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Peyton Manning is Universal Parks Vacation Quarterback

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I love Universal Parks & Resorts. I love Peyton Manning. I love the Big Game, too! When you put all three together for me: I geek out a little. Check it, y’all: Peyton Manning is Universal Parks Vacation Quarterback.


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My family absolutely loves Universal Orlando and we had a blast hitting up the parks last summer. We even agreed that Universal Studios Hollywood was better than Disneyland.

We don’t mess around when it comes to visiting our favorite parks!

I felt like I did a pretty good job guiding everyone to the attractions and food that we’d all enjoy; heck I even wrote the Guide to Everything Universal Orlando just for that vacation.

And we had an amazing time.



But I guess I’m still a rookie, even if I am an annual passholder!

Universal Parks and Resorts went pro and called in former quarterback Peyton Manning to show us how it’s done!


Peyton Manning is Universal Parks Vacation Quarterback


I confess- I can’t compare to Peyton Manning as the Universal Orlando Vacation Quarterback.

Check this hilarious spot out featuring Manning and Universal Parks and Resorts.

Teaming them up was a brilliant call, Coach!



I know my family would love to vacation like Peyton at Universal Orlando this year.

Marvel, Harry Potter, Christmas Holidays at Universal– there are just so many great fandoms to celebrate in the Universal Parks.


7 Things You Must Do During the Holidays at Universal Orlando. Perfect for Christmas or New Year's Eve trip planning at Harry Potter World!



Universal has it all when it comes to resorts, too!

From the fabulous family friendly Cabana Bay Resort to the Rockin’ Hard Rock Orlando, you cannot go wrong by staying on property.


5 things to love about the Hard Rock Hotel Universal Orlando. Best place to stay at Universal Orlando!


They say kids grow up: and vacations do too!

As Peyton Manning proves in this big game ad- you can always call that audible and head to Universal Orlando for some grown-up kid-like joy.

Be sure to watch this ad during the Big Game!


From Universal Parks & Resorts:

Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Helps Family Raise its Vacation Game

Orlando, FL, January 30, 2018 – Peyton Manning becomes vacation quarterback to America in a new Universal Parks & Resorts commercial set to air during the Super Bowl ? coaching families to take their vacation to the next level at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort.

An extended version of the spot will air in the NBC pre-game show and a thirty-second version of the commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

?This is your moment,? Peyton coaches a family starting its day at a Universal theme park in the extended version of the spot. ?You are more than a team. You are a family. Now let?s get out there and play.?

Manning joins the family during both spots to ensure they really do take fun to the next level. He screams on a roller coaster, scrambles away from a Raptor showing its ?game face,? and has a churro intercepted right out of his hands ? and more.

Have you been to the Universal Parks and Resorts this year? Let’s make it happen!?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.