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Mr. Shenanigans Wins Princess Half Weekend

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I have about 10 posts coming your way recapping the fantastic weekend.  The Princess Wave was a huge hit, the Royal Family 5K was amazingly fun.  I was completely surprised by the DisBroads with a private fireworks cruise on Bay Lake.  The two longer races comprising the Glass Slipper Challenge are a little harder to define, but I’ll do my best later this week to explain how I felt about the courses and events.  We visited Harry Potter and I fell in love with Spider Man!  All this and more will be covered in the next couple of days.  Magical vacation?  Indeed.

In true Shenanigans fashion, I’m skipping all that “running” stuff and getting to the good stuff:  the celebration.  In particular, how my husband surprised me and put me in tears with his sweetness from 2,100 miles away.

He totally won Princess Half Weekend.

To get you up to speed:  we woke up way too early, ran way too long, soaked in the hot tub, and rallied for a quick trip to Epcot.  Yes, I had a margarita.  Or two.  Ahem.  Dinner was scheduled at 5pm for Be Our Guest so we made our way to the Magic Kingdom with all intentions of staying until they kicked us out.  We were Princesses, y’all, and we were going to soak it all in!

The Magic Kingdom was open until 1am the night after the half.  By 10pm, most of our party had taken their Glass Slippers home but I was still in the parks doing my souvenir shopping for my kids.  I get a text from DisBroad Amy:

I headed straight to the room.  The long way because apparently the Monorail doesn’t run that late.  Really?  Yes, really.  Lawdy- it was a long walk that late at night after all the park time and running of the day.  I’m not sure I got the full benenfit of staying at a monorail resort to be honest.  I’ll expound more on that later, but my Contemporary stay wasn’t all that I hoped for.  #SadTrombone.

I was greeted with this loveliness in the hallway.

Holy Wow.  I knew what this meant.  Mr. Shenanigans had indeed gone all out to celebrate my 40th birthday and Glass Slipper Challenge accomplishment.  I was about to get pixie dusted.  Big Time.

DisBroads Amy, Tania and I squealed with delight as we opened all the boxes of goodies.  I was stunned y’all.  I never expected ALL this, which is why he did it I’m sure.  Do I have a good man or what?  Not only will he run with my slow butt, he will also send me things that are WAY over the top to celebrate my Princessness.

I love him.

The deets:  Mr. Shenanigans went through the Disney World website and found the “In-Room Celebrations” page.  He placed an order online and also had a chance to personalize it- including adding some snacks!  Once he completed the order, he received an email requesting him to call back and schedule a time for delivery.  He said it was a simple process and took very little time to set up. 
I laugh now because the text messages he was sending me at the time were pretty specific:  “Where are you?  Where are you going next?  When will you be back to your room?”  Dude, what’s up with the 20 questions?  Ha- now I know.  
And yeah, he paid a pretty penny for all this awesome.   But being a princess is NOT cheap, as we all know.  And I’m sure I’m worth it.  
Have you ever had an in-room celebration or planned one for someone else?  Tell me about your surprise.  I know DisBroad Suzanne also had some pixie dust added to her stay as well!

Sharing is caring!


Friday 28th of February 2014

Your husband wins more than the weekend. What an awesome surprise for you. I'm proud of you for all your medals too and good for him for going above and beyond at being supportive!


Thursday 27th of February 2014

It was a weekend of in room celebrations! Hope and I were THRILLED to get our cooler and snacks that Sarah Beth arranged for us. We have the best BRF ever. It is seriously the most fun surprise ever to come back to a hotel room and find. Well done Mr. Shenanigans!

Fairytales and Fitness

Wednesday 26th of February 2014

So cute! I thought your big surprise was that he was waiting for you back at your room..haha!

Jennifer K.

Wednesday 26th of February 2014

Sounds like you had quite the trip! Can't wait to hear more!


Wednesday 26th of February 2014

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww omg this is so sweet!! What a wonderful hubby! As expensive as I know these in-room celebrations are, I secretly hope to get one some day :0)

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