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Race Rumors & Customer Service Concerns

This post isn’t meant to fuel more fire, I promise. For those in the runDisney community, you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.

While I don’t want to discuss all the crazy rumors that tend to fly with these races in detail here, I do want to ask the running community how they feel about communication levels from races & the organizations that put them on.

First a little background so you can understand the frustration levels.

Runners signed up in January 2017 with an early registration link for the 2018 race. Nothing too weird about that; runDisney does ask for our commitments far in advance, though this was the first year they started asking for it a full 12 months in advance.

In March, the race was put on hold. Registration was halted and no further information was communicated by the company.

So my question to the runners out there: is this ok? When you sign up with early registration a year in advance, is it “ok” for a company to put you on hold for 5 months?

What level of communication do you think is appropriate in a case like this?

I know it goes back to the rumors and that could factor into why the communication from the organization has been pitiful. We don’t know why this was put on hold, and possibly they are waiting for specific issues to clear up before addressing the races.

I get all that.

But it still feels like the runners were being ignored and taken advantage of. I didn’t sign up for the race personally, but if I had, I’d be pretty dang concerned about my money (up to $300+ of my dollars!) being tied up with no explanation coming out.

Thoughts for this Tuesdays on the Run? What would you do if you were a runner in this position?

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  • Melissa says:

    wow – I didn’t hear about this. I’d be so upset!!

  • Aimée Schatz says:

    In addition to race fees, a runner will more likely than not also have travel expenses. And let’s face it, Disney travel is not cheap. Do you book flights at the early lower rate and hope or wait until you know it’s happening and pay through the nose? Same for hotels. Do you take a chance on them booking up? Do you put in for time off work? I did not register for it either but I feel for those who did and are being held on the hook like this. It’s just not cool. I think at this point, rD owes those runners some information.

  • That would be very frustrating. Glad that is not one of the races I was thinking about doing.

  • I can’t comment on this without getting b!tchy about runDisney!! So I’ll keep quite about it!

  • Marcia says:

    I think runners definitely deserve more communication on that. Geez. I think Disney tends to get away with stuff because they can.

  • Lesley says:

    I lurk on the DIS Boards a little bit, and I see the frustration. People need to know what to expect so they can plan. Many travel to Disney for these races, and they need to know when to book the hotels and airfare, buy the park passes, take time off work, possibly take kids out of school. The least Run Disney could do is provide updates.

  • Wow, I’d be really upset if I put down a ton of money for a race in advance and then didn’t hear a peep from the sponsors. This is disappointing for sure, I hope they sort it out soon!

  • Yeah, I don’t think this is cool. I think runners have a right to know what’s going on – even if it’s something as simple as “we are debating whether or not we can hold the race due to X conditions. We will let you know by THIS DATE and if it is cancelled everyone will be fully refunded.”

  • I would be frustrated with this lack of communication. I am paying this much money for this race and the company does not even have the decency to let me know what is going on? Just no.

  • I have not done a Disney race or signed up for a race that far in advance. Currently we are signed up for a Ragnar in November and they have not updated the page from last year’s legs or start info so that is frustrating for sure

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