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Everyone’s got them: bad race pictures. Except for Sarah. Bad pics just don’t happen even when running! But we found one… best & worst race pictures on Tuesdays on the Run.


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Best / Worst Race Pictures

So, I have this hidden talent. It’s something I have been given a hard time about for as long as I can remember. Patty and Meghan just recently discovered it on our last runDisney work/race trip…

I don’t take a bad picture.

First World Problem… I knooooowwww… but it’s the truth.

I pulled up My Disney Experience account to look at my PhotoPass pictures from my last handful of runDisney races, and here are just a few of my favorites.  8 awesome ones.  1 staged bad one.  and 1 real bad one.  Well, “bad”.


Wine & Dine 5K 2017


Wine & Dine Half 2017

WDW 10K 2018

Took this gem after bumper-car-ing into my bestie when we made that turn into the finish line… you know the spot where it splits?

This pic still makes me laugh!


WDW Half Marathon 2018


I love this picture and especially the background.  I don’t think I have any other race pictures in this area!


WDW Marathon 2018

This one is probably my most favorite race picture ever.


Princess 10K 2018

This one I love again because of the background. The Boardwalk is one of my favorite places to run!


WDW Princess Half 2018

Love this one – because – food.

Mickey Ice Cream.

Star Wars 10K 2018

Star Wars Half Marathon 2018


… and now the bad


Princess 10K 2018

Not bad because we did it on purpose and so actually adorable and so doesn’t really count.





Wine & Dine 5K 2017


There. Bad. See? It happens!!!!!!

But really that’s not even that bad so oh well.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this and think I know what’s up.

I really, really, really love running these races. Even when they’re hard, I love it.

I love being at Disney. I love wearing my “costumes”. I love thinking about what the rest of the day is going to have in store for me!

So when I’m on the course, I’m ridiculously happy.

Even when I’m cold or wet or miserable – I’m happy.

… so come on now, let’s see your best ones! And I’ll bet your bad ones aren’t that bad!!


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