Looking Closer at Nutrisystem Turbo13 Featuring the Turbo Takeoff

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New year, new you, new plan! We?ve all said it, right? But usually the plan part is actually missing. Here?s a new plan for 2018: Nutrisystem Turbo13, including the Nutrisystem Turbo Takeoff. This is a plan where you can lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches overall in your first month. Do we have your attention? We thought so! Here?s a rundown of the program with a review of Turbo13 and how you can get your own New Year on track. Thanks to Nutrisystem for providing & sponsoring this Guest Post content!


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A new year, a new me. We?ve all said it. We?ve all started a new fitness plan or diet plan. And we?ve all meant it (for a few days, anyway!).

But most of us don?t actually follow through because, frankly, change is hard!

I know I can speak for myself when I say that finding the right nutrition plan is my biggest struggle when it comes to weight loss.

I?ve got the workout part dialed in; I love to hit the gym, don?t mind getting a little cardio in when it?s called for.


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But the food. Man, that?s my struggle. Planning meals is not my forte!

Way too often I look up from work and realize It?s already past noon, I missed breakfast and lunch, and yeah, I?m starving.

What happens then is something I?m sure you recognize: EAT ALL THE THINGS.

Bad choices ensue, regret happens, and the spiral continues.

Y?all feel me right?

So how do we change this? By trying something new that factors in convenience along with nutrition.


Nutrisystem Turbo13 Plan

Nutrisystem is taking aim at one of the hard parts of a lifestyle change: the planning.

I know I?ve dieted wrong a million times (at least!): I jump into the latest program without really having a plan.

But this right here? It?s a real PLAN y?all! Check it out.


What?s included in Turbo 13 Plan

With the Turbo13 weight loss program from Nutrisystem, you can lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches overall in your first month on the program.* Let that sink in. That?s double digits on the scale- who doesn?t like the look of that?!
The average weight loss in a study conducted by Nutrisystem was 11.6 pounds and 8 inches- which are numbers I know would motivate me to keep going!

With Turbo13, you get a special Turbo Takeoff kit for your first week on the plan. Turbo Takeoff is designed to kick things into gear quickly and move your body in the right direction.

Here?s what you get 7 days of specially selected breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

  • ?7 TurboShakes? (for women) or Nutri-Pro? shakes (for men), packed with protein and probiotics to support digestive health and help bust belly bloat
  • ?7 NutriCurb? bars that crush hunger with the protein and fiber you need to stay satisfied between meals

Plus, you?ll get seven packets of their all-new TurboBoosters, which have green tea extract and caffeine in them to help boost your metabolism and increase your energy.

You can add these to your shakes during your first week or save them for later.

The TurboShakes are designed to help shrink your belly as they contain probiotics. They should help stave off cravings as well, which is such a struggle for most of us starting out.

protein shake picture


Plus, I do love a good shake! Since shakes are portable and easy to make quick, they are perfect for on the go, out the door nutrition.

For parents on the go, those shakes and bars can be lifesavers. Keep the cravings at bay, keep you fuller, longer and offer nutrients you need.

Personally I stash bars in my purse for those mom chauffer moments. Keeps me out of the drive-through and on track with the right nutrition.

And the best part is, all Nutrisystem plans include these extras with your first order- FOR FREE.

You know I like that word! Free is one of my favorite things to hear.

As a mom with kids who seem to cost more and more each day, I?m all for the extra benefits a brand can pack into my purchases.

So check this, for free, you?ll get:

NEW Nutri-Pro shakes (for men) or TurboShakes for women, NEW NutriCurb bars and NEW metabolism TurboBoosters.



What can you expect on Turbo13?

Once you?ve completed Turbo Takeoff (and killed it, amirite?), you?ll move into a your regular Nutrisystem plan, which means you?ll continue to enjoy Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, plus you?ll get to add in some of your favorite fresh grocery additions, and a few flex meals a week.

These are meals you enjoy while dining out or that you prepare at home.

And don?t worry, they?ve got a complete Dining Out Guide designed to help you make the best choices while enjoying a meal out on the town, as well as hundreds of healthy recipes on their weight loss blog to guide you when you prepare a meal on your own. They?ve literally thought of everything!

What I like about this is that you know what to eat and when. They lay it all out for you.

Bottom line: you can expect the new Nutrisystem Turbo13 to offer:

  • Safe and healthy weight loss
  • Safe, effective weight loss. No fads, no gimmicks
  • No counting, no measuring, no weigh-ins
  • An easy-to-follow plan
  • Easy-to-prepare meals
  • Perfectly portioned meals that keep you full and satisfied
  • Customize your menu with the foods you love
  • Your favorite food ? made healthier

Oh- and you can have success on this plan, even if you are a chocoholic!


nutrisystem chocolate


What About Nutrisystem Recipes?

You want to cook up something healthy in the kitchen? No problem.

Nutrisystem offers this as well.

I took a gander at The Leaf, the official weight loss blog of Nutrisystem, and found a whole section devoted to gorgeous looking recipes.

I spy a Healthy Spanakopita recipe that looks like it would rock my world!


Where To Order Nutrisystem Turbo13

You?re busy. I?m busy. Nutrisystem gets it.

That?s why they make their plans easy to follow and easy to access.

Order your new plan online with a few easy clicks and a credit card.

Go to the Nutrisystem homepage and place your order for the Nutrisystem Turbo13 plan.

Meals, bars, shakes and more are delivered to your home; no meetings or appointments necessary.


Nutrisystem Turbo13 Reviews

Note from Patty:

While I haven?t had the chance to try and review the program myself, I was able to find some reviews that you might find helpful.

Nutrisystem Turbo13 review from Top Dust

And this Turbo13 review from skeptics over at Pop Dust.

Bethany shares her tips for staying on track during the holidays- she?s got a great review on Parenting in Progress.

You?ll also want to read Erin Banks? success story– she lost over 100 pounds on Nutrisystem!


The Bottom Line

Without a plan in place, any diet program is destined to fail. Especially if you are like me: a sputterer.

You know the type: start and stop, repeat. Getting traction can be one of the hardest parts of a new meal program designed for weight loss.

I will be the first to admit that I have failed a lot when it comes to dieting.

Like I said: change is hard!

The Nutrisystem Turbo13 is designed for results you will see and feel quickly. Nothing makes you want to give up more than not seeing results!


We've all said it: New year, new me! Well- let's make it happen in 2018 with @nutrisystem Turbo13. All the details about the program- and guess what? It includes chocolate! #weightloss #nutrisystem #ad #loseweight #turbo13 #chocolatelovers #chocolate

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