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60+ Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Easter Eggs

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If you haven’t seen the Wreck-It Ralph sequel yet, just know that it’s chock-full of fun Easter eggs. Disney animation is known for this fun trick and the Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess easter eggs are some of the best! I’ve found 60 Disney Princess Easter eggs that you can find in the Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess scene. Minor spoilers included in this post. 

?Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 Princess Scene

ROYAL REUNION ? In ?Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2,? Vanellope von Schweetz?along with her best friend Ralph?ventures into the uncharted world of the internet. When she finds herself surrounded by Disney princesses, she?s surprised to learn that she actually has a lot in common with them. ?2018 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


What is a movie Easter Egg?

Think of them as intentional inside jokes that the makers of movies hide in scenes. Movie makers, especially Marvel, Disney, and Pixar movie creators, are notorious for doing this kind of thing. 

It can be something someone is wearing (like the Ralph Breaks the Internet comfy Princess shirts) or maybe something a character is using in a scene. My favorites are the hidden touches you find in the background that often take some extra close searching to find. 


wreck it ralph comfy princess shirts

Shirts by Play, Party, Plan inspired by the Princess scene. Perfect examples of the Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess scene Easter eggs.


I’ll admit that I miss almost all the hidden gems in most movies.

But this movie? I’m a little obsessed over the Princess Scene so that obsession leads me to slowly scrolling through the trailer searching for these touches. And watching the movie 3 times already!

I also just spent Thanksgiving binge-watching a bunch of Disney Princess movies with my daughter. My brain is clearly in Princess overload and I wanted to share what I found with fellow royal watchers. 


Disney ralph breaks the internet princesses scene Easter Eggs


Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Easter Eggs

If you want to follow along, here’s the official trailer with most of the scene showing at the end. 

I’ve seen the movie 3 times, and I used this trailer and other videos of the scene to find 60 different Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Easter eggs.


Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Scene Trailer



Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess easter eggs:  Princess Comfy Clothes

I’m going to start with the obvious. These shirts/outfits are AMAZING.

I went into more details on the following post Please hop over there and check it out. I also have some links as to where you can buy or make your own comfy Princess shirts!

Ralph Breaks the Internet Comfy Princess Shirts 

In the scene, after the Princesses determine that Vanellope is a Princess (!!!), they take note at how comfortable she looks. And they all want that look. 

Cinderella enlists her mice and bird friends to whip up new outfits for everyone. 


cinderella and mice ralph breaks the internet princesses scene


Batman in Ralph Breaks the Internet

One Easter egg that jumped out in the movie (it’s not in the trailer) is the Batman theme that we hear signaling the mice at work. It happens pretty quickly and when the music is over, boom, you have a room full of comfy princesses. 

While you’d never expect to see a DC reference in a Disney movie – since they own Marvel- this might be a nod to the upcoming 20th Century Fox purchase by Disney. 

Batman, the series, was produced by Fox. We see what you did there, cheeky Disney!



Original Princess Songs Referenced in Ralph Breaks the Internet

When Cinderella changes into her comfy Princess outfit, she sighs and says… “So this is love!” which is a nod to the song she sings in the original movie.

Ariel’s shirt is also a direct nod to her famous song, “Part of Your World.”

Rapunzel’s shirt is the hardest to see, but it says “We Gotta a Dream, The Snuggly Ducklings.”

That’s a reference to the song she sings with the Snuggly Duckling bar regulars, “I’ve Gotta Dream.” And she’s kicking back in some super cute Tangled lantern leggings. 


comfy princesses ralph breaks the internet scene easter eggs

Pretty sure Elsa is sipping on a Milkshake from the Pancake Milkshake game.


The Frozen songs are STILL going through my head over here, so it’s not a surprise to see both Anna and Elsa wearing shirts reflecting their songs. 

Anna’s shirt: we finish each other’s sandwiches is from her song with Hans.

And Elsa– well, just Let It Go will probably never happen around here! 

Pochahantas’ shirt is also a nod to her most famous song: Blue Corn Moon is on her shirt. 

Moana’s shirt has a crab on it and #SHINY. This harkens back to the famous villain’s song in her movie. 


Comfy-Princess-Group ralph breaks the internet


And again, if you need more details on the comfy Princess shirts, be sure to check this post out! 


Easter Eggs Spied On the Dressing Tables

This took a lot of stops and starting to find, but if you look closely in the background you’ll see a whole treasure trove of Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Easter eggs.

On Ariel’s dressing table, you can see a box of thingy ma bobs and the candelabra from her secret grotto.


To the right of Aurora, you can see the thingy ma bobs and candelabra from Little Mermaid. On the left, over Bell’s head, is Rapunzel’s area. There are some paintings on the wall and her paint box on the dressing table.


Belle is reading and her area shows books in the background; on the dressing table, you can see the magic mirror and Lumiere!

Merida’s area has a couple of toys bears (hey little brothers!) on the dressing table.

