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Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye… | Tuesdays on the Run

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Welp, folks, it’s been a good run. 

Literally and figuratively. 

We’ve decided to let Tuesdays on the Run cross the finish line and the end of 2018 sounded like the perfect place to do so.  That’s right: this is the last official Tuesdays on the Run post EVER. 


Tuesdays on the Run Link Up- every Tuesday we have a new running related topic. Join your favorite running bloggers in linking up each week.


My friend April at The Great Wide Somewhere (who retired her blog a few years back) came up with this idea and well, we ran with it!

I think it was in 2014 at some point, so it’s been ongoing for at least 4 years.  

Club 33 plates running costumes

Miss you, April! We had a great run together- online and on the course


Eventually, we added in Erica and brought on Marcia and Sarah and it’s been a lot of fun along the way for us to host this weekly link-up. Thank you so much to the amazing co-hosts, especially Sarah who kept the running posts coming in 2018. 


race sign during the rundisney marathon some friends are worth freezing for


Sarah is going to continue this post with her 2018 year in review, and she will continue her running coverage (you know we have TONS to say about our favorite runDisney races!) but I wanted to pop on and thank everyone who read and participated over the years. 

Guys, I’ve loved reading your posts. The race recaps, the training, the frustrations, the gift guides: each week I personally looked forward to seeing what was going on in the running community. You never let me down!




2018 Miles in 2018: Mission Accomplished

Spoiler alert: we did it!

Sarah is going to update with all the deets from our team, but, yeah, pretty pumped to announce that Team Run Your Rose Gold Ears Off completed its goal of 2018 miles in 2018. 


If you need a little motivation to get off the couch and out the door, join us for the Run the Edge Run the Year 2018 Virtual Race challenge. Run the Year 2018 is a virtual race challenging you to run 2018 miles in 12 months. #ad #runtheedge #runtheyear2018 #runchat #running #virtualrace #virtualrun


Here we go, guys…

by Sarah Bergman

You know that feeling you get when you finally start to feel like you?re getting your ?ish together?  You?ve been managing your time well, you?ve been having fun with your kids, you?ve been checking things off of your to-do list, you?ve been working out regularly, your job has been awesome…

And then you get a week where everything comes crashing down, and you feel like you?ve failed everyone?

That was this week for me. 

I ended the week feeling like a big fat failure. I was down, I was discouraged, and I felt like giving up on everything I was working on and just starting over. 

Then, I started to reflect and write about 2018 in 2018

2018 in 2018: Run The Year!

Do you guys remember at the beginning of the year when we started talking about this?  The main goal is to run 2018 miles over the course of the year. You can do it solo, or with a team (2, 3, or 4!)

We decided to lighten the load and put a group of four people together. Patty, Dana, Beth, and yours truly!


Now, that’s one heck of a finisher picture! Congrats, Dana!


2018 in 2018: Did we do it?

YES, WE DID!  We overdid it, actually! 

As of today, we have run 2593.29 miles collectively. I’m not sure of the exact date where we hit the official 2018 in 2018, since we had a little tracking difficulty… but WE DID IT!!


I gotta say, flipping up that “finisher” portion of the medal was pretty sweet.


Pretty cool, isn?t it?

2018 in 2018: Did we like it?

I?d say so!  I spent a lot of time on the website all year tracking my miles.

Making sure my Garmin was linked up and syncing properly for the first 10ish months was a little tricky… it took some unlinking and relinking a few times.

Once I made the switch to the Apple Watch, I just started entering my miles manually.


Is this not the cutest race costume you’ve ever seen? Go, Patty!


Beth had some issues with her miles linking as well. At some point in the year, all of her data was lost. She also eventually got it to work – but it was a bit of a hassle. 

Last week we all got together virtually to make sure that everything was loaded up properly – Dana?s miles weren?t posting all year long. After a little more finagling – we got hers set up too!


Ladies and Gentlemen – THIS is how you cross a finish line! Yay, Beth!


2018 in 2018: Would we do it again?

YES!  I have actually been thinking of taking on the task solo – but counting every single step I take, all year long. I know it?s not the traditional route for this challenge, but I like it. 


Pretty much my most epic finish line pic ever, after finally getting a new 10K PR! In my ROSE GOLD EARS, no less!


I mean, I track my steps every day anyway, so why not see if I can make it work?  Load my total mileage at the end of every single day, and see if I can hit 2019 in 2019?

What do you guys think??


2018 in 2018: How did it make us feel?

For me??  Totally accomplished. 

2018 is a LOT of miles, and we crushed that goal. Absolutely crushed it!!!  It was a fun challenge and a really cool community to be a part of. 

The feeling of accomplishment I feel while thinking back to the last year has helped pull me out of my slump.  I’m doing my best, trying my hardest, and while I won’t always succeed at everything I put effort in to – I will still accomplish a lot.  So, hats off to everyone who participated.  If you made it, great!  If you didn’t, you went further than most people did this year I can guarantee that!  If you’re almost there… dude, you’ve still got some time!!!

I officially have my eyes set on 2019 miles in 2019.   

Now the big question, who?s with me?!?



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Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Thanks for hosting so long! I can't believe it's been 4 years.

Tracy martin

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Bittersweet!!! Thanks for all the wonderful race recaps over the years!!


Tuesday 18th of December 2018

It was a fun run but yes, cheers to the finish line! xo

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