happy training for Star Wars!


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

Thank you Leana! Good luck with Goofy- I'm sure you will knock it out of the park(s)!

Jennifer Lefforge

Monday 24th of November 2014

I think you made a GREAT CALL. And so hoping we can meet in person at Star Wars! I shall stalk you and make it happen! Stalk in a friendly, girlfriend, space honoring way, of course;). Proud of you for honoring your own boundaries. Great job. And I'm SO BUMMED you didn't make the Moms Panel! I just don't know what those fools were thinking!


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

Girl, we will MAKE it happen! I hate to quit things, but in this case I felt it made the most sense for me.


Monday 24th of November 2014

This? Perfection. And that medal is HOT. Wise choice. <3


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

Still on cloud 9 for you, lady! Congrats again and have a fantastic year on the Panel. Seriously- Star Wars over Goofy, right? No brainer.


Monday 24th of November 2014

Sorry about the Disney Moms Panel! You will get in one of these years though! And I think you're making the right decision about the marathon right now.


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

Hugs, Kristen. Thank you my friend for understanding. I'll miss you!

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