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What Parents Need To Know About Marvel’s Deadpool 2

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Marvel movies are some of the hottest films for kids these days. They feature superheroes & highlight the battles of good vs. evil. It’s easy to assume that Marvel’s Deadpool 2 movie follows along the same line of thought. Parents: No. No it does not. Here’s what parents need to know about Marvel’s Deadpool 2 told with Deadpool Gifs and a Deadpool meme or two. (OH- and a Deadpool Ding Dong cake recipe to share with the kids when you tell them they can’t see this one at the theater!).?


deadpool 2 movie poster


The Deadpool 2 movie opens on May 18 and I am already hearing it from my kids. They assume since it’s a comic superhero movie (check) and that it’s a Marvel movie (check) that Deadpool is appropriate for kids. Does this sound familiar, Marvel loving moms and dads?

Mom, can we go? Pleeeaasseee… everyone at school is going! Why can’t we go – it’s a Marvel movie after all!

Dear, sweet, precious children: NO. Not just no, but helllllll?no.

This post is for the folks out there that aren’t quite sure what the big deal about Deadpool 2 is when it comes to kids watching it. Your kids have seen the other Marvel movies in order, but why can’t they see this?Guys, it’s a VERY big deal. I’m not sure it’s entirely appropriate for anyone, but I am 1000% sure it is not kid-friendly. Here’s why.

And if you don’t want to read about boobs and chimichangas, use the table of contents and skip down to the easy (like your mother!) Deadpool Ding Dong cake recipe if that’s what you’re here for!

Deadpool Ding Dong Cake recipe to add to your Marvel movie watching superhero party ideas! Deadpool memes, parent review and more. #deadpool #dingdong #dingdongcake #recipe #marvel


Is Deadpool 2 Movie Kid-Friendly? My Parent Movie Review

Nope. Not at all. Not one single little bit of this movie is safe for children or should be considered appropriate for kids under the age of 17. If we were just going off just one scene or one issue, I might be more inclined to say “use your best judgment” when it comes to your family.

But… Deadpool is so much more than just one scene. He’s pretty raunchy. Okay, that’s putting it nicely. He’s got the filthiest mouth I’ve ever heard- and it doesn’t stop or let up over the course of a 2-hour movie.

Typically I can point to one or two scenes; nope. The Deadpool movies are- start to finish- filled with sexual language, acts, inappropriate behavior, violence, and gore.

The cleanest deadpool meme I could find for Deadpool parent movie review

If you still think your kiddo can handle it (and I am not judging- you do you, parents!) PLEASE watch the first one before you go to the movies. Or pre-screen this before you take the kids. Be informed before you decide this movie is “just a movie” for your kids.

Have I seen the movie? Nope. So how can I say all this? Welp- I’ve seen the first Deadpool and been glued to all the trailers and have a pretty good idea of what we’re in for!

I’ll come back and update this with my Deadpool 2 parent movie review later this week, but I feel pretty confident based on the trailers that this is an accurate assessment.

Here’s the final Deadpool 2 Trailer so you can decide for yourself.


Deadpool 2 Movie Trailer



See what I’m saying? This movie is not something you want to accidentally take a kiddo to! Even the older kids who could?possibly understand the jokes maybe shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of thing just yet?

I mean, even Deadpool says his movies aren’t for kids. He straight up told people that Deadpool isn’t appropriate?for kids before the original came out.

Dear parents going to see Deadpool kid friendly IT IS NOT.


Will You Like Deadpool 2 Movie?

Oh my word, I hope so. This probably says a lot about me, but this is definitely a Marvel movie I won’t miss. And it totally falls under the “do as I say, not as I do, kids!” parental axiom.

I hope you cackle and howl and let your inappropriate adult side out. Sex, language, and violence are the three big, ah, “entertainment” factors for these movies. If none of that is your cup of tea, then def don’t watch this one on the big screen.

deadpool movie 2 poster


When we watched the first one in the theaters, I kept slapping my husband’s leg and elbowing him in the ribs with every line because OMG THEY WENT THERE. And we loved every adult humor moment.

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect?Deadpool; the writing is hysterical and disgusting and hilarious; and breaking the 4th wall is always fun when done correctly. And Deadpool does it correctly.

