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TOTR 2 small 300Running and music just go together.  Pre-race, post race, and for many of us DURING the race we are pumped up by listening to our tunes.

Tuesdays on the Run this week:  tell us about your playlist.

Do you create new ones for each distance? Do you use a standard for every run?  Shuffle or straight play?  Maybe you have a Spotify station that’s your jam?  Tell us all about it!

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Moving With Music

Like most runners I know, I love a good distraction.  I wish I could zone out and just GO like some of my friends, but that is not in my wheelhouse.

I need Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, and Eminem to accompany me on my runs.

playlist 1.1

What?  Doesn’t everyone have these three totally similar artists on their playlist?  Ha!

I have one playlist, and I use it for every run on shuffle.

It’s a bit messed up and crazy, but it seems to work for my slightly ADD mentality.  I need to switch things up regularly to stay distracted from the suck.

Playlist 3

I have things from Disney movies (I’ll Make a Man Out of You, Almost There, Let It Go- yes, oh yes, it’s on there!) and some Kid Rock.   But overall my playlist leans toward Top 40 music.

This weekend I ran the Avengers Half Marathon and tried something new.

DJ Elliott, a Cast Member at Walt Disney World, posted an Avengers themed playlist available for FREE download.

You can check it out here.

He even included some interval options for those that like to run 30/30.

I’m not a huge DJ type music person, but I downloaded it and thought I’d give it a try.  You never know when something will click for you.  This one clicked big time.

DJ Elliot

I LOVED it!  So much fun and it was seamless in the transitions between songs.  Everything flowed well, and it gave me something new to look forward to out on the course.

There’re a lot of heroes themed songs in here, and that felt right for this race.  But I think it’s a music set that I could use for other races and training runs, and I plan to do so!

I’d love to get technical and sync up my cadence to my music, but, that’s not my style.

Though I wouldn’t mind if Ryan helped me out!

hey girl playlist

What’s on your playlist?  Or do you prefer to run without music?

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  1. Yup, I run without music. But I’m a top 40 kind of gal, too. Keeps us young, right?
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Stockcadeathon Race Recap 11/8/15My Profile

  2. Great playlist selection! I love variety, from today’s hits to throwing it back to my childhood in the 90s, I even have Let It Go on mine 😉 Though recently I’ve become more of a non-music runner. I always bring my headphones with me just in case but I’ve been making it through 10 miles without hearing a beat.
    Krystal recently posted…Running without MusicMy Profile

    • I’m impressed. I ran a half without music once because my headphones died on me. I had a friend, and that helped, but it was not a happy half.

  3. I’ll have to check out that Avengers playlist. It sounds great. I go back and forth with music: sometimes yes and others no. But I also like a variety and have Eminem and Michael Jackson too, along with some other weird ones. Whatever gets you moving!

  4. I don’t have those particular artists but my taste in music swings that much. I once had Nelly and Chariots of Fire on the same playlist.

  5. I clicked that link for DJ Elliot. Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. I love your playlist. I have some weird ones on mine, too. Haha

  6. Ooooh I’m glad the Avengers playlist worked for you! That sounds kid of fun…and like kind of a risk if it sucked. I still love that Cee Lo song!

  7. Where I was running a lot for my long runs it wasn’t safe to run with music so I got out of the habit then I picked it back up when I changed the route. This comes at a great time preparing for an 18miler next week and I will use music then!

  8. I’ve got everything you can imagine for just the right occasion, the right cadence, the right mood. The Avengers playlist is an excellent idea. DJs should do more of those! Or maybe they do and I’m out of the loop!

  9. I have to run with music, and I have to change it up periodically to keep me from getting bored! Just cleaned out my “Halloween” playlist and filled in bunch of Disney to get me motivated for the Princess Half. OR, I’ll turn my Disney channel on Pandora.

    I love that you have “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You.” Mulan is my JAM.

  10. I only listen to Eminem when I’m running, so it throws my husband off any time he sees it on my phone because he doesn’t associate that kind of music with me. 🙂 It’s perfect to get a girl running though! I just have to keep myself from singing along too loudly.
    Jessica S recently posted…When Thanksgiving isn’t just ONE day . . .My Profile


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