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Race Fuel | Tuesdays on the Run

I definitely don’t give race fuel enough thought. Typically I’m buying my race fuel at the expo the day before a race… and I rarely think about what I am eating the night before a long run!  It’s something I would absolutely love to improve on – but for now, I want to show you my favorite race “snacks”!!  Affliate links are included in this post.


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Race Fuel of Choice

I don’t think enough about what I put in my body before, during, or after a run.

I know that a 150 calorie snack is a good idea before a run – banana and some cashews, toast with some peanut butter, crackers and hummus.

But typically I like to get out of bed and get running before I really have a chance to realize what’s going on.  So, naturally, I’m usually running on an empty stomach.

For shorter runs, no big deal.

For longer runs, kind of a big deal.

I do have a few favorite “snacks” I like to take with me on those 10+ mile training runs.


Sports Beans

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

My favorite.  It’s freakin’ run candy!  Who doesn’t love candy?!

I like these because they’re easy to bring along wherever I go.  They fit in my pockets.

I can have one, or I can have the entire bag.

Plus – they’re available pretty much everywhere so when I (inevitably) forget them… I can get them wherever I am!


Honey Stinger Waffles

Honey Stinger Waffle (Variety Pack)

I loooooooove these – but usually will eat them before I go out.

They’re not super portable.

BUT I think they’re delicious.  They’re thin and pretty much melt in your mouth.

I’m actually ordering some more right now because they’re delicious and I forgot about how much I love them until I started writing this.


Gu Sports Gels

GU Energy Sports Nutrition Gel (Indulgent Flavors)

I love these and I don’t at the same time.

The texture sometimes kind of grosses me out, but I think it’s the quickest way to get a big burst of energy when I need it.

Plus I really do like the flavors… this is my favorite pack because I’m a little cray cray about coffee.

GU Energy Chews

These are my OG race fuel – I love gummy chews.

Just ask my husband, we aren’t allowed to keep fruit snacks in the house because I can NOT not eat them.

My only complaint about these is the packaging.  I don’t ever eat all six of them – and I will randomly find half eaten packs of chews in the bottom of my bags.


Yes. Candy.



Just ask Patty – she snapped this picture at mile 13 (14?) during the Walt Disney World Marathon.  Nothing made me happier than these Red Vines.

Looking back, I should have grabbed more of them.

Baby Food

… yeah I’m still being serious here.

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food 

So, when I started running after having my kids, I was obviously never prepared.

One morning before a run I knew I would need fuel and didn’t have anything at home.

But this baby food had some calories, was sweet, and sounded like it could work…

And it did!

While it’s not my fuel of choice – it works in a pinch.  Plus, I started adding a pouch to my smoothies and shakes for extra vitamins/minerals/flavor.

Sounds ridiculous – and yeah okay it is a little ridiculous – but it works!!

So tell me – whats YOUR fuel of choice?!  Anything insane like baby food?!  Any tips or tricks you can pass on to me to make sure I’m eating the right stuff?

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