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Real Mom, Real (Embarrassing) Stories| #TryImpressa

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Guys, you know me. ?I’ll shoot you straight.

I’m a real mom, and I’ve got some real (embarrassing) stories stemming from my journey into motherhood.

Here’s one of them:

That time I peed little- ok, a lot- on myself running my first 5K.

Good times, good times.

Proof I didn't always run in costume. Or the right shoes, clothes, whatever...

That’s me, circa 2008 or 09 I think. ?And I’m pretty sure that’s a Disc-Man in my hand too. Technology (and my running wardrobe) has come a long way!

So here I am. ?My first 5K, running down the chute, and…


I. Was. Horrified. ?Thankfully those black pants hit any evidence of this moment.

I grabbed my husband’s sweatshirt, tied it around my waist and followed him closely out of the finish area to the car.

There was no chance to enjoy my big achievement because it was cloaked in humiliation. ?Who pees on themselves in their 30s, right?

Apparently, a lot of women do.

This, my friends, was my first experience with Stress Urinary Incontinence. ?Side note: that experience propelled me never to pass up a free porta potty- just in case! ?Now you know why I can usually be found near a bathroom on the race course. ?#neveragain Ha!?

The reason this happens? ?I’ve got 5 of them.


If you’ve had a few kids, you know they can change your body.

One thing moms are often not prepared to experience is a little bladder leakage after having a kid. ?It’s no big deal: it happens to a lot of us. ?Can you believe that 25-45% of women report bladder leakage?

You are NOT alone if this is something you’ve experienced.

Watch this Mom Story where I talk about what happened to me and what I’m using to help my little problem.


A couple of things to note. ?Impressa is a temporary solution. ?Be sure to talk to your doctor to make sure your issues aren’t something that needs medical intervention. ?I’ve been contacted by a few physical therapists who say they can help. ?PT for your vajayjay- who knew? ?I sure didn’t. ?So be sure to look into that as an option as well.

Impressa is inserted like a tampon and puts pressure on the urethra through the vaginal wall. And it stops leaks from occurring.

It’s that simple!

You can buy an Impressa sizing kit at Walmart and check it out yourself. ?There are three sizes in each box. ?Start with the smaller size (1) and see if you need to go larger. ?Each woman has unique anatomy, and your jean size does not determine your Impressa size.

Tell me about your first race after having kids. ?How did it go for you?

This post is sponsored by Poise (because, yes, sometimes we DO need to be paid to talk about?embarrassing?things!).

Sharing is caring!

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Wednesday 27th of January 2016

I love the idea of it preventing leaks, but I'm also pretty sure that wearing a tampon 24/7 is about the least appealing solution I can think of. Haha I swear, we women really get the short end of the stick a bit too often.


Wednesday 27th of January 2016

Oh this is a temporary solution: not a 24/7 thing! 8 hours is the extent of wear. Best for use when planning an active experience that would generally cause leakage.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.