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It’s Gonna Be May…

It seriously feels like yesterday that all the May Memes were making their rounds. They’re my favorite, by the way.

But seriously – where did this month go? Where is this year going? What is even happening right now?!

I’ll be the first to admit that I get kind of sad during the spring because I know my race schedule is seriously slowing down. Also, running in the summer straight up sucks.

Summer running is where I start to slack, seriously. This also causes a problem because this is when I need to take advantage of the time between races in order to really prepare for serious marathon training for the fall.


Train Like a Mother

I know I have talked here before about different training plans – and how I used the Train Like a Mother Club to train for the Dopey Challenge last year.

Occasionally, they will offer short “stride” training programs to get back into the swing of things. I know typically there is one at the beginning of each year, and they offered one to “stride into summer” … and I thought it was the perfect timing for me to hop on board!

One of my favorite parts is the strength training, they break it down and make it very easy and approachable.  Which is great for me, because if things start to get too overwhelming or confusing I just quit.


Early morning legs picture taken right after a strength circuit – my legs were jello – andplusalso more to come on these pants because I AM OBSESSED.


Here’s a little more info on the programs – straight from the source!

Stride Programs, all five-weeks long, are full of unique, fun workouts that blend running and strength training. (Read: You rarely repeat a workout.) The plans have you sweating five days a week, with an option for a sixth day of a yoga or other low-key cross-training session if your schedule allows.

Stride Programs are all about forward motion, fitness, accountability and community, not about training for a specific race. The workouts are one-size-fits-all, whether you’re a walker, run/walker, or runner, and whether you’re just starting to run, coming back to it after a decade off, or just need a little push to get you jump started again.

Held during the times of the year when crazy busy schedules often sabotage motivation—beginning of the year, end of the school year, beginning of the school year, and holidays—Stride Programs are the perfect way to maintain your fitness. And your sanity.


I’m All In

It is week three right now – and I could not be loving it more. I am actually taking advantage of the facebook group, checking in and doing the circuit workouts by watching the facebook live videos… and it’s awesome.

I can actually – seriously – tell a difference with my running!

Today, I did HILLS! Like – guys – I ran up hills on purpose and for a reason.

Honestly, it kind of sucked and I didn’t love it – but I DID love that I DID IT.


Snapped a picture of the sunrise this morning while running hills – who am I?


What’s Next?

This program will end right before I take an EPIC road trip with my girls, and then, I don’t know what’s coming next. Because of how much I am loving the program now, I am thinking of joining up again with the group for this year’s Dopey Challenge…

I am a little nervous though because I didn’t do a great job last year sticking to the program.

I guess I will see how I feel at the end of this upcoming month, and go from there!

I am curious though – do any of you have favorite training groups? Things you do to help you get back into the swing of things when you start to fall off the wagon?



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  • Wendy says:

    it’s great that you found a program to keep you motivated! Sounds like a good summer ahead.

  • I always feel great after running hills as well because I hate doing those so much! But it is great training for upcoming races.

  • Laurie says:

    I don’t have a training group. Maybe I will have to look yours up. I sometimes need motivation to help me stick to a plan. Like, today, my plan is to run hills, but I am on the computer procrastinating! Love the tights.

  • Lesley says:

    Summer running is tough. I like to put my feet up when I get home and enjoy the warm weather. I’m going to try to get out for walks when I get home, so I can be outside, getting that vitamin D.

  • Summer running really IS tough and that always seems to be when I train for things. haha! I struggle with getting out in the winter because I’m cold and I don’t like running on ice. lol

    And we are like-minded with regards to wondering where the heck May went. WTF?

    That program you’re doing sounds fun! And, it’s always a bonus when it is fun and keeps you engaged. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about those tights!

  • I LOVE that you LOVED that you survived the hills 😉

  • Sounds like a great program! Great job getting up early and running hills.

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