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Rate Your Month – July!

I always love these “check-in” posts…


I don’t love them when I don’t have a good report. But I do, so I like it this month!

I have been ROCKING and ROLLING you guys. I have been consistent, and I have been improving, and I am really pleased with how things have been going.

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, let this keep up all the way to my marathons.


new watch, who dis?


Rate My Running

I am still not fast, and I am still keeping my mileage relatively low, but I am getting out there. I am also getting out there WILLINGLY and am excited about my runs! They feel good, I feel strong, and I am slowly getting faster and faster.

I don’t really have a desire to be a Boston Qualifier level speed racer. I mean, that would be cool and all, but I don’t really have that goal in mind. I do think it would be awesome to eventually run 10-minute miles, or maybe even a little less.

I’ve been getting three weekday runs in – Mondays are usually just longer-ish runs with a goal in mind.? Hills, negative splits… stuff like that. Wednesdays are hybrid-runs where I will run for a few minutes and then stop and do some strength like a round of lunges/squats or something like that. Fridays I go out for 20 minutes and that’s it.

Saturdays are the long runs. I’m following the Galloway long-run mileage up until Dopey so we’ll see how that goes!


… my favorite tank with my favorite skirt!!

Rate My Strength

Guys, I am so into this right now.

My really good friend Samantha just recently became a Beachbody Coach. I’ve always really liked the programs and all that jazz, but just haven’t been motivated to make the investment to get going.

She told me about the LIIFT4 program, and about how great it is for runners, and I decided now was a good time to really get into it.

I could NOT be happier.

The workouts are 30-40 minutes in length, 4 times a week. It’s been very easy to incorporate them into my weekly running schedule. Mondays are the hardest because I have a “real” run followed by a pretty intense lifting workout with Joel… but really it’s been a fantastic addition.? I’m starting week 3 this week, and seriously considering starting it all over from the beginning once I finish this 8 weeks!

We’ve converted the small little landing at the top of our stairs into our “workout” area with all of our weights and it’s “working out” nicely!

If you want to know more about the program then check Sam’s Instagram!? She’s one of my favorite people, and this is not a paid advertisement. I just love her and I just love LIIFT.


… but seriously how amazing is that tank top?!

Rate My Sanity

I’m in a really, really good place.

I know that probably is 100% because of the fact that I am getting up and moving almost every single day.? Sundays are my only true “rest” day, and even then I am at least getting a one-mile walk in to keep up with the runstreak I started in June.

I?know that this is just the beginning of a crazy, intense, and mildly insane race schedule and training program… but I’m feeling so much better about this than I have the past two years.

I really hope it keeps up!!


… and THIS RACE? Almost a PR. By like, seconds. And it was insanely hot… I know I’ll start getting some PRs soon!!!


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