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New Star Wars Movies Announced At Disney Investor Day Event

New Star Wars Movies Announced At Disney Investor Day Event

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When the final Skywalker saga closed last year, there was a great disturbance in The Force. It was as if millions of Gen X and Babyboomers cried out in pain at the idea of the end of Star Wars. But Lucasfilm assures us that Star Wars has not ended, and in fact, there are many new stories to tell (Baby Yoda has some company with the Star Wars projects coming to Disney Plus!). But what about the feature films? New Star Wars movies announced just yesterday at the Disney Investor Day event. Here’s what’s coming to theaters (we hope!) soon.

star wars movies announced at disney investor day event

New Star Wars Movies Announced At Disney Investor Day Event

I gotta say, being a Star Wars fangirl is a great thing right now!

Once I got over the whole “my childhood has ended” thing with the Rise of Skywalker finality, I embraced the Mandalorian and all the Grogu memes and goodness that came with him.

And now we have confirmed news from Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy that the Star Wars world will continue- on both Disney+ and in feature films.

They will be added to the list of Star Wars movies in order as soon as we get the timelines confirmed.

kathleen kennedy star wars feature films

Taika Waititi Unnamed Star Wars Feature Film

As reported earlier- but now confirmed by Ms. Kennedy- Academy Award winning director Taika Waititi is taking control of the next Star Wars feature film.

“Taika’s approach to Star Wars will be fresh, unexpected, and…unique,” said Kathleen Kennedy.

“His enormous talent and sense of humor will ensure that audiences are in for an unforgettable ride.”

Taika Waititi director of new star wars feature film
Taika Waititi, director Photo: Allison Waken,

Rogue Squadron Directed By Patty Jenkins

A woman director of Star Wars.

And it is Patty Jenkins.

About dang time, Lucasfilm. About. Dang. Time.

The next Star Wars feature film to hit the big screen will be Rogue Squadron, directed by Patty Jenkins.

The story will introduce a new generation of starfighter pilots as they earn their wings and risk their lives in a boundary-pushing, high-speed thrill-ride, and move the saga into the future era of the galaxy.

Rogue Squadron arrives in theaters Christmas 2023.

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