But this is for adults, y’all. Even the score just got a parental advisory slapped on it– and that NEVER happens. But it’s something I have a feeling Deadpool is way ok with. He’s just that kind of guy!



I Can’t Help Myself: A Deadpool Meme Thread

Because he’s the worst and the best and he loves boobies and chimichangas. And I love a good Deadpool meme, even if they are completely awful and terrible. But to be honest- these I chose the least offensive Deadpool memes I could find because, after all, this is a #familyblog.

Here are 10 of the (mostly) clean Deadpool meme I could find, but you know, HE’S DEADPOOL. If you haven’t picked up on the multiple times I’ve said he’s supppper inappropriate, then it’s really not my fault.


Dead people, Deadpool meme.


Deadpool meme: I see dead people is a classic! A wayyyy back throwback to the movie that had us all go WHOA back in the day. But still funny


A little Marvel, a little Deadpool, a little Incredibles all in one perfect Deadpool meme.

A little Marvel, a little Deadpool, a little Incredibles all in one perfect Deadpool meme.


While I think some of us still ship the Scar Jo/Ryan romance, we can all agree that his relationship with wife Blake Lively is possibly the best thing to ever hit Twitter and Instagram. I love it when they troll each other!


Trolling Thanos Deadpool meme


Speaking of trolling… this would totally be something Deadpool would pull off. And if you need more Infinity War meme spoilers in your life, there’s a link for that. You’re welcome- and also have been warned that there’s one in there that hurts. Ouch, man, I’m still not over that scene!


Batman, Superman, Avengers, and Deadpool meme


Seriously, though. THIS GUY. He is not the role model superhero you are looking for for the kids!


Antman and deadpool meme shrinkage


I don’t know, it’s kinda a fair question to ask. SHRINKAGE!


Strom Trroper star wars deadpool meme


Star Wars memes more your thing? Yeah, I’ve got those too. What can I say- I love a good meme!


Thor and Loki Deadpool meme


Ouch! Peter Parker getting trolled about Uncle Ben dying by Deadpool meme


Awww man, Deadpool you go to far when you make Peter Parker cry in this Deadpool meme!


Typical trolling by Deadpool: asking what kind of Batman Black Panther is in this Deadpool meme


I think Deadpool might be taking on too much when he trolls ‘Tchalla. The Black Panther is not the guy I’d pick a fight with, just sayin’!

Antman, Deadpool and Spiderman with a can of raid. Deadpool meme on point!


Easy (Like Your Mother) Deadpool Ding Dong Cake Recipe

Here’s an easy Ding Dong cake recipe for those of us who are too lazy to make one from scratch. Deadpool approved.

It’s also the perfect thing to add to your list of superhero party ideas; serve these Deadpool Ding Dong cakes with your Nebula Chambord cocktails and you’ll turn any boring kids party into a lively adult get together.


Deadpool ding dong cake recipe finished image

Ding Dong Cake Ingredients

1 box of chocolate ding dongs
2 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tarter
2 1/2 C powder sugar
3 disposable piping bags, fitted with a number 2 tip
red and black food dye
1 cookie sheet fitted with parchment paper


Deadpool Ding Dong Cake Directions

Unwrap the chocolate Ding Dong from the wrapper and place onto the cookie sheet.

Using a standing mixer, combine egg whites, cream of tartar, and powder sugar and mix on medium speed until stiff peaks form about 7 minutes.

Split icing into 3 bowls.

Mix in the 3-5 drops of red food dye into one bowl and combine until completely red. Add a few more drops of red food dye if the color isn’t a dark red.

Mix in 5 drops of black food dye into the second bowl and combine until the icing is black. Add a few more black food dye drops and mix until you get the shade you want.

Leave the third bowl white.

Scoop the icing into their own piping bag.


Deadpool ding dong cake recipe in process


Using the red icing, outline the red detail of Deadpools mask and fill in.

Using the black icing, fill in the spots for Deadpools eyes.

Let dry for an hour before putting on the white for his eyes.

Once dry, pipe on the white part of the mask for Deadpools eyes.

Let dry for an hour before enjoying.


Deadpool ding dong cake recipe finished image


About Deadpool 2 Movie

From 20th Century Fox:

After surviving a near-fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry?s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor ? finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World?s Best Lover.

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