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Movie Quotes From Dumb Money

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Dumb Money explores the explosion of Game Stop stock that happened during the pandemic. And it’s quite the ride! There are so many great lines of dialogue in Dumb Money that we just had to collect a few of our faves. Here are some movie quotes from Dumb Money worth risking it all for!

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About Dumb Money (2023)

Dumb Money is the ultimate David vs. Goliath tale, based on the insane true story of everyday people who flipped the script on Wall Street and got rich by turning GameStop (yes, the mall videogame store) into the world’s hottest company.

In the middle of everything is regular guy Keith Gill (Paul Dano), who starts it all by sinking his life savings into the stock and posting about it.

When his social posts start blowing up, so does his life and the lives of everyone following him. As a stock tip becomes a movement, everyone gets rich – until the billionaires fight back, and both sides find their worlds turned upside down.

Watch the Dumb Money trailer.

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Movie Quotes From Dumb Money (2023)

  • I don’t know, but I think I just came. – Steve Cohen
  • How’s your @sshole brother? – Briggsy
  • Still an @sshole. – Keith Gill movie quotes from Dumb Money
  • I will tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it. -Reporter
  • Holy f@cking sh!t. -Keith Gill
  • I can’t think of the last squeeze that worked. -Gabe
  • Eleven f@cking million dollars? What are you going to do? Get a Lambo? Get a Ferrari? What the f–? – Kevin Gill movie quotes from Dumb Money
  • Oh, language. The baby is here. -Keith
  • Yo, what up everybody. Roaring Kitty here. I’m going to pick a stock and talk about why I think it’s interesting. And that stock is GameStop. – Keith
  • He won’t pay $5 for a beer but he’ll put 50K in a stock you think is a joke? – Waitress
  • Retail traders are hooked into GameStop. I think they think it’s a good investment. It looks like there’s one guy driving all the buying. – Steve Cohen
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  • Who is this schmuck? -Gabe Plotkin
  • Dumb money, man. -Steve Cohen
  • Happy to take it. – Gabe Plotkin
  • Go see what the nerds have to say. -Caroline
  • Wall Street is betting that this company is going to fail. And if it fails, these hedge fund @ssholes make a sh!t ton of money. – Jenny Campbell
  • Seventy thousand people have watched this video. -Jennifer
  • If he’s in, I’m in. -Jennifer
  • Is that a sexual thing? -Bradly
  • Less cats, ok, great. -Keith quotes from Dumb Money
movie quotes from dumb money. man with a beenie hat on and sunglasses holding champagne sitting in front of a computer.
Paul Dano stars in Dumb Money.
  • The stock is only going to go up. And when they hit, I’m going to buy you a mansion. -Marcus
  • My brother is a f@cking nerd. -Kevin
  • Wall Street must be seeing this, right? -Keith
  • Babe, how much did we make today? -Caroline Gill
  • Five million. -Kevin
  • And yesterday? -Caroline
  • Four million. -Kevin
  • Babe, we’re like… really f@cking rich. -Caroline movie quotes from Dumb Money
  • How much did we lose today? – Yaara Plotkin
  • A billion. -Gabe Plotkin
  • And yesterday? – Yaara
  • A billion. -Gabe
  • NERD in all capitals? Kinda mean, but ok. Great. -Keith
Dumb Money movie quotes. Woman at a bar looking at her phone confused.
  • You got rich dudes p!ssing in their pants right now. They’re coming after you. -Kevin
  • Retail traders… -Gabe
  • Always lose. -Ken Griffin
  • Wall Street cheated. Surprise surprise. -Jennifer
  • They don’t own my @ss, soooo… – Marcus quotes from Dumb Money
  • What’s the point in winning the race if you let some dipsh!t steal the prize? -Kevin
  • I think everyone else is crazy and I think I’m right. -Keith
  • Wall Street just doesn’t see it. Why? -Keith
  • A lot of people feel the system is broken. The whole idea of the stock market is if you’re smart, and maybe with a little luck, you can make your fortune. Certainly not anymore. There’s no hope for the little guy. Maybe now there is. -Keith
  • I wouldn’t take advice from a guy in a cat shirt. -Chris
  • Jenny, baby, you’re never going to find a man on there. -Chris
  • D@mn it’s like Christmas came early! – Marcus
  • Starting to feel a little squeeze. Honk. -Keith movie quotes from Dumb Money
  • Kevin, if you ever get a job, never retire. -Mom
  • See, you’re not either of the Buffets, Kitty. – Kevin
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  • Door Dash is a job; I’m a first responder! -Kevin quotes from Dumb Money
  • What kind of company shuts down because the government tells it to? – Cohen
  • It’s the smartest, dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. -Gabe
  • Nobody wants that baby. -Kevin
  • I’m all in. Diamond Hands. – Jenny
  • That kid is never getting braces. -Chris
  • They’re robbing from the Hood. -Youtuber
  • You want me to run through lightning with my d!ck out? – Keith
  • I’d kinda like to see you run naked. – Caroline
  • If he’s in, I’m in. – Riri
  • If he’s in, I’m in. – Harmony
  • I was trying to do AOC but it fell flat. -Kevin
  • He’s like a Disney Channel villain. -Kevin
  • You’re a f@cking gangster. -Caroline
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