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Not-So-Peaceful Quotes From DC’s Peacemaker On HBOMax

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Peacemaker, straight off his stint as part of The Suicide Squad, is gracing your TV on HBOMax. The DC comic turned TV star certainly has something to say: and it usually involves an F-Bomb (or 10). Here are some of the funnies not-so-peaceful quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax. ps- be sure to check out the Peacemaker parents guide to decide if this show is appropriate for kids in your home.

DC Peacemaker HBO Max poster. Quotes from Peacemaker

About DCs Peacemaker on HBOMax

Peacemaker explores the continuing story of the character that John Cena reprises in the aftermath of James Gunn’s 2021 film “The Suicide Squad” – a compellingly vainglorious man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

Watch the Peacemaker trailer here.

Peacemaker quotes opening credit scene

Not-So-Peaceful Quotes From Peacemaker On HBOMax

  • We smoked weed together, I was in a f@cking wheelchair! – Peacemaker
    I can’t pretend that it wasn’t a nice moment but that doesn’t make me trustworthy. I ain’t trustworthy worth sh!t!- Jamil
  • Truth is I’m supposed to be in prison. – Chris
    For what? – Jamil quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax
    Superhero sh!t. – Chris
  • F@ck Aquaman. -Peacemaker
    No, don’t say that- why say that? – Jamil
    He bangs chicks? Good for him.
    He f@cks dudes? Got no problem with that.
    He starts f@ckin’ fish? That’s taking it a step too far. – Peacemaker
  • Aquaman f@cks fish? -Jamil
  • I refuse to believe that. – Jamil
    And I refuse to believe that @PepetheFrog89 is lying to me for no good reason. -quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax
john cena as peacemaker quotes from the hbomax series
  • I made a vow to have peace no matter how many people I have to kill to get it. – Peacemaker
  • Ohhhh- Peacemaker! You’re that racist superhero.- Jamil
  • Fine, that’s a good point. I’ll watch more white people in the future and kill a higher percentage of them. Are you satisfied? – Peacemaker
  • You only served 4 years of your 30-year sentence, and you thought we were just gonna let you go scot-free? -Clemson Murm
  • You showed you were loyal. You’re a born killer with expertise in every weapon known to mankind. -Clemson
  • Glad to be here. Ready to kick some @ss sir. And really looking forward to meeting all of you. Even you, Peacemaker. – Leota
  • And Mr. Murn. I have to say, your outfits are really dapper. – Leota quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax
  • I know, inside my mind, I’m not supposed to be giving this speech, but sometimes my mouth just does what it wants. So. – Leota
hbo peacemaker ok for kids
  • How the f@ck am I supposed to fight a Mothra without a jet pack? – Peacemaker
  • Not a supervillain, that’s a misconception. – Peacemaker
  • I don’t get enough attention, I gotta have you chatting it up my fruity neighbors?- Auggie
  • You let somebody shoot you? Pathetic.- Auggie
  • She’s entitled to her opinion. Her stupid f@cking opinion.- John
  • This is the worst HQ of all time. – John
  • I never gave you a second thought while you were in there.- Auggie
  • Did this dipsh!t show up in full cosplay mode?- John
  • People see this uniform and it strikes fear in their hearts. – Peacemaker
  • Costume? This is a uniform. And it’s brand new- I need to stretch it out. – Peacemaker
  • You always going to be this difficult? – Murn
    Yup. – Peacemaker
  • An eagle hugged you? – Leota
    Yeah. – Peacemaker
team dinner peacemaker quotes from the HBO series
  • You don’t want to believe in miracles? That’s on you.-Peacemaker
  • That’s my thing, that and having a big d!ck.- Peacemaker
  • I have no interest in you other than your ability to fight for us. Just because you’re handsome doesn’t mean you aren’t a piece of sh!t murderer.- Harcourt quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax
  • I don’t care about the quality of the knife as long as the blade is sharp. – Waller
  • Sexist. Probably racist. But there’s something else about him that’s sad. -Leota
  • This is back when men were real men because they weren’t afraid to look like women. – Peacemaker
  • This one will give you scabies. -Auggie
    Scabies- why would I want scabies?-Peacemaker
    Challenge yourself. Every man should have scabies once in their lives. -Auggie
  • Hey Harcourt you want to see me rub one out, all you gotta do is ask. – Peacemaker
  • The op is off the books, so we don’t have regulations.-Harcourt
harcourt quotes from Peacemaker HBO
  • Super neat. I see cookies in my future! – Chris
  • Can you believe this idiot f@cked a Butterfly? – Harcourt
  • Cool your jets, Jason Bourne. – Harcourt
  • Being a wheelman is also dope. I got you. -Leota
  • You can’t house train an eagle, dude. Not without stealing its soul.- Peacemaker
  • Walking scrotum here doesn’t like egg foo young, got that Fitz? – Detective Song
  • Be straight with me here man. I’m a dick vampire. – Peacemaker
    No, you’re just a dick. – John
  • What separates us from other killers is that we only kill bad people. Usually. Unless there’s a mistake. -Vigilante
  • I can’t believe they legalized that sh!t. Three years ago, I would have shot both of you for that. – Vigilante quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax
  • So, we are gonna kill him because climate change is a hoax? – Peacemaker
vigilante and peacemaker hbo
  • Why do all people that think pro wrestling is a real thing also think climate change is a hoax? – Leota
  • Yeah, okay. Facebook is lying to me every day for no reason. -Peacemaker
  • I thought you loved peace with all of your heart, no matter how many men, women, and children you needed to kill to get it. – Peacemaker
  • You know I believed I was a butt baby until I was like 14. – Peacemaker
  • Your feelings are noted.- Murn
  • What the f@cks that gonna protect him from, pink hearts and green clovers? – Peacemaker
  • I suspected you were a butt baby from the beginning. -Leota
  • What I’m a f@ckin ally.- Peacemaker
    Having a lesbian haircut doesn’t make you an ally. – Leota
  • Think I’m some weak-@ss girly-man who needs a poofy jacket or a little blanky?- Murn
  • That’s a lot of gun for a little girl. – Peacemaker
  • I was a lot of little girl for a gun.-Harcourt
  • Here I am, living the dream, about to assassinate a couple of children. – Harcourt
  • Wallace gave us a killer that can’t kill.- Murn quotes from Peacemaker on HBOMax
leota quotes from Peacemaker on HBO
  • Don’t f@ck with John Economist mother f@cker. – John
  • Thank you. I’ve never had a friend quite like you. -Vigilante
  • I don’t know dude its a deep state thing. – Peacemaker
  • Well I guess your dad is pretty brainy for a racist. – Vigilante
  • You ain’t killing it right now. – Leota
  • Maybe I’m a grower, not a shower. – Peacemaker
  • I’m no rat but the first chance I get, I’m spilling everything. – Auggie
  • No one has ever replaced their heart with a kidney.- Leota

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