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Movie Quotes From Bullet Train

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The newest Brad Pitt movie is sure to leave you laughing with the quick, clever, and quirky Bullet Train dialogue. We caught as many of the movie quotes from Bullet Train as we could, as the movie went whizzing by us!

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About Bullet Train

In Bullet Train, Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails.

Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug’s latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe—all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives—on the world’s fastest train.

The end of the line is just the beginning in this non-stop thrill ride through modern-day Japan from David Leitch, the director of Deadpool 2.

Watch the trailer for Bullet Train here.

Read the Bullet Train Parents Guide here.

bullet train movie quotes

Movie Quotes From Bullet Train

  • You put peace out in the world, you get peace back. -Lady Bug
  • My bad luck is biblical. -Lady Bug
  • You said you wanted something simple on your first job back. It doesn’t get simpler. -Maria/Handler quotes from Bullet Train
  • I can hear that personal growth. -Maria
  • I did. You chose spiritual enlightenment. -Maria
  • It’s money. It’s always money. -Lady Bug
  • You’re underthinking it. -Lady Bug
    Is that a word? Did you Google it? -Maria
  • He doesn’t need a reason to kill people like you. He needs a reason not to. – Kimura quotes from Bullet Train
  • Maybe my luck is starting to turn. -Lady Bug
wolf from bullet train quotes
  • Aren’t we glad we waited? Prince
  • I’m not in someone else’s story, you’re all in mine. -Prince quotes from Bullet Train
  • What the… wow? Really? Let this be a lesson in the toxicity of anger. -Lady Bug
  • I missed my stop because G-d hates me.-Lady Bug
    No, she doesn’t. -Maria
  • Sh!t. F@ck. What? -Maria
  • Stop it everyone knows their twins. -Maria
  • Didn’t I mention? I’ve always been lucky. Prince
  • Man I just want to get off this train and see a zen garden or some sh!t. -Lady Bug
  • I’m trying to get Diesels out of my life. -Lady Bug movie quotes from Bullet Train
  • Have the courage to listen. -Lady Bug
quotes from bullet train

  • Eat a bag of d!cks, lady. -Lady Bug
  • I’m like McGyver. -Lady Bug
  • I don’t have a ticket. -Lady Bug quotes from Bullet Train
    I’m not sure that’s your biggest concern. -Maria
  • Is this like a sex thing? -guy on train
  • I do love an accent.- guy on train
  • The innocent young girl doesn’t get you too far if you’re holding a loaded gun. -Prince
  • If I had one in the chamber I’d rock this bad boy right now. -Lady Bug
    Boundaries. We need boundaries. -Handler quotes from Bullet Train
  • I knew my luck would rub off on you. -Prince
  • Omg did you say whack? -Maria quotes from Bullet Train
    Yeah I’m bringing it back. -Lady Bug
  • I was trying to sell it. -Lady Bug
  • I’ll do what you want.
    Just leave my son alone. -Kimura
  • You’re a terrible father. -Prince
Prince bullet train quotes
  • I’m going to find a Temple and revaluation my choices. -Lady Bug
  • G-d, he’s got a great walk. -guy on train
  • It’s bad luck on acid. I’ve got to get off this train. -Lady Bug
  • I want to look you in the eyes when I kill you and your brother. -White Death quotes from Bullet Train
  • Fate for me is just another word for bad luck. -Lady Bug
  • It holds all the bad luck so others can live in peace. -Elder
  • Hurt people hurt people. -Lady Bug
  • If you don’t control your fate, it will control you. -White Death quotes
  • It helps to process this. I have a good therapist. -Lady Bug
  • All you do is talk about trains. -Lady Bug
  • For old time’s sake. White Death
  • The narcissism of this chick. -Lady Bug
  • Was that karma? -Lady Bug
  • Did you come to rescue me? -Lady Bug
    Did you need rescuing? Maria
  • It’s a lot to process. -Lady Bug
  • Do you think there was maybe a little head trauma? -Lady Bug
  • Potassium would be good. -Lady Bug
  • Next time, take the gun. Maria
tangerine and lemon bullet train quotes

The Best Lines Of Dialogue: Tangerine and Lemon Quotes From Bullet Train

  • I’m Tangerine and he’s Lemon.- Tangerine
    Like the fruit? -Lady Bug
  • Everything I learned about people, I learned from Thomas the Tank Engine. -Lemon quotes from Bullet Train
  • You’re starting to get on my f@cking t!ts. -Tangerine movie quotes from Bullet Train
  • That wasn’t our fault. -Lemon
    That wasn’t our fault. -Tangerine
  • He asked for pros who wouldn’t f@ck up. Three words Lemon: we are f@cked. -Tangerine
  • Nut up or shut up, bro. -Lemon
  • First his wife then his son. That’s a lot of white deaths. -Tangerine
  • You look like every white homeless man I’ve ever seen. -Lemon movie quotes from Bullet Train
  • You shot me twice. -Lady Bug
    You also have a shootable face. Lemon
  • Every day is a f@cking headache with you, isn’t it? -Lemon
  • Like Thomas The Tank Engine says: simple is better. -Lemon
  • Do you like your arms? -Tangerine lines from Bullet Train
    You know I love my arms. -Lemon
  • The old Punch and Judy. -Tangerine and Lemon quotes from Bullet Train
  • It’s some f@cking 80’s dance-off. -Tangerine
dialogue from bullet train. Lemon and Lady Bug sitting on a train across from each other.
  • Glasses. He’s not our guy. -Lemon
  • When this trains a rockin’ don’t come a knocking am I right? -Lemon
  • Never shave on a bullet train. -Lemon
  • I think I found my Diesel. -Lemon
  • I still need a fall guy. -Tangerine
  • Which ones the Diesel and which ones the Duck? Lemon
  • I’m sorry. I get captivated by white girl tears. -Lemon
  • You made Lemon bleed, and Lemon never bleeds. -Tangerine movie quotes from Bullet Train
  • Am I in h@ll? -Lemon
  • There is no episode in Japanese. -Lemon
  • I’m sorry I shot you. -Lemon
    Actually, it was like twice. -Lady Bug
movie quotes from bullet train. Tangerine and Lady Bug fighting in the snack car on the train.

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