Comfy Princess Tips & Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray Review

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After covering the Ralph Breaks the Internet premiere and press event last November as a guest of Disney, I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive! We can all own our own copies of Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray or digital download to watch in the comfort of our own homes. And that’s all I needed as permission to lounge like a princess in comfy Princess clothes- and I’m sharing tips on how you can channel your comfy princess too! Plus: this Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray review will let you know what bonus features you don’t want to miss! (Affiliate Links included in this post.)

Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray

Comfy Princess Tips & Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray Review

One of the best experiences I had in 2018- heck, in my life!– was walking the Ralph Breaks the Internet red carpet last November as a guest of Disney. 

It was a dream experience from beginning to end, and I have been floating around on this Ralph event high for months now!


red carpet selfie snow white at ralph breaks the internet premiere

Princesses on the Ralph Breaks the Internet red carpet!


What a night! What a movie!

I’m so happy that Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray is out now so everyone can enjoy this sweet, funny, adorable movie. 

But first: I’ve got 3 tips to channel your inner comfy princess. Just call me Vanellope!


Three Tips To Channel Your Inner Comfy Princess

Look, I love dressing up and being fancy every now and then, but at heart, I am all about comfort. 

Which is probably why the Ralph Breaks the Internet comfy princess shirts speak to me! I seriously can’t pick which one I love more.

Join me in my efforts to make the world a more comfy place for all us princesses. Here are 3 quick tips to help you channel your inner comfy princess.


Ralph Breaks the Internet comfy princess shirts at Pop Century Resort

I love my girls weekend at the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon- and this year we totally channeled our comfy princesses. Pamela Ribon, you are our QUEEN for creating this idea!


Tip 1 to Be a Comfy Princess: Wear the Right Shoes

It’s all about the shoes, yall!

I’m super picky when it comes to what I can tolerate on my feet and I swear that explains why I’m a generally happy person. You do NOT want to talk to me if my feet are hurting- ask anyone who’s hit mile 11 with me on a half marathon!

And I’m not the only one who knows foot comfort is important.


"Ralph Breaks The Internet" World Premiere Comfy Princesses

HOLLYWOOD, CA – NOVEMBER 05: (L-R) Actors Linda Larkin, Jennifer Hale, Paige O’Hara, Auli’i Cravalho, and Irene Bedard attend the World Premiere of Disney’s “RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET” at the El Capitan Theatre on November 5, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)


Take a hint from the Princesses that know red carpets and change into your sneakers as soon as you can.

If your feet are happy, you’ll be a happy royal. 

This goes for red carpets or runDisney events: go ahead and plan to care for your feet and your next event will go smoothly. 


Tip 2 to Be a Comfy Princess: Get Your Beauty Sleep

Okay, maybe not in the middle of a Disney park (but hey, it was too good a photo opp to pass up!)…


Nap Queen Comfy Princess Shirts Ralph Breaks the Internet


but you definitely need to get your rest, Princesses!

Especially if you’re a mom.

I know it’s hard, I totally get it. I’ve had my own sleep struggles. But I’m also working on fixing those. 

Really, you need the rest and if that means embracing the Nap Queen title: doooo itttt!


Tip 3 to Be a Comfy Princess: Find Friends Who Get It 

Ladies, we know we need our girls.

And when you’re channeling your inner comfy princess, this is no exception!

Get your friends comfy too- maybe on a girlfriend getaway – and embrace the laughter. Don’t worry: you’ve got this covered back at home with the right people supporting you. 


We had a comfy princess Halloween at Disney this year! Shirts by


You. Can. Do. This!


Alright, everyone comfy? Let’s get to the Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray bonus features!


Ralph Breaks the Internet Bonus Features We Loved

So many cool things hidden on that part of the movie menu-I’ve shared a list of all of them and a few of my personal favorites as well.

My girls and I settled in for some popcorn and movie time this week- and the bonus features were a huge hit!


Claire and Lucy watching a movie with popcorn
Claire and Lucy watching a movie with popcorn


Surfing for Easter Eggs

If you’ve read my previous Ralph Breaks the Internet Event posts, you know how much I absolutely LOVED the Princess scene (and all the Princess Easter Eggs!) from this movie. 

It was just genius.

The best thing I’ve seen on screen in forever.

I can watch this over and over again and will never not love this scene. 


selfie ralph breaks the internet princesses

SELFIE! ? In ?Ralph Breaks the Internet,? Vanellope von Schweetz hits the internet where she encounters and then befriends the Disney princesses. Filmmakers invited the original voice talent to return to the studio to help bring their characters to life, including Sarah Silverman (Vanellope in ?Ralph Breaks the Internet?), Auli?i Cravalho (?Moana?), Kristen Bell (Anna in ?Frozen?), Idina Menzel (Elsa in ?Frozen?), Kelly MacDonald (Merida in ?Brave?), Mandy Moore (Rapunzel in ?Tangled?), Anika Noni Rose (Tiana in ?The Princess and the Frog?), Ming-Na Wen (?Mulan?), Irene Bedard (?Pocahontas?), Linda Larkin (Jasmine in ?Aladdin?), Paige O?Hara (Belle in ?Beauty and the Beast?), and Jodi Benson (Ariel in ?The Little Mermaid?). ?2018 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


Within the bonus features, you’ll get some additional Easter Eggs to look for, and I love that it’s included.

You still might not see everything, but this feature kinda guides you in the right direction to look.

My friend Ashley has a list of 150 Ralph Breaks the Internet Easter Eggs but I missed so many of these!

So check that out, and the bonus feature, to see if you can find them while watching your Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray.

Ralph Breaks the Internet easter eggs


BuzzTube Cats

The other big favorite of the Ralph bonus features was watching the BuzzTube Cats. 

My girls are YouTube obsessed, so this was a no-brainer. And who doesn’t love adorable cat videos?

No one, that’s who! Definitely put that one on your Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray bonus features watch list.


Ralph Breaks the Internet Bonus Features


Ralph_Breaks_The_Internet blu ray cover


Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray & Digital:

  • How We Broke the Internet ?Go behind the scenes at Walt Disney Animation Studios to get an in-depth look at how the filmmakers brought a world to life that billions of people visit every day but never actually see ? the internet. Take a front-row seat as the team reveals the inspirations for the story and what it took to bring it to the screen. Discover all that went into developing the characters of the film including netizens like KnowsMore as well as characters like Double Dan. See the lengths the team took to create the car chase scenes in Slaughter Race and much, much more.
  • Surfing for Easter Eggs ? Surf the web for the near-countless Easter Eggs, inside jokes and references hidden throughout the movie.
  • The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet ? Take a look at the music of Ralph Breaks the Internet with appearances by Imagine Dragons, Julia Michaels, Alan Menken, Sarah Silverman and more.
  • Deleted Scenes ? Five deleted scenes with intros from directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. Scenes include Into the Internet, Opposites, Domestic Hell, Bubble of One & Recruiting ?Grandma.?
  • BuzzzTube Cats ? Many videos were created by the animators to fill the screens of the Internet world?and lots of them are of cats! Check out the BuzzzTube to watch this hilarious cat compilation.
  • Music Videos – ?Zero? by Imagine Dragons and ?In This Place? by Julia Michaels.


                Digital Exclusive:

  • Baby Drivers ? Slaughter Racing School – Take a spin behind the wheel with the artists behind Ralph Breaks the Internet as they go to race car driving school.



  • Music Videos – ?Zero? by Imagine Dragons and ?In This Place? by Julia Michaels.


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