In Tiana’s area, you’ll see Tiana’s place picture on her mirror- and what looks a lot like a plate of her man-catching beignets!

In Anna’ and Elsa’s area, you’ll see the sunflowers from the Frozen films and even the dolls that the sisters play within the movie. 


ralph rapunzel background dressing tables

Look between the princesses and you can see the dolls and sunflowers; to the right of Belle is Pascal and the paint box, and on the far right is Tiana’s Place picture.


To the right of Belle’s hand is Pascal and the paint box and on the far right are Belle’s books and the magic mirror.


I love that Pascal is here as well! He’s sitting on Rapunzel’s paintbox.

Jasmine’s is the most obvious. She’s sitting on Aladdin’s magic carpet and holding Genie’s lamp with her. 

Cinderella has a pumpkin on her dresser and a clock stuck on midnight (though that one is super hard to catch!).


Jasmine on her carpet in the princess scene ralph breaks the internet easter egg

?2018 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


The Crest above each area represents the princess

Rapunzel’s is the magic flower that gives her hair magic powers!

Frozen Sisters are represented on their crest with the flower that’s part of their Arendale royal crest.

Ariel has a seashell, similar to the one that Ursala trapped her voice in. 

Cinderella is represented with a glass slipper.

Tiana’s crest is a water lily.


Ralph Breaks the Internet Easter eggs royal crests


Merida is represented with her bow.

Belle has a rose.

Moana’s crest is adorned with the Heart of Tafiti.


Original Princess Movie Easter Eggs in Ralph Breaks the Internet

When the scene opens, we see all the princesses in the room doing different things. So many Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Easter eggs going on here!

Aurora is first seen laying on a chaise lounge, eyes closed, holding a rose. Just like she does in the original Sleeping Beauty. 

Cinderella pulls a leaf out of Pochahantas’ hair as she’s brushing it harkening to the Colors of the Wind sequence in the original movie.


Ralph breaks the internet princess scene easter eggs pochahantas and cinderella and snow white


pochahantas hair in the wind ralph breaks the internet princess easter eggs


And Pochahantas’ hair is always in motion, even inside.

Rapunzel is painting one of the columns in the background (hey, everyone has a hobby!) and after changing into her casual clothes, she’s sitting in her own hair!

Cinderella is also sitting in a bean bag with sparkles on it referencing the Fairy Godmother and her bibbidi bobbidi boo sequence.




These Princesses Will Cut You: In the Ways They Know Best

These might be some of the best Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess easter eggs.

I think the funniest thing to come of this scene was Cinderella breaking her glass slipper and making her own shiv.

I mean, you’d never guess someone some kind would be that feisty.


Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess scene easter eggs


Each Princess whips out her own weapon, and this is a perfect place to spy some additional Easter eggs!


  • Cinderella’s glass slipper gets broken
  • Merida’s bow is nocked 
  • Mulan’s sword comes flying out
  • Rapunzel’s frying pan
  • Ariel’s dinglehopper is at the ready!
  • Bell’s book is ready to read Vanellope the riot act
  • Moana’s oar (which she also threatened Maui with)
  • Anna puts her dukes up- like when she punched Prince Hans out at the end of Frozen
  • Elsa takes her signature “Magic Hands” stance
  • Aurora has a spindle from her spinning wheel 
  • Tiana is ready to crack some skulls- with her rolling pin
  • Pochantas has her father’s club
  • Jasmine stands with the Genie’s lamp cocked and ready to go!


ralph breaks the internet princeses easter eggs weapons

Not only can you see the weapons here you can also see Belle’s dressing table with Lumiere and the books; you can also see more crests including Ariel, Merida’s bow, Belle’s rose, and I feel like that’s Moana with the Heart of Tafiti on the far right.


Additional Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess easter eggs

There’s just so much fun stuff in this movie that I might need another 3 more viewings to catch them all. I’ll pre-order the Blu-ray as soon as it’s available! 

You get a few of the Princess animal sidekicks hanging out in the green room with them. 

Pascal, Meeko, Cinderella’s mice and birds, and Jasmine with Raja. 


raja and mice ralph princess scene easter eggs

You can see Cinderella’s pumpkin in the background on her dressing table here.


And Snow White’s magic mirror makes an appearance as well.

We’re all focused on the poison apple, but just behind it?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!


snow white mirror easter egg in Princess scene Ralph Breaks the Internet


Is that Baby Moana? It sure looks like it!

And in the credits, the official character name is Mo. 

More credit Easter eggs? Mo’s mother is voiced by the same actress that voiced Moana’s mother in the original movie, Nicole Scherzinger.


baby moana in Ralph breaks the internet easter eggs


And finally, our favorite cat makes an appearance.

A Grumpy Cat wannabe, anyway, is seen pushing an Anna doll off the table. 

Ahhh… cat videos and Ralph Breaks the Internet Princess Easter eggs.

That’s what the Internet is made for, amirite?!


Ralph breaks the internet grumpy cat



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