Princess Half Marathon Disney Dooney & Bourke Magic Bands

Stop the presses!  Disney has announced new Magic Band colors and Disney Dooney & Bourke designs in February. Perfect for a Princess – especially a Princess that was able to pre-order the Dooney & Bourke Princess Half Marathon bag!


Walt Disney World MagicBands: Princess Edition

By now we all know and love MagicBands.  Right? Right.

I’m gonna be a good millennial and just say it, with no shame: I CAN NOT EVEN.

I’ve been seriously considering caving and purchasing my first non-stock color MagicBand when I go to the Princess Half Marathon in a few short weeks… millennial pink.

It’s like the most perfect shade of pink, and perfect for Princess Half Marathon weekend.

However, Disney has now upped the game when it comes to Princess MagicBands: Disney Dooney & Bourke magic bands that match your BAG.


Disney Dooney & Bourke-branded MagicBand – Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend




Dooney & Bourke-branded MagicBand. Limited Edition.

Seriously – only 500 of these beauties.

They will be offered at the 10th Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Expo on February 22nd.

$48 + tax.

And there’s even a special box. Squee!!!

While supplies last.

HA!  – methinks supplies will last about 10 minutes.

Especially since it beautifully matches with the 2018 Disney Princess Dooney & Bourke Bag.

2018 Disney princess dooney and Bourke


New Magic Band Colors and Dooney & Bourke Designs – Walt Disney World MagicBands


Here’s a look at some of the other designs Disney has recently released, in case you want to pick any of these up on your next trip!

They’ve also released “The Lion King”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “the Nightmare Before Christmas” bands… including a glow in the dark Oogie Boogie band!!



You can begin to purchase these bands online later this month (February 12th to be exact!) and they will show up in stores on February 16th.

If you want one of these new Magic Bands, don’t wait. They WILL be gone fast- mark my words.

So tell me – which one is on your list?!


Magic Band Decals

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