The Nintendo Switch: Anytime, Anywhere

While I’m not a huge gamer, my kids sure are. Especially the 45-year-old one I’m married to. Ahem.

When we were offered a chance to check out the new Nintendo Switch we jumped at the offer. Okay, everyone else jumped and I reluctantly agreed. I was pleasantly surprised with what I learned about this new system and think other moms like me will be as well.

nintendo switch tv mode


The Nintendo Switch: Not Just Another System

I can get myself around the Mario Kart course, but I’m certainly not winning many trophies. That might have to change with the access the Nintendo Switch provides families like mine.

What’s great about this one is how it can literally go anywhere your family might game. While moms might be thinking that’s a bad idea, I thought it was pretty insightful. Since we are a family on the go, I like the portability of the new system.

nintendo switch airplane

The kids could take the game on the road or on an airplane, where they can compete against each other and stay engaged while traveling across the country.

The whole family can participate together with the mobile features like we did at the mock dining table during the event.

Nintendo Switch gaming

While we wouldn’t play at a public restaurant most likely (I mean, if there was a really long wait for food, I could see letting the system come out!), we would sit around the kitchen table after a meal and have family game night.


The Features of the Nintendo Switch

  1. Dock your Nintendo Switch and play on your television. Nothing revolutionary here, but wait, there’s more! Ps- my kids loved playing Skylanders at the event.
  2. It really is anytime, anywhere! Play on the go when you undock your switch. Like I mentioned above: the plane, the car, take it with you!
  3. Start a gaming party with multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch Controllers.
  4. Battery life can last for more than six hours. Mom approved battery life. It will vary depending on the software and usage.
  5. Play with friends- gaming is always better with friends!

You can pre-order your Nintendo Switch and all the games you’ll need (affiliate) through Amazon here, and other retailers nationwide. Check out the list of games available right here.


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